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Home-grown hip-hop talent from Manchester's own Neo_101. 'Me & You & The Truth' sees the artist mixing clattering trap percussion and swooning synths with main-man Danny's rapid-fire heartfelt vocal passages. 

After the confessional drug-themed drive of 'Armageddon', we get the snappy, honest and hard-hitting 'Date With The Devil', focusing on true-to-life stories of life and temptations in Manchester. Though the seriousness of the vocals never wane, we get a variety of subjects handled with passion and tact, as hard-hitting as the thumping percussion and throbbing bass working out below the main lyrical themes. 

'Cure' for instance is brilliantly melodic but is very much the downbeat trap-tinged number, with minor key changes and sidechained digital pads, all pulled forwards with the syncopated backline. On the flipside, we get the minimal instrumentation and pitched vocal glitches of 'Caged', as effective as the more momentous numbers, but handled with just as much tact, despite it's different approach. 

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Thanks for posting about it. It’s here until next Friday May 3rd btw.
Wed 24th - 8:58
Yes! Thanks @NME for the feature. Come and visit @ianbrown
Tue 23rd - 9:48
It’s great isn’t it?! Glad you liked it and hope your wish comes true.🤞🏻
Mon 22nd - 5:55
Thank you. Come back soon.
Mon 22nd - 3:49
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