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Instrument Soundtrack

    Original music from the film,"Instrument", culled from demos and various sources, by Fugazi from 1988-1998.


    End Hits

      This is Fugazi's fifth full-length record, released in 1998.


      CD Info: The CD was remastered at Silver Sonya in 2008.


      In On The Kill Taker

        This is Fugazi's third full-length record, released in 1993.


        CD Info: The CD was remastered at Silver Sonya in 2005.


        13 Songs

          Fugazi were formed from the ashes of legendary DC hardcore bands Minor Threat and Rites Of Spring. They played their first shows in 1987 and released this first mini album the following year. 
          They took the energy and abrasiveness of their former bands and honed it into an intense and ulitmately hugely influential sound. 
          This CD release combines their debut '7 Songs' with it's follow up 'Margin Walker'. Both vinyl releases were permanent fixtures on the shop stereo back then (we didn't have a CD player at the time) and had we done end of year charts at the time would most certainly have made it into the top 10.

          Beauty Pill

          The Unsustainable Lifestyle

          Featuring programmed beats, softly delivered vocal lines, heavily effected instruments, twisted pop chorus lines, with only the faintest traces of distortion, this is possibly the least punk rock album on Dischord. For fans of Pavement, Breeders, Dismemberment Plan, Nina Nastasia etc.

          Minor Threat

          First Demo Tape

          It was early 1981 when Washington DC's Minor Threat made their first trip to the studio. The band recorded all of the songs that they had written in the short time they had been together (three months), but were apparently unsatisfied with their performance and never bothered to do a final mix of the tape. This unmixed tape of the first demo was discovered when Dischord started work on the "Twenty Years Of Dischord" box set. Mixed by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara (of Inner Ear Studios) in December 2001, these recordings were only previously available as low quality rough mixes on bootlegs.

          Soul Side

          Soon Come Happy

          Remastered version of this CD which combines the tracks from their previous two albums "Trigger" and "Got Bodi-gram" and the 7" single "Sun".

          Dag Nasty

          Can I Say

          Absolutely essential, all time classic DC hardcore / punk album, now remastered by Ian Mackaye. This was their debut album, recorded in 1986. As well as the original album tracks, this release also includes two tracks recorded at the same session as the album "Another Wrong" and "My Dog's A Cat", along with four previously unavailable live recordings. Quality!

          El Guapo

          Super / System

          A collection of songs, which switch between art-punk and avant-garde, from this Washington DC duo. For fans of Gang of Four / Trans Am.

          The Capitol City Dusters

          Rock Creek

          Second full length album from this Washington DC trio. For fans of Q And Not U, Delta 72 and Fugazi.

          Blue Tip

          Post Mortem Anthem

          More top notch D. hardcore from Dischord. This album is made up of five previously unreleased tracks, recorded during various sessions over the last few years, along with five tracks taken from singles and compilations, all of which are otherwise unavailable at the moment.

          The Nation Of Ulysses

          The Embassy Tapes

          Live CD, recorded on a four-track 1/2" tape machine, in September '92, at the Embassy in Washington D.C.

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