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This is music that will speak to you about things that have happened! An album that sounds like you are alone in the desert all by yourself. Remembering childhood experiences and musical instruments and all the joy that took place. We have forgotten because of terrible things that have happened. Is it the truthfulness that attracts you to this music? Listen out of time: Mark Olson & Ingunn Ringvold are singing 'Spokeswoman of the Bright Sun', the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Alternative Country/Americana masterpiece 'Good-bye Lizelle' (Glitterhouse Records, 2014).

All original track recordings were made with a Nagra field recorder. These tracks were delivered to John Schreiner for mixing and mastering. This is the moment a rainbow came into town. John has worked in some of the most important historically speaking and result speaking recording studios in Los Angeles. John worked with Hal Blaine in the past and in the present reinforced his studio sounds in San Clemente, CA with room sounds from studio 3 at Western Recorders. John mixes in groupings and the results are a new step forward in post modern folk-rock sound exploration. Enjoy the warmth and spaciousness of these outstanding musical mixes!

Mark Olson was born and raised in Minnesota by a family of mostly farmers and school teachers. He has been involved with musical instruments since the age of twelve and is self taught for the most part and uses alternate tunings and two part unison singing followed then by breaking off into harmony in his writing and live performances. He lives now in the California Desert with his wife Ingunn Ringvold. Mark and Ingunn tour off and on internationally almost every year.


Live At The Lovesong

    One beautiful April morning in 2016 Josh Haden, bassist, vocalist, and founding member of Los Angeles Indie Pop Slowcore Americana Free Jazz music collective Spain, woke up and thought to himself, "You know, I'd like to go on tour in L.A." Over the course of the year the key unit of Spain (featuring Haden, lead guitarist Kenny Lyon, keyboardist & guitarist Shon Sullivan, and drummer Danny Frankel) were joined on stage by such groundbreaking musicians as multiple Grammy-nominated jazz guitarist Bill Frisell, Sun Ra drummer Craig Haynes, violinist and singer Petra Haden (Josh's sister), Best Coast guitarist Bobb Bruno, Circle Jerks alumni multi-instrumentalist Zander Schloss, former Macy Grey saxophonist Matt DeMerritt, violinist extraordinaire Lili Haydn, and many more. 


    2xLtd LP includes MP3 Download Code.

    Christine Owman

    When On Fire

      Features Mark Lanegan on vocals on title track.

      Christine Owman's music starts from the darkest underground, surfaces the ground into a mesmerizing cloud of mist and continues reaching for the open sky. Empowering, sensual, dark, dreamy and raw all at once.

      After releasing two strong albums within a mere 11 months, the DeSoto Caucus has taken their time completing this upcoming release. "4" is an album marking a change in the band's modus operandi; after consistent touring and shows everywhere from humble Reeperbahn bars to imposing concert halls, the former musical collective has steadily become more of a tight knit gang of four. Having picked up a great deal of dexterity in handling musical curve balls through years of touring and recording as Howe Gelb's Giant Sand, the intuitive way of playing is ever present. Along with still more personally engaged songwriting, the sound of the band is significant, intriguing and utterly unique. There's still the solid, liquid grooves made up of Peter Dombernowsky's rolling beats and dry percussion, perfectly matched by the rock steady flexibility of bass player Henrik Poulsen, the boiling organ, pensive piano and twang guitar of Nikolaj Heyman with the signature dual lead vocals he shares with main songwriter Anders Pedersen. At the same time, though, fans of the band will recognize new flavors not only in the fat sounds oozing from the album, but also in the expanded collaborative efforts of Heyman and Pedersen on stories of frailty, detachment and rupture.

      For recording the band relocated to Heyman's north country studio in a former horse stable turned Big Pink, and isolated themselves, jamming and trying new approaches. The artistic benefits of being without cell phone signal and wifi are obvious, but during the winter the remoteness also meant having to deal with frozen pipes, and melting snow for the morning brew. Two and a half years down the road, the foursomes' fourth album is proof that the process, focused on gaining new territory while never abandoning your trademarks, was worth the wait. So join the DeSoto Caucus' continued journeys under the wide open sky, down red dirt roads, into towns without names, and into the hearts of people out of touch and out of time.

      Not unlike the DeSoto Caucus itself, timeless as their take on contemporary independent rock is. Four brothers in arms. Four musketeers. Embarking on yet another sonic voyage. 

      About 14 years ago Wovenhand showed its first sign of life with their self-titled debut album. David Eugene Edwards' main band 16 Horsepower was still active at that time, but their three members were slowly drifting apart. Yet in the same year they still managed to release "Folklore" - a blistering album and their studio swansong. Long since has the former solo-project stepped out of 16 Horsepower's long shadow.

      Over the last two decades, Edwards' prolific work in both bands has influenced and inspired a generation of musicians. His music has always had an unparalleled intensity. His rich, billowing and emotive voice is always the driving force of his music, but it's catapulted by his spellbinding ability to transform instruments that many people might consider mundane relics - be it banjo, accordion, lesser-known folk instruments from around the world, or even an electric guitar - into devices of dark fury and poignant beauty. Wovenhand cannot be described in traditional terms. Their sound is a sweeping tapestry of gothic Americana, neo-folk, punk, alternative country and psych.

      Two years have passed since the release to the critically acclaimed "Refractory Obdurate", 11 new songs were recorded. Sounds that despite their power and heaviness have lost nothing of its magic and hypnotics. From the apocalyptic revivification of antique Americana of 16 Horsepower in the 90s to the threadbare balladry of Wovenhand's early releases, Edwards' music has maintained its celestial heaviness as it evolved. But now in its current incarnation, Wovenhand is a band that fully expands that power with exacting and inventive skill. It's a sound so distinctive and compellingly crushing that even the heaviest of metal bands can't match. Those who thought there could be no progression after "Refractory Obdurate" will be convinced otherwise…

      "Star Treatment" kicks off full tilt with the anthemic charge of "Come Brave" - the song's galloping four-on-the-floor drums driving churning swells of droning, chiming guitars and organ as Edwards' soaring voice compels us to rise and join the fray. "The Hired Hand" takes a more Western bent with swaggering guitars awash in reverb and a throbbing bass line before the chorus erupts with massive open guitar chords. Further, "Crystal Palace" sounds like Eastern European folk driven through a massive wall of amplifiers while a full gospel choir sings just beneath the gurgling surface of guitars. "Crook and Flail" sounds exotic in its twanging acoustic instruments and tabla/dumbec drum pattern. Elsewhere, "Golden Blossom" is a lush and beautifully unabashed love song, strummed out in a simple, catchy melody that builds to crescendo with the chorus refrain, "only you, my love and your light." Throughout, Wovenhand deftly merge the outer reaches of rock and world folk sounds with increasing urgency and force.

      While Wovenhand ought to be a familiar name to anyone interested in forward-thinking music, the album title "Star Treatment" isn't a reference to our celebrity culture obsession. Rather, it's a clever reference to concepts of astrolatry, or humanity's enduring interest in the stars of the night sky: "It's ethereal in its concept," Edwards explains. "There are many layers, as always. I've been paying attention to the stars in the sky and in literature, and it's a theme throughout the album."

      The current lineup includes guitarist Chuck French, bassist Neil Keener (both of Planes Mistaken For Stars) and drummer Ordy Garrison, now joined by piano/synth player Matthew Smith (Crime & The City Solution). "Star Treatment" was recorded at Steve Albini's legendary Electrical Audio in Chicago with engineer Sanford Parker, who also helmed Wovenhand's 2014 album "Refractory Obdurate".


      2xLP Info: Double 180 gram vinyl.

      2xLP includes MP3 Download Code.

      Joe Volk is a solo artist from Bristol, England now based in Bern, Switzerland. He was one of the first musicians signed to Invada records, headed by Portishead's Geoff Barrow, and has had over 13 releases on the label. Joe Volk was the original singer and lyricist in the band Crippled Black Phoenix, and was signed to Domino Publishing with Justin Greaves as sole songwriters of the band. After six studio albums, one live album and several EP's, Volk left the group to focus his energy on his solo material. He was also the original singer and lyricist with hard rock band Gonga, one of the first bands signed to Invada.

      On the new album, Volk worked closely with the Emmy nominated composer Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow (the songwriting partnership behind the soundtrack to Alex Garland's 2015 film 'Ex Machina'), with both being credited as additional producers along with Volk. The album was mixed by Joe Volk and Jim Barr (Portishead / Get The Blessing), as well as the musician and artist Leafcutter John. The album features the three producers, along with Jim Barr, Billy Fuller (Robert Plant, BEAK>), Adrian Utley (Portishead), Mark Ophidian (US / Animals With Machinery), Guy Metcalfe (Thought Forms), Leafcutter John, Luke Harney (Typesun) and a collection of other musicians, all active in the Bristol music scene.

      The spectrum of the album is broad, ranging from low-fi acoustic pieces featuring subtle analogue electronics from Ophidian and instrumentation from Salisbury, to more realised tracks, layered with Volks harmonies and intricate guitar work with backing from Fuller and Barrow, who constitute the rhythm section of the band Beak>. There is a track featuring a full orchestral score by Ben Salisbury, played by the Bristol Ensemble Orchestra, with a haunting accompaniment by Volk on acoustic guitar and voice, and then, again in contrast, there are tracks at 120 BMP with programmed drums, bass, analogue synths, electric guitars, samples and electronics, with Volk pushing his voice to new extremes for his solo work. This is an album with a broad scope of sounds, styles and influences, yet it manages to translate into a cohesive body of work. The common thread running throughout is the instantly recognisable guitar playing and voice of Volk, which is uniquely complemented by the different musicianship that is bought to each track from the wide array of artists from different genres that he worked with.

      After leaving Crippled Black Phoenix in 2013, Volk teamed up with the experimental Japanese band Boris to release a split 12" EP. Volk wrote, recorded and produced his tracks, and the EP was released to widespread critical acclaim. He toured the UK and Europe with Boris, and since this tour, he has been completing work on his new album in Switzerland. Volk is also a composer, having written scores for independent European and British short films. He has had his material used by the BBC, HBO and had commissions from National Geographic. Volk contributed music to the Academy Award nominated documentary on Bristol street artist Banksy, entitled "Exit Through The Gift Shop". 


      Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

      Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project

      Split 7"


        This is the perfect appetizer for the upcoming new album by The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project "Axels & Sockets" (GR 796), which will be released on May 2nd. Both tracks will NOT be on the full length album, so we have two exclusives fort he Vinyl afficionados! "Zonar Rose" is a rowdy, wild rocker that features bay area legends Keith Morris (founding member and first singer for Black Flag) and Steven McDonald (Redd Kross), who both nowadays serve as frontman and bassplayer for the mighty OFF! plus fellow Californians Ty Segall (The Epsilons) and John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees). "Girl It's Me" sees one of Glasgow's finest bands, The Primevals at their best. A catchy, raw and driving song, perfect for any garage/punkrock jukebox with some of the finest slide guitar lead parts. This single is exclusively available for Record Store Day 2014 and limited to 666 copies worldwide!


        The Soul Of Spain

          "Of all the melancholy slowcore bands of the mid-'90s, Spain were one of the more imaginative: a debonair, blues-tinged group from LA led by Josh Haden (son of jazz bassist Charlie Haden) that frequently sounded like Spiritualized crossed with a cool jazz quartet. Haden's calm dissection of his own doubt and guilt is unnerving, like eavesdropping on an intimate conversation.... a woefully underappreciated band." UNCUT

          Spain are a Los Angeles-based alternative rock band founded in 1993 by Josh Haden (son of jazz bass legend Charlie Haden). Their debut 1995 album, 'The Blue Moods Of Spain', garnered the band a devoted cult following, In 1999, they released their sophomore CD 'She Haunts My Dreams' and they followed this with 'I Believe' A Spain best of compilation, 'Spirituals: The Best Of Spain', was released in 2003. Haden reformed Spain in 2007 with all-new members and began playing gigs again in their native L.A. Since then they've shared the stage with Tindersticks and the Clientele.

          Ten years of waiting for new Spain songs and it feels like almost nothing has changed. 'The Soul Of Spain' contains the same gorgeous, dreamy, lounge-tinged pop that made their first album The Blue Moods of Spain a critical and cult favorite. The songs feature Josh Haden's smoky vocals, the trademark moody arrangements and the very special Spain-vibe. But… "There are 2 songs on this new release are very up-tempo and even, God forbid, kinda Rock n Roll. A friend of mine told me not to mess up the Spain formula, to which I said "the songs may be faster, but they're still in the Spain idiom with song structure, they're Spain". (Josh Haden)

          Tamikrest in Tamasheq language means junction, connection, knot, coalition. The group members come from different horizons (Mali, Niger, Algeria). Wanting to assume fully their Touareg identity, they found in the rebel music Ishumar the means to express it.
          'A desert hosts us, a language unites us, a culture binds us.'
          The story begins at Kidal, capital of the 8th Region of Mali, while making tea of course. Pino, Cheikh and Mossa had just finished a guitar workshop with Juhan Ecaré (guitarist for Meiway) when they decided to form a group with only two old 'home made' guitars. And they got to work… After one year and a half of hard work, the group is complete and their repertory has grown to contain more than twenty-five original compositions. Though their music takes root in Ishumar Rock or Tuareg Blues, it borrows from various international influences as well as from neighbouring cultures. Through the message of their songs, Tamikrest want to make Tamasheq poetry and culture accessible to inhabitants of a world larger than the immensity of the Saharian desert.
          Tamikrest´s debut is an hypnotic and intense affair rooted in the desert while taking the tradition of both Tamasheq blues and rock music to the next level. These young Tamashek rebel rockers have rightfully been called the 'spiritual sons' of Tinariwen.

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