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Music Exists Disc 4

    Fourth in a series of 4 Vinyl Only "Discs" by Tenniscoats. In their 20 year career the band collaborated with The Pastels, Jad Fair, Norman Blake and others. LP Incl. double sided fold-out Insert Alien Transistor and Tokyo-based label Afterhours release the vinyl-version of Volume 4 of tenniscoats' masterpiece "music exists" and therefore eventually accomplish this magic quadruple release by the Japanese experimental folk luminaries. "It may even be their greatest ever music, essential plus" Monorail Music, Glasgow.

    The Notwist

    Superheroes, Ghostvillains + Stuff

    The Notwist release their first ever official Live-Recordings! Recorded in December 2015 at UT Connewitz in Leipzig, Germany. "Superheroes, Ghost-Villains & Stuff" indeed feels like a first-hand live experience caught on triple vinyl. That's why it's the definitive album of The Notwist's career. These are different, organically enhanced versions, new interpretations and combinations that feel much more alive than the studio versions.


    Martin says: The Notwist hail from Weilheim in deepest Bavaria, an area better known for umpah bands, durndl's and lederhosen than modern rock. Indeed they couldn't sound less typically Bavarian, their marriage of brooding indie rock and electronics evoking more a melancholic, northern chill. This live collection is actually the perfect place to start with this criminally overlooked outfit, the necessarily stripped down nature of the songs revealing depths of emotion not always evident in the (nonetheless wonderful) studio recordings.


    3xDeluxe LP Info: 3LP version: cover with large Spine, incl. 3 printed Inner Sleeves & incl. download code.

    Besides playing and recording with Alien Ensemble, Micha Acher also plays tuba in the band Millipede, contributes trumpet parts to the "Landlergschwistern" and the "Hochzeitskapelle" oh, and then there's also this other indie band he's been working with - a certain group called The Notwist. Micha Acher formed Alien Ensemble in 2010 as a passion project; he wanted to have a personal outlet that allowed him to, indeed, focus on his two greatest passions: playing trumpet and coming up with intricate, instrumental arrangements. Arriving in a similar vein as its predecessor, you'll hear everything from Jazz to Kraut, from Ambient to soundtrack-type music, from New Music to, well, even Pop (a recent addition) on the second album. 

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