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Vintage Disco Biscuit

The Art Of Ecstasy

    The Vintage Disco Biscuit Artbook is a 376 page luxury 9” x 9” hardback book including a historic foreword of ecstasy, penned by Mr. C. It contains 100 full colour photos in astounding macro detail of various tablets throughout the years (try to find your favourite! - Ed), plus 85 original Disco Biscuit compositions.

    A series of 100 stories have been collated for the book, from individuals of different nationalities, cultures, genders and sexual orientations from the global clubbing scene to discuss the diversity, inclusivity and love house music has given the world since the 1980s.

    Contributions from: Rusty Egan, Adamski, Dave Little, Trevor Fung, Dave Beer, Bez, Marshall Jefferson, Sen I, Jimmy Dean, Dr Sessa, Professor Nutt and Robert Owens.

    Beautifully presented, with highly detailed photography and genuinely inspired and / or comedic written content; the book’s an excellent read for anyone with a passing interest in Shulgin’s chemical phenomenon and its symbiosis with dance music culture. The ultimate coffee table book for the acid house generation! 

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