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Dead Moon

Defiance - Reissue

    Dead Moon’s beloved third album, released in 1990, when some fellow Pacific Northwest underground rockers were getting ready to be flung head first into the mainstream. But DM remained defiantly underground!

    Raw, primordial and true to their own style and fiercely DIY ethic. With classics “Dagger Moon” “Walking On My Grave” and “Johnny’s Got A Gun.” Remastered from the original tapes.



    Side A:
    1 Milk Cow Blues
    2 Not The Only One
    3 Crystal Is Falling
    4 Revenge
    5 Dagger Moon

    Side B:
    1 Walking On My Grave
    2 Johnny’s Got A Gun
    3 I’m Out Nine
    4 Kicked Out - Kicked In
    5 Unknown Passage

    Dead Moon

    In The Graveyard - Reissue

      Reissued for the first time - Dead Moon's first record! Originally released in 1988. Dead Moon were a band that existed outside of the constraints that time and style usually impose on artists. An authentic mix of psychedelic rock, punk, blues, country and every other American music worth a damn. This LP features all time classics such as "Graveyard" (A 13th Floor Elevators type vibrating psychedelic song), "Don't Burn The Fires" and "I Hate The Blues". Lo-fi as hell. Remastered from the original tapes. Mississippi are very proud to make this LP available on vinyl once more.

      Dead Moon

      Stranded In The Mystery Zone - Reissue

        Maybe the hardest to find Dead Moon LP. All kinds of killer songs. Another stone cold classic by the worlds greatest rock band. Some call them the thinking man's AC/DC & some call them the working man's Roky Erickson but really there is nothing that compares to Dead Moon. They live in a world of their own - DIY on every imaginable level, brilliant song writing, perfect elemental stripped down playing, honest & intense vocals. It's all here.

        Moon Pool & Dead Band

        Moon Pool & Dead Band

          5 Tracks of post apocalyptico techno from Urban Americanica fore runners Moon Pool & Dead Band....Detroit, Michigan being the birthing place for this ..Moon Pool & Dead Band, A duo who deal in old school DIY tweaked and bleaked techno ideal that assimilates the dystopian furies oft found amongst some of the master-works of John Carpenter to a no-future groove. Moon Pool & Dead Band is David Shettler and Nate Young.

          "It is all analog synth, real drums and whatever.. played live=no overdubs, make no mistake this is syncopated synthesizer music or Detroit Techno....Dance music" ---Nate Young.

          Amazing sleeve art...see to believe! 700 only.

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