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The Cult

Under The Midnight Sun

    The Cult has reveled in a storied career. From the pre-millennial iconic Love album bursting with idealism and the full on blast of 2001’s Beyond Good & Evil to the recent biting truth of Hidden City, the band has lived their art. How the future unfolds will be decided in part by current culture's response and the group’s response. One thing is for sure, The Cult will respond. It’s what they do.


    1 Mirror
    2 A Cut Inside
    3 Vendetta X
    4 Give Me Mercy
    5 Outer Heaven
    6 Knife Through Butterfly Heart
    7 Impermanence
    8 Under The Midnight Sun

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    Tue 7th - 12:35
    Yes, it was a great non-album launch 😀 Glad you enjoyed it! 🤞the album will be here on March 17th. Still time to g…
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    PRESALE OF THE DAY: @smellybdrmm 'I Don't Know' Effects-laden guitars and motorik Neu! grooves but now with added…
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