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Various Artists

Liberation - Songs To Benefit PETA

    Fat Wreck Chords head honch Fat Mike met up with the PETA activists on the 2002 Warped Tour. The result is this massive and inexpensive compilation, meant to bring awareness (CD-ROM animal rights info) to PETAs youth voice and to raise cash for the cause of animal rights. Featuring bands such as Anti Flag, Hot Water Music, International Noise Conspiracy, Goldfinger, Propagandhi, NOFX, Good Riddance, Midtown, The Faint, Good Charlotte, Frenzal Rhomb, Desparecidos and more.

    Strung Out

    Live In A Dive

      Featuring tracks from their first album on Fat Wreck Chords, ("Population Control") all the way up to selections from their latest full length ("Razor Sex"), Strung Out deliver their best live performance ever. There's even an Ozzy Osbourne cover version -NICE! The disc is also a CD-ROM, featuring live videos and an interview of the band conducted by Fat Mike.

      None More Black

      File Under Black

        Unexpectedly quitting his Kid Dynamite in 2000 Jason Shevchuck took some time out before he picked up a guitar and rejoined the hardcore rat-race. None More Black have a hardcore ferocity, with rock n' roll breakdowns, hooks galore, fused with vocals that are growly and gravelly, yet rooted in melody. "File Under Black" is an album that will have even the most jaded of punk rockers feeling like something fresh, new and credible has been introduced to the genre.

        The Fight

        Home Is Where The Hate Is

          There is life in the West Midlands! The Fight hail from Dudley and are one of the few British bands to have signed for Fat Wreck Chords. Lead singer Kate (K8) is 18, 16 year old brother Jack is on drums and 17 year olds, Link and Matty V play guitar and bass. This is vintage new old skool with more than a little of the X-Ray Spex and the Ramones about them.

          Rise Against

          Revolutions Per Minute

            Following their debut "The Unraveling" Rise Against have toured with the likes of Boy Sets Fire, Thursday, NOFX, Agnostic Front, TSOL, The Casualties, Sick Of It All, Snapcase and AFI. Back in Chicago the four piece spent a few weeks laying tracks down full of hardcore intensity and venom, the result is "Revolutions Per Minute".

            Swingin Utters

            Dead Flowers, Bottles, Bluegrass And Bones

              After laying low for a little while, the leaders of the Bay Area street punk scene, the Swingin Utters re-emerge with "Dead Flowers, Bottles, Bluegrass And Bones". Produced by Blag Dahalia from the Dwarves it's a match made in heaven with the end result full of body and structure, with grit and street cred that the Utters have based their style on since the beginning. Known for their alternating vocals (Johnny and Darius), they throw another voice into the mix on the album, Spike Slawson, their basiist and lead signer of Me First And The Gimme Gimmes. Raging stuff from this highly popular Fat Wreck band.


              Front Porch Stories

                Richmond Virginia's finest sons, one of the best punk bands on the planet, Avail are back with a stonkingly good album "Front Porch Stories". Twelve of the most direct and fiercest punk rock sing-alongs ever to grace the Fat Wreck Chords catalogue. This release is full of class, vocalist Tim Barry, guitarist Joe Banks, bassist Gwomper!, drummer (and painter) Ed Trask and 'cheerleader' Beau Beau have produced another straight-to-yer-heart punk missile.

                Dillinger Four

                Situationist Comedy

                  The Dillinger Four are truly a musical force to be reckoned with as this, their third full-length release "Situationist Comedy" shows. Now on Fat Wreck Chords, whose reputation for discovering great new punk bands goes unsurpassed. A mid-western foursome harnessing fury and harmony to musical mayhem and making it into something people can dance to.


                  Been Where? Did What?

                    Since they began in 1992, Tilt have been carving their own path. Cinder Block is the difference between Tilt and so many bands, her vocals dominate the sound and give it a unique appeal (simply ask yourself how many female singers there are on Fat Wreck Chords). This CD chronicles the band's work since their inception. Everything from demos, to outtakes from their last album and a few cover versions. Great to hear Gabe Meline's bass lines again. All remixed as well, so what more could you ask for?

                    Good Riddance

                    Exposed! 1994-1999

                      Six years of live footage all cut up and put back together, interspersed with interview segments, funny stuff from the road and general debauchery! From Russ' commentary on his experience with punk rock versus hockey, to Chuck riling up Japanese concert-goers by yelling at them through a bullhorn, Exposed! 1994-1999, chronicles a healthy chunk of Good Riddance's punk rock journey! 58 minutes full of fun, it will not disappoint!

                      Good Riddance

                      Symptoms Of A Leveling Spirit

                        Good Riddance are back with their fifth studio album and from the sound of it, it's another stormer. These boys can't slow down. A new drummer kicks them along and the quality of the songs is top notch. It's destined to become a punk rock classic, the Santa Cruz posse simply cannot be stopped!

                        Rise Against

                        The Belfast Gigs

                          From the ashes of 88 Fingers Louie comes Chicago's premier punk act: Rise Against. This four piece plays the punchy melodic hardcore with a message in their music , screaming vocals, a love for pizza--you name it they've got it.

                          Frenzal Rhomb

                          Shut Your Mouth

                            Second full length from this mob, angst and antsy Aussie punk rock on Fat Wreck Chords. 16 new outback punk classics on this brand spanking new album.

                            Various Artists

                            Fat Music Volume 5 : Live Fat, Die Young

                              It's the brand new Fat Wreck sampler! This time there is a difference--all the tracks are brand spanking new and unreleased and they're from some of the best bands in the business: NOFX, Less Than Jake, Lagwagon, Sick Of It All, No Use For A Name, Anti Flag, Snuff, Good Riddance, Mad Caddies, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes and loads more! Slight price hike but still cheap.

                              Zero Down

                              With A Lifetime To Pay

                                Zero Down are a three piece punk outfit hailing from LA and are the latest additions to the Fat Wreck roster. The members possess a sterling punk rock resume, having spent time in bands like Strung Out, Down By Law and Pulley. With some slower moody pieces and the usual high standard of Fat Wreck sound this is a brilliant debut.

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