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20 Years Of Dischord

    Superb box set from Dischord Records, originally due for release to mark their 20th anniversary in 2000, it ended up taking a little while longer to get together! CDs one and two feature 50 tracks, one from each band on the label. The third CD contains 21 unreleased tracks from the likes of Minor Threat, Fugazi, Teen Idles, Scream, Govt. Issue. Also includes an interview from 1981 with various DC band members and an enhanced section with live footage of The Teen Idles, Untouchables, SOA, Faith, Void and Deadline. There's also a great 134-page booklet, with an overview of the label written by Henry Rollins and loads of rare band pics. An absolutely superb, must-have box set from this legendary and massively influential label.


    1.1 The Teen Idles- Get Up And Go 1.2 The Untouchables- Nic Fit 1.3 State Of Alert- Public Defender 1.4 Minor Threat- Screaming At A Wall 1.5 Void- Dehumanized 1.6 Youth Brigade- Barbed Wire 1.7 Government Issue- Rock & Roll Bullshit 1.8 Scream- Fight / American Justice 1.9 Iron Cross- Live For Now 1.10 Red C- Pressure's On 1.11 Deadline- Stolen Youth 1.12 Artificial Peace- Suburban Wasteland 1.13 Faith- Subject To Change 1.14 Skewbald- Sorry / Change For The Same 1.15 Marginal Man- Missing Rungs 1.16 Gray Matter- Oscar's Eye 1.17 Rites Of Spring- Drink Deep 1.18 Beefeater- Just Things 1.19 The Snakes- Snake Rap 1.20 Dag Nasty- Circles 1.21 Embrace- Money 1.22 Soulside- Punch The Geek 1.23 Egg Hunt- We All Fall Down 1.24 One Last Wish- This Time 1.25 Fire Party- Cake 1.26 Ignition- Rebuilding 1.27 Three- Domino Days 1.28 Shudder To Think- Red House 1.29 Happy Go Licky- Twist And Shout

    2.1 Fugazi- Blueprint 2.2 Lungfish- Friend To Friend In Endtime 2.3 Fidelity Jones- Destructor 2.4 The Nation Of Ulysses- Spectra Sonic Sound 2.5 Holy Rollers- Perfect Sleeper 2.6 Jawbox- Motorist 2.7 Severin- People Are Wrong 2.8 The High-Back Chairs- Summer 2.9 Autoclave- I'll Take You Down 2.10 Circus Lupus- Pop Man 2.11 Branch Manager- Mr. Weekend 2.12 Slant 6- What Kind Of Monster Are You? 2.13 Hoover- Cable 2.14 Trusty- Goodbye, Dr. Fate 2.15 Smart Went Crazy- A Good Day 2.16 The Crownhate Ruin- Piss Alley 2.17 The Warmers- Poked It With A Stick 2.18 The Make-Up- They Live By Night 2.19 Bluetip- Castanet 2.20 Faraquet- Cut Self Not 2.21 Q And Not U- Hooray For Humans Unreleased & Rare

    3.1The Teen Idles- Get Up And Go 3. 2The Teen Idles- Deadhead 3.3 The Untouchables- Stepping Stone 3.4 State Of Alert- Draw Blank 3.5 Minor Threat- Straight Edge (Live) 3.6 Minor Threat- Understand 3.7 Government Issue- Snubbing 3.8 Government Issue- Asshole With Ian 3.9 Minor Threat- Asshole Dub 3.10 Youth Brigade- I Object 3.11Rozzlyn Rangers- Rozzlyn Rangers 3.12 Void- Black, Jewish And Poor 3.13 Void- Authority (Takes 1 And 2) 3.14 Scream- Search For Employment 3.15 Deadline- No Revolution 3.16 Faith- No Choice 3.17 Marginal Man- Manipulator 3.18 Dag Nasty- All Ages Show (Rare) 3.19 Fugazi- The Word 3.20 Fugazi- Burning (Live) 3.21 Shudder To Think- Drop Dead Don't Blink 3.22 Circus Lupus- We Are The One (Rare) 3.23 Slant 6- Are You Human? 3.24 Ian MacKaye- Interview Enhanced Content Deadline- Outside The Law (Live) [video] . Faith- You're X'd (Live) [video] . State Of Alert- Draw Blank (Live) [video] The Teen Idles- [untitled] (Live) [video] . The Untouchables- If The Kids Are United (Live) [video]. Void- Who Are You (Live) [video]


    Fugazi - Reissue

      Fugazi were formed from the ashes of legendary DC hardcore bands Minor Threat and Rites Of Spring. They played their first shows in 1987 and released this first mini album the following year. 
      They took the energy and abrasiveness of their former bands and honed it into an intense and ulitmately hugely influential sound. 
      This album along with it's follow up "Margin Walker" were both permanent fixtures on the shop stereo back then and had we done end of year charts at the time would most certainly have made it into the top 10.



        For anyone who’s been hoping Washington DC's post-hardcore legends Fugazi might at some point emerge from their long haitus, this might well be the next best thing.
        Coriky is a trio consisting of Amy Farina on drums, Joe Lally on bass and Ian MacKaye on guitar, with all of them sharing vocal duties. Formed in 2015, Coriky didn’t play their first show until 2018 and now finally, they release their debut album.

        As you’d expect, it’s the perfect mix of melody and intensity. Lally’s dubby basslines, rumble over rattling snares and although all three share the mic, it’s MacKaye’s distinctive vocal that gives them their edge.

        Idles might have borrowed the politically charged punk mantle for a while, but MacKaye and co are here to win it back.


        says: From the first few seconds of the album opener, “Clean Kill” it's clear that the Fugazi spirit is alive and well. Moving away from the baritone guitar and jagged anti-folk of Farina / MacKaye's previous project The Evens, they've brought Fugazi bassist Joe Lally in to the fold too, only helping to strengthen the dedication to rhythmic drive and jagged, angular edges; “'Say Yes” is an excellent example of this, with the dual vox of Farina and MacKaye drifting atop a jazzy, funk shuffle. Later, things get a bit more minimal with “Last Thing” epitomising the wandering, hypnotic groove that we'd expect. This isn't to say any of the material here is reductive, quite the opposite in fact, they manage to retain the sound of each individual musician while making it clear why every instrument and every melody is present. An essential purchase.


        1) Clean Kill
        2) Hard To Explain
        3) Say Yes
        4) Have A Cup Of Tea
        5) Too Many Husbands
        6) BQM
        7) Last Thing
        8) Jack Says
        9) Shedileebop
        10) Inauguration Day
        11) Woulda Coulda


        Instrument Soundtrack

          Original music from the film,"Instrument", culled from demos and various sources, by Fugazi from 1988-1998.


          1. Pink Frosty Demo
          2. Lusty Scripps
          3. Arpeggiator Demo
          4. Afterthought
          5. Trio's
          6. Turkish Disco
          7. Me And Thumbelina
          8. Floating Boy Demo
          9. Link Track
          10. Little Debbie
          11. H.B.
          12. I'm So Tired
          13. Rend It Demo
          14. Closed Caption Demo
          15. Guilford Fall Demo
          16. Swingset
          17. Shaken All Over
          18. Slo Crostic


          End Hits

            This is Fugazi's fifth full-length record, released in 1998.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Break
            2. Place Position
            3. Recap Modotti
            4. No Surprise
            5. Five Corporations
            6. Caustic Acrostic
            7. Closed Captioned
            8. Floating Boy
            9. Foreman's Dog
            10. Arpeggiator
            11. Guilford Fall
            12. Pink Frosty
            13. F/D


            In On The Kill Taker

              This is Fugazi's third full-length record, released in 1993.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Facet Squared
              2. Public Witness Program
              3. Returning The Screw
              4. Smallpox Champion
              5. Rend It
              6. 23 Beats Off
              7. Sweet And Low
              8. Cassavetes
              9. Great Cop
              10. Walken's Syndrome
              11. Instrument
              12. Last Chance For A Slow Dance


              13 Songs

                Fugazi were formed from the ashes of legendary DC hardcore bands Minor Threat and Rites Of Spring. They played their first shows in 1987 and released this first mini album the following year. 
                They took the energy and abrasiveness of their former bands and honed it into an intense and ulitmately hugely influential sound. 
                This CD release combines their debut '7 Songs' with it's follow up 'Margin Walker'. Both vinyl releases were permanent fixtures on the shop stereo back then (we didn't have a CD player at the time) and had we done end of year charts at the time would most certainly have made it into the top 10.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Waiting Room
                2. Bulldog Front
                3. Bad Mouth
                4. Burning
                5. Give Me The Cure
                6. Suggestion
                7. Glue Man
                8. Margin Walker
                9. And The Same
                10. Burning Too
                11. Provisional
                12. Lockdown
                13. Promises


                Steady Diet Of Nothing

                  Fugazi were formed from the ashes of legendary DC hardcore bands Minor Threat and Rites Of Spring. They played their first shows in 1987.

                  This is Fugazi's second full-length record, released in 1991 and although it is still unmistakeably a Fugazi record it is something of a departure from their previous output. While still as intense, the pace is slower and there are dubby and even experimental influences. It's less immediate, and in our face, but it's a definite grower. 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Exit Only
                  2. Reclamation
                  3. Nice New Outfit
                  4. Stacks
                  5. Latin Roots
                  6. Steady Diet
                  7. Long Division
                  8. Runaway Return
                  9. Polish
                  10. Dear Justice Letter
                  11. KYEO

                  Beauty Pill

                  The Unsustainable Lifestyle

                    Featuring programmed beats, softly delivered vocal lines, heavily effected instruments, twisted pop chorus lines, with only the faintest traces of distortion, this is possibly the least punk rock album on Dischord. For fans of Pavement, Breeders, Dismemberment Plan, Nina Nastasia etc.

                    Minor Threat

                    First Demo Tape

                      It was early 1981 when Washington DC's Minor Threat made their first trip to the studio. The band recorded all of the songs that they had written in the short time they had been together (three months), but were apparently unsatisfied with their performance and never bothered to do a final mix of the tape. This unmixed tape of the first demo was discovered when Dischord started work on the "Twenty Years Of Dischord" box set. Mixed by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara (of Inner Ear Studios) in December 2001, these recordings were only previously available as low quality rough mixes on bootlegs.

                      Soul Side

                      Soon Come Happy

                        Remastered version of this CD which combines the tracks from their previous two albums "Trigger" and "Got Bodi-gram" and the 7" single "Sun".

                        Minor Threat

                        Complete Discography

                          With the exception (but what an exception) of The Ramones, punk didn't really catch on in the US until 1981. But when it did, it easily eclipsed the humourless macho chestbeating of the moribund UK scene that had originally inspired it... At its vanguard were the likes of Black Flag, the Dead Kennedys, The Fartz, TSOL and The Descendents, but possibly foremost amongst them were Minor Threat, whose relentless and precise power has probably never been matched since. In "Minor Threat - Complete Discography" you have all 26 of their studio tracks, from the primitive aggression of the "Minor threat" EP through to the more controlled genius of "Out Of Step", ending at what was possibly their finest hour and old Piccadilly Records favourite, the "Salad Days" 7"... if you don't own this, buy it, you'll like it. If you don't - seek help...

                          Dag Nasty

                          Can I Say

                            Absolutely essential, all time classic DC hardcore / punk album, now remastered by Ian Mackaye. This was their debut album, recorded in 1986. As well as the original album tracks, this release also includes two tracks recorded at the same session as the album "Another Wrong" and "My Dog's A Cat", along with four previously unavailable live recordings. Quality!

                            Q And Not U

                            On Play Patterns

                              First release from these emo / art rockers, since their "No Kill No Beep Beep" album in 2000. Two new tracks, produced by Ian Mackaye.

                              El Guapo

                              Super / System

                                A collection of songs, which switch between art-punk and avant-garde, from this Washington DC duo. For fans of Gang of Four / Trans Am.

                                The Capitol City Dusters

                                Rock Creek

                                  Second full length album from this Washington DC trio. For fans of Q And Not U, Delta 72 and Fugazi.

                                  Blue Tip

                                  Post Mortem Anthem

                                    More top notch D. hardcore from Dischord. This album is made up of five previously unreleased tracks, recorded during various sessions over the last few years, along with five tracks taken from singles and compilations, all of which are otherwise unavailable at the moment.



                                      New 12 track album on Dischord by label stalwarts Lungfish. Their ninth album!

                                      The Nation Of Ulysses

                                      The Embassy Tapes

                                        Live CD, recorded on a four-track 1/2" tape machine, in September '92, at the Embassy in Washington D.C.

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