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Mercury's Rainbow

    Zomby's enjoyed an illustrious career thus far. His "Where Were U In '92" immediately saw the producer rocket into our stratosphere while collaborations with Burial have ensured his credentials and desirability throughout the underground. Last year's "Ultra" album saw him exploring new territory - stark, barren lands of low-life microcosms, radiation scorched landscapes and varying levels of gravity and pressure - making for a completely alien and otherworldly listen. Plummeting even further into said environment is "Mercury's Rainbow", an album totally befitting for interplantary exploration. Apparently created between 2008-2009, it was actually conceived more as an Eski-concept album, paying tribute to one of girme's most iconic artists and sounds. Innovating the structure with a bewildering, modal style, shimmering is a 3-dimensional world, it recalls fellow space explores Seekers International; whilst shunning said act's pursuit of interstellar dub and reggae in search of something altogether more supernova in its creation.

    'While it’s difficult to say with certainty, if Mercury’s Rainbow was issued at the same time it was created, it may have arguably altered the course of UK grime instrumentals in much the same way Wiley’s original template coined a whole new genre, essentially making it the last word in grime futurism, proper.' (Boomkat).


    Barry says: Stark hi-octane arpeggios and bit-crushed chugs meet street-level kick-slinging, crackling videogame refrains and icy, progressive utopian futures. Fearless, and fantastic.


    1. Mercury's Rainbow 02:05
    2. Choke 02:05
    3. Poison 01:51
    4. Static 01:40
    5. Delvaux 03:28
    6. Silver Ocean 02:19
    7. Immersion 01:52
    8. Waterfall Of Ice 03:01
    9. Rigamortis 02:06
    10. Whirlpool 02:14
    11. Tet5uo 02:48
    12. Solar Ashes 03:44
    13. Horizon 03:02
    14. Patina 01:31
    15. X Ray 03:06
    16. Atoms

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