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Paint It Black


    Paint It Black's follow up to the last year's "CVA" picks up it's intensity and urgency and runs with it at full tilt. It's a highly charged catharsis, very effectively expressing through poignant lyrics and a raging sound the pain surrounding such personal trauma as divorce and the generalised agony of war. This is chainsaw hardcore echoing the bruising violence of Black Flag, "Damaged" vintage - yup, it's really rather good.

    Various Artists

    Location Is Everything Vol 2

      Bargain basement sampler for Jade Tree's considerable roster of talent, which includes most excellent contributions from These Arms Are Snakes, Joan Of Arc, Denali etc; plus unreleased material from Onelinedrawing, Pedro The Lion, From Ashes Rise and Statistics amongst others. 19 pence a track...!

      Kid Dynamite

      Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems

        This posthumous release features 29 songs taken from every compilation and split release, plus cover songs (check out brilliant covers of Black Flag's "Rise Above" and the Clash's "Hateful"), their original six-song demo, a live radio appearance, and assorted demo versions of other Kid Dynamite classics. Essential!

        Paint It Black


          Most cities have a cyclical history to their punk scenes, and Philadelphia is no exception. The duo of Dan Yemin and Dave Wagenschutz (Good Riddance) has helped lead the charge of more than one wave, first in the mid-90s in the legendary Lifetime and then again with Kid Dynamite. Now, reunited in Paint It Black, the duo is poised to kick off yet another chapter of passionate and threatening music. Paint It Black marks Yemin's vocal debut and introduces Dave Hause on guitar and Andy Nelson on bass. Paint It Black delivers unabashed, uncompromising hardcore, negating the preconceived boundaries between the personal, political, melodic and aggressive, accentuating a much-appreciated axiom: maximum intensity. CVA is highly recommended for fans of Black Flag, Seven Seconds and Faith.



            This is pure hardcore Fury. They burned up in 1989 in Washington DC and featured active members of Bluetip, Ignition, Swiz, Skull Kontrol and Sweetbelly Freakdown. Musically, Fury were unapologetically hardcore in the vein of Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys and Discharge. Vocally, Chris Thomson brought a whole new dimension / dementia like a punch drunk Jello / Rotten spouting indignation and spitting vitriol. This was their only studio session and is here in its complete rant-to-tape entirity.



              You've got to have a lot of self-belief to sing lines like 'Her hips are like seashells / I can hear the ocean when I listen' - Oooer missus! Jonah Matranga, singer / songwriter of New End Original and formerly of Far has bags of it. As Onelinedrawing he's played over 300 shows in the US, UK, and Europe. This CD is full of all the emotional and ultimately uplifting songs his fans have come to expect. It's another quality Jade Tree release.

              Trial By Fire

              Ringing In The Dawn

                Trial By Fire play uncomplicated, no frills hardcore of a calibre that is without equal in today's too often stagnant and unimaginative scene. Another classy Jade Tree release.

                Cub Country

                High Uinta High

                  Jeremy Chatelaine is best known as the man behind the bass in the ever-popular Jets To Brazil, so most people aren't aware that he is also a talented singer and songwriter in his own right. As Cub Country, Jeremy showcases his talents and affection for americana-tinged rock blues. "High Uinta High" features guests that include his fellow band mates in Jets To Brazil, J Majesty, Nick Macri (Euphone), Theo Kogan, (Lunachicks), John Herguth (The Love Scene)and Chris Traynor (Helmet).


                  Frigid Form Sells

                    "Frigid Form Sells" is Milemarker's third album and the one that finally realized the full-scope of the band's potential, establishing them as a true innovative force. Adding clever electronic and even prog riffs to the expected guitar / bass / drum kit, as well as carefully crafted keyboard sections accented by haunting, yet lilting male and female vocals, Milemarker prove that a band can indeed meld both polished style and substance into a very satisfying sound.

                    Mighty Flashlight

                    Mighty Flashlight

                      Mighty Flashlight's (AKA Mike Fellows) 10-song debut, recorded all on his own and in home. Stepping away from a habit of lending his talent to others (Royal Trux, Silver Jews, Will Oldham and Smog) and armed with acoustic guitar and Powerbook, Mike has recorded songs that are hard to describe. It's emocore meeting americana with a hint of vaudeville.

                      Good Riddance / Kill Your Idols

                      Split CD

                        Kicking off Jade Tree's split CD series pairing two classic bands Good Riddance and Kill Your Idols. Known as Fat Wreck's hardest working band Good Riddance showcase their harder side with their four tracks. Kill Your Idols provide three tracks that carry on their tradition of blazing hardcore. These tracks will not be available anywhere else.



                          "Anaesthetic", the Jade Tree debut of Milemarker sees them pushing out the boundaries of punk and emo adding electronic elements into the genre with some new wave tendencies thrown in for good measure. Roby Newton sounds strident and fragile as she shares vocal duties with Dave Laney and the whole thing is very much an ensemble piece typical of the thoughtful stuff usually issued by Jade Tree.

                          Joan Of Arc

                          How Can Anything So Little Be Any More?

                            One of the chorus lines goes "Fucking strangers feels better, feels better...". Yes it's more alienated introvert emo from those experimental bunch Joan of Arc. This is the follow up to the critically acclaimed "Gap" album that came out last year. At once disturbing but accessible.


                            Hashin' It Out

                              Euphone's second album on Jade Tree is the follow up to "Calendar Of Unlucky Days". This time there are some vocals but it's their virtuoso musicianship that lifts them above the glut of so-so emocore bands onto a higher plain. Great sleeve too.

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