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"Blackmarket Seminar", an album by Kazi and it's entirely produced by Madlib. Guest features by Madlib, MED, Wildchild, Declaime (Dudley Perkins) and Oh No. The album was recorded in 1996, remastered in 2016 and now available again on vinyl.

'We recorded this album in the wee hours at CDP studios back in '96. It was pretty much me, Madlib and Declaime in the lab when this album was recorded. I learned so much from Lib cadence, rhyme patterns, timing and how to dig for records. What some people don't know is this cat actually took the time to show me how to make beats. I must say working with Lib was an amazing experience. The "Blackmarket Seminar" is a very raw and dark album. We came up with "Black Market" because at the time we were doing Hip Hop that nobody else was doing and to us you could only get it on the "Black Market". When you first play the album you'll hear characters on a skit in search of the black market seminar. We really tried to make it seem like the characters were outside walking around looking for it.

We recorded a new video for the song "To Be Lost" as it is about MCs selling out to remain in the game and still makes perfect sense in the present day.'


Matt says: Amazing, early, under-the-radar Madlib production featuring some well heeled guests voicing some of their early utterances. Gotta admit this is new to me! Stunning stuff.


1. Into
2. To Be Lost
3. Called Your Bluff
4. Beats By The Pound
5. Put Your Title To Waste
6. The Indiacator
7. Mind State
8. Down 4 The Kaz (The 1st Take)
9. O.X. Veterans (feat. Madlib & Oh No)
10. Battle Drills (feat. MED)
11. Sleep If You Want (feat. Wildchild)
12. Corrections
13. Snake Eyes (feat. Madlib & MED)
14. Tha Unstoppable
15. Friendly Fire (feat. Declaime)
16. Make Yo Ears Bleed (feat. Madlib)
17. Battle Drills (Remix)
18. Called Your Bluff (Remix)
19. A.V.E.R.A.G.E

Los Angeles wordsmith Pawz One teams up with German producer DJ Dister on the collaborative album "Watch & Learn" via Below System Records.

"Watch & Learn" captures scenarios of street life, hustling and paranoia all painted over well-crafted production. Pawz One has come off a string of recent releases that have sharpened his song writing ability while Dister has produced various projects expanding his diverse sound.

For Pawz One "Watch & Learn" has given him a chance to speak on topics that were close to heart having lost friends and family to the streets and prison as well as serving time himself. DJ Dister showcases a wide range of production that combines a classic sound with progressive elements.

The first single "World Champion" moves listeners with the energetic track fused with a dash of reggae and Pawz's combination of punchlines and wordplay. On the follow up single "Out Here", Pawz One and Guilty Simpson lay out the often ignored rules of the streets over a sinister soundtrack. "No Contest" is the last single pitting Akrobatik and Pawz One against all challengers. Next to Guilty Simpson and Akrobatik, other guest appearances by Napoleon Da Legend and Space Honey.

"Watch & Learn" provides a blend of vivid storytelling and melodic beats giving audiences of Hip-Hop something to add to of their collections.


1. Intro
2. World Champion
3. No Contest (feat. Akrobatik)
4. Watch & Learn
5. Out Here (feat. Guilty Simpson)
6. Interlude
7. God Gene (feat. Napoleon Da Legend)
8. Fake Love (feat. Space Honey)
9. Out Of Bounds
10. It Goes On

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