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Hot on the heels of his recently released ‘Forever EP’ on Radio Slave’s evergreen Rekids, Eddie Fowlkes returns to the label with ‘Bahama Man EP’, another four-track EP of red-hot dancefloor cuts. From the swinging opening title track through to the jacking low end of closer ‘Cube’, Eddie’s knack for crafting his unique style of club-friendly cuts is on full display across the record, some of his finest work to date.

As one of techno’s originators, Eddie Fowlkes has shaped the genre for over 36 years. With his releases on Metroplex, Tresor, Sony, Peacefrog, and his own imprints CityBoy Records and Detroit Wax, Fowlkes' contribution to the blueprint of modern electronic music cannot be overstated.


Matt says: A true pioneer; Eddie Fowlkes has shaped the techno genre since day dot. His productions have always contained a maverick and reckless air; whilst also displaying some seriously advanced and sophisticated skills. He continues to be relevant and continues to push himself now; at 60 years old! Often overshadowed by Derrick May, Juan Atkins et al - Flashin' Fowlkes is a true legend of Detroit techno.


A1. Bahama Man 
A2. Follow Me 
B1. Chi 2022 
B2. Cube 

DJ Eddie Fowlkes created the techno genre alongside Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson. Now the 'Godfather of Techno Soul' uses his extensive knowledge and experience to create a dynamic wax release drenched in Motor City inspiration - this four-track vinyl package is both a love letter to his musical roots and an inspired representation of the left-of-centre house that Classic is known for. For the lead track, 'AHYEE', Eddie carves out his own sound in a low growl as distorted percussion whirs over a four-on-the-floor beat. 'Blow' goes tougher, with an undulating bass that adds a wonky unease to the rhythmic kick and syncopated decoration. On the B-side, ‘Talking To Me’ makes use of a distinctive spoken-word vocal over an expansive and rhythmically intricate accompaniment, celebrating the culture through expert sampling and production techniques, whilst ‘Complex’ is more beat-focused with driving synth rhythms. Coming from producing some of the first techno records nearly 40 years ago, unique releases like this continue to prove Fowlkes' status as a constant innovator, and his ear for house music is undeniable.


Matt says: A triumphant return from one of the true godfathers of Detroit techno. Funky and silky; possessing that incessant Motor City spirit, this shit'll have you swinging off the rafters in no time.


A2. Blow 
B1. Talking To Me 
B2. Complex 

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