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Double pack from (don't call it) Lo-fi house poster boy Ross From Friends on Lone's Magicwire recordings. We've seen the lo-fi house scene crumble under its own ideology (and some terribly written Guardian articles) and re-surface as a re-imagined, stronger version of its former self. Less constrained by those idents and frequency limits, the new school of computer-savvy producers are looking to the world through an 'anything-goes' lens - whether they rip a vocal accapela from youtube, whether they use digital compression artefacts as drums, ghosted vocal bit-rate conversions - you name it, it if it makes a sound, it can form part of the template. It's what's made the vapourwave aesthetic so pleasing in 2017 and for me, this is all just a post-vapourwave fallout if you will - what happens to genre confines when every man and his dog has internet access and cheap software. Anyway, onto the music and first track "Crimson" sounds like Burial does lo-fi house! RFF skillfully draws vocal parts out through a similar reverb preset as was featured on "Untrue" and segues with scuffed, battered drums and wobbly synth elements. "D1RT B0X" is a post-modern slow jam for kids who vape noxious nu-chems. There are more tracks, including the delightfully hi-fi vibrations of shimmering house banger "Romeo, Romeo" (interestingly given the whole of side B to revel in its detail). The second disc sees no drop in quality - three more tracks that veer carelessly through house music's many faces - all scuffed and dusted by RFF meticulous aesthetic. Mega stuff here from one of the new school's most prominent stars.

Rave waves and good feelings all night long flowing through my brain cells right now. It is just an image I have. A spiritual lift that is taking up there where there is no dross to deal with. My soundtrack is this record. "Mojave Skyline" sets the mood easily taking you back to a better time; a less confusing time, where raves were easier to set up and you and your friends could all dance in the middle of nowhere to tunes like this one. ANF revises it giving it a solid bassline - not that the original needed more oomph but there you go, just another take.

Flip this truly bad boy over and now that introductions are behind and everybody is starting to lift off and seeing little dots in a sea of darkness, this "Insect Reject", comes strong to start sailing the bumpy but safe waves of this anthemic tune. Pure rave shot here.

All ups have their downs. It is more than proven. A fact of life. But when the down comes to get you, you will have your soundtrack ready. That is the last track for you. A slow down, chuggy beat heavy, dreamy, and soggy. Yet dreamy and cushioned.

What a trip fellas. If you made it this far, just get this! For those who know!


Sil says: Trippy and an emotional rollercoaster of an EP. Nostalgia attack for those of us that were there and did not buy the t-shirt. I was not there or bought anything but I can relate because this music will take you higher!

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