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Following the great reception of “Hiverned 01” here's the second installment of Hivern's edit series.

In the A Side, TB's “Invitation To Love”, a highly anticipated track that's finally released after becoming a fixture in John Talabot's sets. Based on Twin Peaks OST's “Laura Palmer's Theme”, the track rephrases Angelo Badalamenti's clas- sic from an acid house perspective. Adding analog rhythms and a crispy bassli- ne to the ethereal chords of the original composition, this refix manages to keep the dream-like atmospheres of the song while transforming it into dancefloor- ready groove. The idea is simple, the results are magic.

On the flip, Marc Piñol repeats appearance on the series revamping some lost australian minimal-wave track. In the vein of his previous “Wheels” edit, the track conjures gloomy atmospheres and sparse rhythms with gritty synth melodies. On the top of it, the barcelonian producer adds dialogues from spanish cult art- house film “Arrebato” (hence the title) multiplying the obscure ambience of the tune.

Once again, the release comes in a limited edition 10” wrapped in a handmade silk-screened sleeve. No digital and no-repress.


Ltd 10" Info: Super limited, handmade silk-screened sleeve. No digital and no-repress.

Jami Bassols has been a close member of Hivern since its beginnings as one half of Aster. Now, following the release of Noche/ Templo, his two acclaimed edits for NVH, he returns to the label with his solo debut as JMII.

In Thrills, the Barcelonian producer displays a sound that's equally raw and lively, with a very personal sense of quirkiness. The title track is JMII's most expansive production to date. An uplifting house number built around an elastic bassline and sprinkled with a bubbly arpeggiated melody, echoed vocal snips and ravey pads. Bailar is a sort of lunatic take on chi-house, with a crude bassline, psychotic organ chords and feverish percussion coming together to form an ultra-infectious groove. Tightbrass follows a similar path, but conducted by frenzied synthetic horns that bring to mind a marching band of manic robots. In his remix, Comeme's Christian S. brings the track to a darker territory, reducing it to it's core elements and focusing in a nasty bassline that will for sure cause serious damage in the dancefloors in the upcoming months.
The 12” comes wrapped in a sleeve designed by Christian Schafer itself. 

A new split series from Barcelona's Hivern sees label stalwart Marc Pinol joined by newcomer Charlotte Bendiks. "Cel Avall" by Pinol is a slow, deliberate excercise in late night hypnosis; a steady pulse jotted with rigid melodies and ushered forward by some simple drums. Bendiks offers up a reinterpretation of those early Chicago body tracks. Rhythmically dominating and again, very hypnotic, Bendiks drops some sexualized spoken word passages over the otherwise completely drum-based track.

Artworky by Dr. Me.


Matt says: New project from cult label Hivern. If this first release is anything to go by, it's gonna be a doozy!

This is Orbe's first release for Jon Talabot's intuitional Hivern Discs. Chasing technological purity by only retaining the most essential elements is what characterizes Orbe's work. The quest for transcendence needs to have little distractions, focusing the mind and body on the singularity. A thoroughly electric outing, the six tracks plunge the deeper and more enlightened ends of the techno and electro spectrum; splashing the listener with wet snares and sub-aquatic bass patterns while a melee of intricate lead lines jostle for the spotlight in the upper frequency range. It's not too stripped back however, as "Uniformity" displays a musical and diverse side to the producer which is extremely warm and seductive. Held together by an intuitive, concise and highly fascinating sound palette this is one of the stronger Hivern releases to date and is likely to sell out as fast as it came in. Get those skates folks cos this one's a keeper.


Matt says: John Talabot's Hivern continue to remain a crucial force, signing up this brand new talent and in turn, releasing one of the most essential joints on the label to date!

New Hivern from long established leftfield legends Margot (Daniel Valanti, Stefano Serafini). Originally recorded in 2003 as 'punk, DIY art installation'; there's a distinct lack of snarly vocals and three chord overdrive but still, it retains that spiky, uncompromising ethic which rings true in both art and punk circles. The original version of "Moderno" is a cavernous, gremlin-acid track; a wonky, trilling 303 refrain riding a plethora of phazed beats and broken textures. Fellow Spaniard and good friend of Hivern, Marc Pional contributes two separate remixes for the release. The "Morning After" mix is a deep and heady affair, with lots of intricate sounds and textures let loose in the mix. The "Acid Mix" deploys a kinetic arpeggio to the track, making it more suitable for peak-time, strobe lit chaos. Finally, "Apples" closes proceedings in anthetmic fashion; a dark, analogue keyboard line reminding us of a dystopian Donna Summer. The kinda track that'd get MCR night's like Naive Melody (RIP) really pulsing. Tops off, fist pumping action for the heads. Remember, it's Hivern - it won't hang around long! 


Matt says: A very European affair as Italy's Margot get remixed by Spains Marc Pional on John Talabot's Barca-based Hivern. Oozing sophistication and class, much like our European cousins the record's stylish, restrained control is what actually gives it the edge. Menos si más!

Lawrence Le Doux

Music For Documentaries

When Lawrence Le Doux was asked by filmmaker Fabrizio Terranova to soundtrack his documentary about Donna Haraway, he requested not to see the movie first. "Instead, I asked him to tell me the story of his encounter with her and his experience of the shooting in California', Lawrence recalls. After all, Terranova's approach to Haraway, a science philosopher known for his work on gender, identity, technology and trans-species relationships, had also been an unorthodox one. Far from deepening too much in theoretical concepts, the director spent a summer filming Haraway and her dog Cayenne at her home in Southern California. Maybe that's the reason why the sounds in "Music For Documentaries" feels so genuine and palpable. Inspired by Terranova's stories about wandering, nature, the deep sea, the West Coast winds, Science Fiction and surf, Lawrence produced a series of short pieces that, a bit like a Miyazaki film, connect the purity of nature to an esoteric dimension. It's music filled with heartwarming melodies and textures, but always with a mystifying undertone. As Lawrence himself puts it, "I think there is a certain darkness in the Soundtrack, as well as in the documentary, maybe this is inherent of the presence of humans on Earth". Terranova finally kept four of the tracks for the movie, but there were many more sketches and ideas floating around. After hearing them all, we liked them so much that we asked Lawrence to finish them for us, hence the plural in "Music For Documentaries". Even if some of those are imaginary. All of the tracks were created using a limited amount instruments, with a deliberate crossover of old synthesizers like a Farsa organ or Sequential Circuits's Pro-One and 90's technology like the Roland JD-800. It is curious that Lawrence says all his synths are "half-broken", since the sounds he extracts from them are absolutely healing.


Matt says: Hivern have done it again! A brilliantly realised concept piece executed with plenty of vitality and amazing depth of hardware trickery. Top stuff.

Argentinean producer Alejandro Mosso drops a mini album for Hivern. Label head Talabot has been caning this guy's tracks in his DJ sets of late, so it's nice to finally have a taste of what this producer is capable of. Possessing both an air of serenity yet a creeping sense of foreboding, Mosso beautifully rides a rigid dichotomy of calm and tension. Whilst basking in his highly textured compositions you can't help feeling that at any point they could burst into feverish abandon, and as such they make perfect afterparty music. Think Club De Visionaire at 1PM Sunday afternoon, with a fully loaded crowd of people ready to explode at any point. Expertly poised, unfathomably crisp and well produced and totally overwhelming with their execution, Alejandro Mosso has conjured up six mystical and invigorating tracks for sessions that don't know when to end and dancers that like to dream as they dance! Most recommended. 


Matt says: More sublime, ethereal and hi-tech house music from the Hivern camp.

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A definite hit here @PiccadillyRecs Gonna be on the shop player for some time to come I think.....
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We also got this today, what a lovely surprise with our 7's, thanks @courtneymelba, and @Milk_Records xox
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