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Two years after his acclaimed ‘Darkos LP’, Jonquera is back to Charlieu’s surrounding vales for his second album on Bamboo Shows.

Through ‘La Croix des Cros’, the French Musician delivers a loner-folk eclogue about the fantasized inner demons of a country dweller. Just like clay, audio recordings here are a malleable substance, slowly reworked over a year, following a sinuous production process where all mishaps are welcomed as breaches to step into.

Far from the spaghetti western myth of the reckless bounty hunter, riding his faithful horse in the great outdoors to spill blood; this 14-track album is the grieving lament of a wistful cowboy, longing for a simple patch of peace where one’s free to cultivate the earth and noodle on the guitar.

Heldon’s cosmic space-rock, Badalamenti’s Twin-Peaksesque foggy jazz or Morricone’s glorious soundtracks, so many references to portray another fertile imprint by Jonquera, available from February 13, 2023 on a 12” vinyl.


A1. K Est Un Sociologue
A2. Chemin De La Croix De La Rivière
A3. Tsource
A4. Myope
A5. Cracovie
A6. Le Dormeur
A7. Danse Des Idoles Sans Tête
B1. Court Dialogue Avec Une Porte
B2. Chemin Des Planètes
B3. Autour Du Cro
B4. Le Dernier Coco Du Village
B5. Lacets Des Écharmeaux
B6. Dzar Bleu
B7. La Colline D'En Face

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