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The mighty voodoo masters Black Bones put the third line in their disco pentagram this week, as another back-breaking digging session has unearthed some sacred remains, primed for modern dancefloor re-animation! The set opens with the psychedelic squelch and symphonic strings of "Love Sick", a pounding peak time disco bomb topped with wild moog lines (a la Debbie Jacob's "High On Your Love"), sultry female vox and a rhythm section that just rolls on and on. Next up, "Desert Flower" takes a subby, dubby approach to the polyrhythmic fourth world house sound, providing plenty of esoteric instrumentation and echoes of Funny Bones. Flip it for the big and beefy 80's maxi-mix stylings of "She Should Know (Dub 3)" a properly Balearic dancefloor bomb, that sounds like a vintage FK mix of Willie Colon or something off a Hysteric 12". Lastly the dubwise depth charge "Lion Of Judah" connects with the land of Jah to give Matt Ward a reason to shout 'CHALICE'! This is limited hand stamped 12" tackle that is certain to fly.


Patrick says: Black Bones return with a little rattle and clatter for the voodoo people out there, summoning up their best 12" yet (I reckon). "Love Sick" is the kind of A-grade edit action Dr Dunks used to hand to Harvey for peak time dancefloor demolition, "Desert Flower" is entheogenic house exotica of the highest order and the dubby diversions on the B-side offer proto house and break-ish brilliance. Buy on sight!

NEW LABEL ALERT! Holy shit - Black Bones' debut it the effin tits! This brand new imprint lands on a incognito tip, clad in black and doing its very best to lose the Irish accent. The crew know their tunes and bring a instantly recognisable signature style to the table, crafting three and a half varied reworks, united by the wall melting psychedelia of the sound design. The A-side plays host to "Malukayi" and it's deranged twin "Malukacid", two full throttle Afro excursions in the Daphni tradition. Taking a familiar, though currently unremembered source (Francis Bebey?), the crew loop up a distorted sanza loop, play merry hell with the polyrhythmic clatter of kitchen sink percussion and add a tremulous bass swell, transforming any static floor into a thronging mass of ecstatic dancers in a second. Chanted vocals, occasional jack and brain wobbling echo swerve this way and that as we embark on the finest Afro-techno expedition of recent memory. This is right up there with "Ahiwo Ahiwo" and "Kognokoura". As you'd expect, "Mulakacid" reprises the A1 action but with the addition of a heroic dose of 303 - raspy! Things take a different tack on the B1 as Afro-acid makes way for a fireside freakout from the olive groves and pine forests of Greece. Way before Vangelis was scoring Replicants and Demis Roussos was rocking his kaftan for Abigail's Party, the hirsuite duo were enjoying a fruitful post-Aphrodite's Child partnership. Swinging their pants somewhere between folk, funk, disco and rock, the duo laid down a killer version of "Let It Happen" (many different versions exist, all of them brilliant) for Demis' 1976 disc "The Demis Roussos Magic". Retaining the rough, rugged and raw feel of the insanely groovy original, Black Bones get extensive, giving this psych-funk masterpiece the eight minutes it always deserved. Searing strings crash through the mix in a whirlwind of fx abuse, thumping percussion booms out like thunder and those wild ring modulated synth riffs keep on keeping on as we trip through cosmic and Balearic territories with wide eyed glee. Mint! Last but not least "For Baai" weighs in with a dubby, shoulder rolling house refix of some bass heavy Arabic rap action, packing machine gun snare rolls, circular mallet riffs and off beat vocal hi-jinx. Keep 'em peeled, this is the debut of the century!


Patrick says: Insanely good edit action from debutants Black Bones, who bring their unique, psychedelic vision to Afro, Balea-rock and Arabic originals. Floor filling from start to finish, we get a peaktime Afro-acid smasher, an unhinged rework of Demis Roussos and a killer house cut on a Tambien tip. DO. NOT. SLEEP.

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