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A longtime staple of the infamous Hague scene, DJ Overdose returns to L.I.E.S. with what may be his heaviest release to date. Razor sharp & cranium splitting production dominates the character of the EP, perfectly suited for Ron Morellie's rogue imprint. A side tracks "Wires Smoking" and "Comfort Killer" kick us off with the kinda wrecking-ball techno we've come to know and love from this pioneering label while B side cuts, "Dark Spectre Echo" and "Stompel" are more wave-influenced cuts, with rippling synths, darting leads and big gated snares. All of it snarls and spits with attitude and bites at the ankles of all but the most hardened & militant dancefloor freaks. TIP!

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What a set! @Vesselsband have just finished playing @bluedotfestival and we have some signed copies of their album…
Sun 22nd - 6:41
We now have @slowdiveband signed albums in. Thank you for popping to our pop up shop @bluedotfestival guys.
Sun 22nd - 3:54
RT @slowdiveband: We are @bluedotfestival and about to head over to @PiccadillyRecs stall to sign some records if you’re in the area .
Sun 22nd - 2:54
Good morning @bluedotfestival we are open and ready for the 3rd and final day. Who is swinging by our pop up shop i…
Sun 22nd - 9:29
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