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Barry Adamson

Cut To Black

    2024 ushers in a brand new Barry Adamson album entitled, ‘Cut To Black’ The album swaggeringly embraces Adamson’s trademark genre hopping compositions, covering Pop, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop and Gospel.

    A must for fans of all things Cinematic Soul, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Post Punk, Massive Attack, Unloved and much more


    Barry says: There's an element (and not only in the cover) of Film Noire in Adamson's work, with the storytale lyricism and staggered-cool of the instrumentation, but there's also a lot more at play here. There are hints of slow-moving soul and soaring gospel hints woven through Adamson's thoroughly unique indie-rock backdrop, resulting in a varied and entirely singular album.


    1. The Last Words Of Sam Cooke
    2. Demon Lover
    3. Cut To Black
    4. Manhattan Satin
    5. These Would Be Blues
    6. Please Don’t Call On Me
    7. Amen White Jesus
    8. One Last Midnight
    9. Was It A Dream?
    10. Waiting For The End Of Time

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