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ISLE011 is a collection of cassette recordings made in Athens by Christos Chondropoulos over the last five years. Coming from an avant-garde percussion background, Christos calls upon themes of ancient Greek folklore and musical tradition through a futurist lens depicting robotic societies in post-human harmony. He constructs worlds reminiscent of Marcello Giombini’s Mondial Folk series or Umiliani’s exoticised Omicron outings. By looking to the future rather than the far-off past, he builds upon these early instances of technologically charged cultural geography and presents an authentically Greek reading of a parallel Athenian basin. Where his last work for 12th Isle explored once-forbidden tunings and unplaceable tonalities, these recordings further expand on the artist’s simultaneous concern for heritage and imaginary projection. Across the final Side D, Chondropoulos explores themes of maternal love present across the album by working with local singer Sofia Sarri to record six piercing, beautiful acapella phrases.


A1. Desire As Love
A2. Disco Veduno
A3. Maternal
B1.The Turkish Bath
B2 Smile Again
B3. Future Basin
C1. Disco Bwaba
C2 .Blue Skin Dancer
D1. Abstraction
D2. The Remainder Of Abstraction
D3..Beneath The Statue
D5. The Most Peculiar Acquisition Of The Insects
D6 .Letter To Mother

New school kosmiche style guitar and synth studies by Baltimore native and veteran underground music figure Tarotplane (PJ Dorsey). Across four cold, motorik movements Dorsey builds upon previous outings for Aguirre, Lullabies For Insomniacs and VG+ on the discs A side, combining trademark lysergic keyboard swirls with a heavier rhythmic approach than usual. On the B, he delivers an extended swan song for 12th Isle's single figure catalog and aims his guitar towards the heart of the sun, kick-starting the labels busiest year to date.


says: The 12th Isle school of sonic sorcery continues to yield highly combustible and esoteric elements. Tarotplane graduate from Hogworts with flying colours, ready to conduct us with a spell-bound ambience.


A1. Shatner's Bassoon
A2. Panther Walk
A3. Ritual Believer
A4. Ceramic Heartbreak
B1. Light Under Water / The Rescheduled Dream Delivery Service / Malaysian Forest / A Tiny Coven
B2. Light Under Water / The Rescheduled Dream Delivery Service / Malaysian Forest / A Tiny Coven
B3. Light Under Water / The Rescheduled Dream Delivery Service / Malaysian Forest / A Tiny Coven
B4. Light Under Water / The Rescheduled Dream Delivery Service / Malaysian Forest / A Tiny Coven

This is very good, so read closely! Another record emerging from their locale, 12th Isle bring Glaswegian-based producer Lo Kindre into their fold with a mind-bursting selection of modern dub, bastardized Kraut and a flowing selection of sonic futurescapes that immediately make you want to grab a phone and compliment the producer on his originality! Daniel Magee has created a masterpiece! 'Crawling out from the undergrowth at the speed of a snail with dreadlocks', "Chlorophytum" should be a welcome paradise for fans of Adrian Sherwood, Bokeh Versions, sci-fi electronix and analogue soundscapes.

Lo Kindre's sound has recently developed by way of countless hours spent twiddling with delay units alongside vintage Italian football commentary and murky casks of Tennents, and has culminated here in the following six tracks. Believe us when we say this is essential! 


says: Fast becoming a buy-on-sight label for me. 12th Isle bring a magestic pot of wacked-out dub and frazzled Kraut via Glasgow wonderkid Daniel Magee


A1. Sounder
A2. I Don't Really
A3. Aibell
B1. No Hiding
B2. Interlude (i)
B3. For Sleep

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