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Tito Wun (previously of Tarlet and Money $ex) drops his first solo record on AVA. A mixed bag of low slung downtempo business and driving disco; tastefully rubbed down and re-glossed by Wun. The selections are varied and obscure, with Azymuth's "Jazz Carnival" the only obvious track to hit the chopping board here (of which Wun does an excellent job of deconstructed and re-glossing). There's a driving, late '70s disco number courtesy of "NeEdit" which I'm dying to ID the original. "Nogoodnik" has rich KDJ overtones as a plethora of jazz samples get bumped into the MPC's natural swing. Final track "5am" rides a strong Northern Soul vibe as Wun supplements with swinging house beats, making for a great end-of-night coming together of souls. Yep, all in all a great job here by Tito Wun and with six tracks to get stuck into, you're spoilt for choice.


Matt says: Top quality selection of well constructed edits / re-rubs here. At first I thought - 'who's got the nerve to edit Jazz Carnival in 2017?! Then I had a listen and was pleasantly surprised! The rest of it's killer too. Essential summer tackle.

Am Kinem's 2nd on AVA. Records About 30 minutes of hardcore feelings, echoes of by-gone raves and a million come down sessions rolled into one. "Erster Schlaf" kicks us off by pairing a slowed down breakbeat to melancholic drones and delicate, fluttering synth washes, flipping the template on its head an offering a moment of introspection. "K" unloads a hefty slab of house pressure onto the wax, conjuring up a mini-anthem as it's gliding bass and uncompromising drum programming leave a beautiful trail of destruction across the floor. Kinem keeps up the club vibrations as "Samus Aran" goes on a trippy interstellar techno charge - neck snapping snares and percussion elements complimenting the epic collage of buzzing synths and growling bass perfectly. "Madwiehlleeeers" takes the same sample as Moodymann's "Black Mahogany" (the track not the album) and turns it on its head - acidizing the track somehwat and making it bang a bit harder in the club. "John?" flies out the speakers with urgency, its fluttering synth organs floating nicely on a barrage of pounding kicks. Finally, "Weser Meser (Peace 2 BB)" concludes with broken machine rhythms, glitching mainframes and repeating mechanisms; embellished with lush piano licks and jazzy infusions. Truly exceptional stuff here from Am Kinem, a brilliant mini album offering some very different, highly stimulating sounds and feels. Most recommended.


Matt says: Ridiculously well crafted house n beats EP which recalls the multifaceted genius of Moodymann & Carl Craig whilst sounding decidedly fresh and modern. TIP.

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Sat 17th - 2:56
A definite hit here @PiccadillyRecs Gonna be on the shop player for some time to come I think.....
Fri 16th - 1:54
We also got this today, what a lovely surprise with our 7's, thanks @courtneymelba, and @Milk_Records xox
Thu 15th - 2:42
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