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MICHELLE’s first project of buoyant R&B tracks was an ode to New York City, the city where all 6 members of the band grew up. But amid the success of that project, 2018’s 'HEATWAVE', and 2022’s 'AFTER DINNER WE TALK DREAMS', they left home and broadened their perspective. The band travelled across the U.S. and Europe opening for Gus Dapperton, Arlo Parks, and Mitski, headlining their own shows, and playing festivals.

While writing their new album, 'Songs About You Specifically', MICHELLE decided to rent out a house in Ojai, California. Surrounded by lizards, the smell of ripe cactus fruit, and endless expanses of sand, they experienced a sense of solitude and closeness they hadn’t before. It shifted the tone of their work. While their earlier music channelled the churning restlessness of the city, these news songs meander and expand into starry shoegaze reveries, slick funk riffs, and lilting 80s synth pop.


1. Mentos And Coke
2. Blissing
3. Akira
4. Cathy
5. Dropout
6. Noah
7. Missing On One
8. I'm Not Trying
9. Oontz
10. Painkiller
11. Trackstar

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