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Having previously focused on inspiring new music from around the world, Into The Light’s ongoing International Series is set to step back in time with its’ first ever reissue: a new edition of a street soul-inspired 1991 single from African-American photographer, film-maker and hat designer-turned-vocalist Claudette Outland AKA Chapeau Claudette.

Outland’s sole single is in many ways an unlikely curio – one of the tracks featured a rap inspired by German reunification, and the other was a stylish celebration of the relationship between fashion and music – but one that has undoubtedly stood the test of time. Musically inspired by a mix of late-‘80s work, British street soul and glassy-eyed European synth-pop, the double A-side was produced and mixed by Cologne studio engineer Jurgen Garbitowski, and subsequently released on his own short-lived label, Gato.

‘Fashion c’est la latest attraction’, which originally adorned the A-side of the 12” version of the single, is a slow-motion, hip-hop tempo affair in which Outland whispers, sings and raps in English and French over smooth, groovy bass, crunchy street soul beats, chiming synthesizer melodies and dreamy, glassy-eyed chords. Some of the melodic flourishes recall the new age synthesizer sounds of the 1980s, while the track’s bubby groove also boasts subtle nods towards lovers’ rock

For this reissue edition of the single, Into The Light has secured a previously unreleased “dub edit” of ‘Pass Auf’, the reunification-inspired rap track that first scored her a studio date with Garbitowski. More up-tempo with weightier bass, house-style piano riffs, sampled horns, funky guitar riffs and bustling, club-ready breakbeats, the track casts Outland as Berlin’s answer to Neneh Cherry. All these years on, the record remains as funky, joyous and celebratory as ever!


Patrick says: As a dedicated follower of fashion (not that you'd know from looking at me) this rad re-ish of hat-designer Chapeau Claudette is hitting the spot. Balearic-meets-street soul grooving, nudging into synth-ier territories. Whatever you wanna call it, this is a hit.


A1. Fashion C'est La Latest Attraction
B1. Pass Auf (Kifissias Ave Dub)

Having already explored the archives of a number of overlooked Greek composers, Into The Light is now turning its attention to the uncharted territory of Greek film soundtracks of the 70s and 80s - a boom period for mystical, transcendental arthouse cinema in Greece.

GOST: A Spiritual Exploration into Greek Soundtracks (1975-1989) is a passion project from the Greek filmmaker and composer Yannis Veslemes, that took years of engagement, exhaustive research and persistence. The collection features a mixture of rare, hard-to-find and previously unreleased material from musicians and composers including Yannis Kostidakis, Thesia, Dimitris Papadimitriou, Michalis Christodoulides, Stamatis Spanoudakis, Haris Xanthoudakis, Vangelis Katsoulis and Charlotte Van Gelder . All material is accompanied by detailed linear notes from the curator Veslemes, explaining the stories behind the tracks and the movies they first featured on.

The compilation celebrates the inventiveness and experimentation of Greek soundtrack composers in the ‘70s and ‘80s, by presenting a surprising mixture of musical hybrids that bridge the worlds of electronic and acoustic music, and compositions that bring together Western and Eastern musical traditions, in uniquely idiosyncratic ways.


A1. Thesia - Parodos
A2. Yannis Kostidakis - BSA 1939
A3. Yannis Kostidakis - Petaloudas
B1. Dimitris Papadimitriou/Dimitris Lekkas - Rock Star Fantasy II
B2. Stamatis Spanoudakis - Prometheus
B3. Dimitris Papadimitriou - Erotic Scene
B4. Michalis Christodoulides - Phalanx
B5. Michalis Christodoulides - Death At The Dried Champaign
B6. Giorgos Hatzinasios - The Death Of Baby Jane
C1. Dionysis Savvopoulos - Wind/Glutch
C2. Christodoulos Halaris - On The Road
C3. Dimitris Papadimitriou/Dimitris Lekkas - The Dance Of The Hands/Love At The Sea
C4. Vangelis Katsoulis - Closed Window
C5. Christodoulos Halaris - Variation Of A Lie
D1. Giorgos Hatzinasio - Games With Old Flicks
D2. Haris Xanthoudakis - L, Comme Bunuel, Ou La Foret Des Symboles
D3. Charlotte Van Gelder - Karkalou

"Traditional Heart“ is the second album by Gianni Brezzo - the band or the studio project – of the Cologne-based musician Marvin Horsch.

The title is by no means to be understood in the sense of an authenticity pathos à la love in times of Tinder, but addresses the process of musical production itself.

Says Brezzo: “This time the process of making music was more important than the product. Not to allow even a thought regarding the effectiveness of the music; pick up the instrument on impulse and put it away again; record again. Finding a rhythm during the process. At home.”

The result is an ephemeral and emotional listen, a blend of dreampop, treated guitar and ambient in the lineage of Cocteau Twins, Durutti Column and July Skies. This is hazy and heavenly downbeat for horizontal afternoons and it gets the biggest Balearic thumbs up from me!


Barry says: This perfectly immersive collection of tenderly plucked guitar and ambient electronics is beautifully accentuated with moments of driving rhythm and jazzy brass, offsetting the lysergic horizontal drift with pointed and momentous groove. Thoroughly gorgeous and wholly essential.


A1. Adult Ship
A2. Excited
A3. Mental Shower
A4. River
A5. Henry
A6. Hickup
B1. Moof
B2. I Told You
B3. Gwing
B4. Brem Bo
B5. More Hours
B6. The End Of

In an era of excellent archival imprints, Into The Light make a pretty solid claim for the crown, and their newest EP more than lives up to its predecessors. The "Blue Grass" EP contains four super rare recordings of a phantom Greek musical-duo called ‘Free Level’ which was formed in Athens, Greece between 1983 and 1984. The musicians behind this project were composer and keyboardist George Theodorakis and ex-Sharp Ties’ guitarist and founding member Petros Skoutaris - both young veterans of the Athens music scene in the late 70’s/late 80’s. Now Into The Light select four utterly spellbinding highlights of this totally unheard material. More specifically, the EP offers two expansive instrumental epics and two highly personal songs which all share the same syncretic blend of European and Southeastern nuance. Swaying rhythms, obscure but hilarious lyrics, pitched up Jean-Luc Ponty influenced bass-lines and proto-dreampop experiments by one of Athens' most promising but short collaborations from the early 80's. Immerse yourself! 


Patrick says: Shame on you! You failed to pre-order one of the finest records you'll ever hear. Into The Light let loose with some previously unheard material from George Theodorakis and Petros Skoutaris, which boasts a pair of coastal, post prog epics for Balearic dancers (Blue Grass 1 & 3) and two lush dreampop ballads for indie dreamers like our own Andy McQueen. You've got about 45 seconds before we run out, so get on it sharpish.


1. Blue Grass 1
2. Little Fox
3. Blue Grass 3
4. Sun 

Bartosz Kruczynski & Poly Chain


For the second installment of their international parallel series, Into The Light Records treat us with seven lush, rich and warm recordings by currently Warsaw-based producers Sasha Zakrevska (Poly Chain) and Bartosz Kruczynski.
Soon after releasing their debut albums - Baltic Beat’ and ‘Music For Candy Shops’ - and realizing similar interests and traits in their solo music, Zakrevska and Kruczynski sketched out a plan for an album and live performance. The record is to a large extent fashioned after the show, with most of the tracks performed live and edited down. ’Pulses’ is a result of hours spent in studio with a minimal set-up of Prophet ’08, Moog Sub 37 and Korg Minilogue, detailing their mutual attraction to minimal synth, repetitive arpeggios and drone music. A perfect blend of poly-rhythmic patterns, ambient textures and beat-less acid moments by one of the most fresh and unique collaborations!


Patrick says: Moving their attention away from Greece, Into The Light present the collaborative debut from Polish musicians Bartosz Kruczynski & Poly Chain, who lock us into Berlin school electronics, trance inducing sequences and atmospheric synthscapes. Ear candy for sofa surfers everywhere.


1. Jacana
2. Solacious
3. Quietism
4. Xenolalia
5. Fluxional
6. Velicious
7. Echolalia

Into The Light take another trip into the annals of Greek electronica, stopping by Akis' Athenian home for a special 12" treat. Though last year's "Space, Time And Beyond" anthology was a fairly exhaustive (and frankly brilliant set), it all but ignored the composer's contributions to the Greek house scene, most notably Aegean anthem "Giant Step", released under the D.E. moniker. This slice of early nineties action sweeps through baroque string arrangements, slow rolling breakbeats and acid-tinged undulations, coming on like an extra ethnic relation of Tranquility Bass. Beaty yet breezy, this coastal killer is a classic in Greece, and more than deserves wider attention. If that wasn't enough to have you snatching a copy, the flip hits us with an earlier 80's demo version, recorded round Vangelis Katsoulis' gaff. To be honest, though they share the same name, the two tracks couldn't be further apart, the "Demo" mix ditching the breakbeat and colling flute trills in favour of Laswell style bass, unconventional percussion and outrageous sampler abuse. Explosions, machine gun fire, concerned chickens and arcade game idents all rebound around the soundstage, decorating the consistently off-kilter rhythm section until the woodwinds, mallets and arps take us skywards.


Patrick says: Yet another killer on the Into The Light imprint, as they follow their Akis anthology with a 12" of his club leaning compositions. The A-side plays host to the Balearic breakbeat of Aegean classic "Giant Step", while the B-side brings us the sampler-driven proto house strangeness of an 80's demo version - leftfield gold if ever I heard it.


Giant Step (Club Mix)
Giant Step (Demo) 

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