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The Wedding Present

I Am Not Going To Fall In Love With You/ A Song From Under The Floorboards

    24 Songs. A new project from The Wedding Present. A new 7” single every month throughout 2022. 24 Songs sees David Gedge writing with legendary Sleeper guitarist Jon Stewart for the first time, and a more perfect union could not have been predicted. The notion of a monthly 7” single is not new to The Wedding Present, but 24 Songs shows us that even classic concepts can be reinvented. The series also continues the band’s association with photographer Jessica McMillan, who has created stunning images and films as a visual accompaniment to the recordings.

    The Wedding Present

    We Should Be Together / Don't Give Up Without A Fight

      24 Songs sees David Gedge writing with legendary Sleeper guitarist Jon Stewart for the first time, and a more perfect union could not have been predicted. The first release includes a gorgeous duet featuring David and Louise Wener [also from Sleeper] on ‘We Should Be Together’, and it’s coupled with a rousing new track called ‘Don’t Give Up Without A Fight’ which combines classic Wedding Present feistiness with a Krautrock finale.

      The notion of a monthly 7” single is not new to The Wedding Present, but 24 Songs shows us that even classic concepts can be reinvented.

      The series also continues the band’s association with photographer Jessica McMillan, who has created stunning images and films as a visual accompaniment to the recordings.

      The Wedding Present

      Seamonsters - 30th Anniversary Edition

        It is the third studio album by the British band and was recorded in 10 days in America with producer Steve Albini, which gave the album a rougher, harsher overall sound than the group's earlier albums. It was well received on release and has continued to be featured in critics ‘Best Of’ lists such as The Guardian’s 1000 Albums To Hear Before You Die (“ one of the most excoriating, exhilarating British indie albums of (the 90s)”.

        The 2LP package includes the studio album alongside the 3 Songs, Dalliance, and Lovenest EPs plus the John Peel BBC Radio 1 Session from 1991 featuring versions of four songs from the album.

        The expanded artwork has been put together by Hitch, the original designer, and the whole project has been overseen by the band’s leader David Gedge.


        SIDE A
        1 Dalliance
        2 Dare
        3 Suck
        4 Blonde
        5 Rotterdam
        SIDE B
        1 Lovenest
        2 Corduroy
        3 Carolyn
        4 Heather
        5 Octopussy

        SIDE C
        1 Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
        2 Crawl
        3 Corduroy (Single Version)
        4 She's My Best Friend
        5 Niagara
        6 Mothers
        SIDE D
        1 Dan Dare
        2 Fleshworld
        3 Dalliance (John Peel BBC Radio 1 Session Version)
        4 Heather (John Peel BBC Radio 1 Session Version)
        5 Blonde (John Peel BBC Radio 1 Session Version)
        6 Niagara (John Peel BBC Radio 1 Session Version)

        The Wedding Present

        Locked Down & Stripped Back

          Locked Down And Stripped Back features home recordings of Wedding Present classics, along with two previously unreleased songs: ‘You’re Just A Habit That I’m Trying To Break’ and ‘We Should Be Together’. The former is the first fruit of David Gedge's songwriting partnership with Wedding Present guitarist Jon Stewart [of Platinum-album-selling Sleeper fame] whilst the latter was originally written [but never released] by Sleeper themselves. This new Wedding Present version features Louise Wener on vocals.With each band member recording and filming their parts at home under lock-down restrictions, the recording process was far from easy, but the end result illustrates splendidly how The Wedding Present have adapted to the impact of COVID-19.

          David Gedge says:“As the summer of 2020 wore on it became increasingly obvious that At The Edge Of The Sea – my annual festival in Brighton – was sadly going the way of other live music events. Following its cancellation, I decided to replace it with an ‘online’ version, presented live from my own living room and featuring home-recorded videos from many of the artists that had appeared at the festival over the years. For The Wedding Present’s contribution, we picked twelve tracks to re-work in a ‘semi-acoustic’ style, and it was fascinating to see how stripped-back arrangements brought out different aspects of the songs. The Seamonsters track ‘Blonde’ was a prime example of this, with a ‘just-two-guitars’ approach resulting in a naïve and stark-sounding interpretation. In addition to the brilliant contributions from Louise and Jon from Sleeper, my long-time writing associate Terry de Castro fired over contributions from Los Angeles and, fresh from finishing her first Such Small Hands solo album, Wedding Present bass player Melanie Howard took over lead vocals for a version of ‘Sports Car’.”


          1. A Million Miles
          2. California / Starry Eyed
          3. We Should Be Together
          4. You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends
          5. Granadaland
          6. You're Just A Habit That I'm Trying To Break
          7. Crawl
          8. Sports Car
          9. Deer Caught In The Headlights
          10. Blonde
          11. My Favourite Dress

          David Gedge

          Go Out And Get 'Em Boy! Tales From The Wedding Present : Volume One

            The first instalment of David Gedge’s long-awaited ‘memoir-in-comic-book-form’ will be released by Scopitones Books on 6 November 2020. The stories featured in this stunning 176-page, matt-laminated, hardback book have previously only been available to readers of the Tales From The Wedding Present comic book series. This collected edition comes with forty pages of never-before-seen additional material and an introduction by Ian Rankin. David has written this autobiography together with long-time musical associate Terry de Castro, and the stories are illustrated by virtuoso artist Lee Thacker. It’s in chronological order, beginning with David’s childhood in England and South Africa and continues up to the inception of The Wedding Present. On the way we learn about some of the romantic experiences that may have informed his writing, how he first met his hero – the legendary BBC presenter John Peel – and the true story behind the classic Wedding Present song ‘My Favourite Dress’. Reviews “An autobiography of The Wedding Present would be great on its own. An autobiography in beautiful graphic novel form? Even better!” Dan Vebber (Writer, The Simpsons) “This is brilliant! It’s like the storyboard for a Wedding Present biopic.” Marc Riley (Broadcaster, BBC) “As informative, funny and essential as David Gedge himself. Can I be in the movie when all this is franchised?” Tony Gardner (Actor) “This is the graphic novel indie music mash up that we have all been waiting for and only David Gedge could deliver. It's amazing!” Stella Creasy (Member, British Parliament) “This is a Wedding Present fan’s dream come true. Pure unfiltered Gedge; the inside track on what makes him tick and anecdotes aplenty. Essential!” Mike Gayle (Author) “It’s very typical of The Wedding Present to do an autobiography differently to everyone else... but the stunning illustrations in this book really bring David's stories to life.” Louise Wener (Writer, musician)

            The Wedding Present & Friends

            Not From Where I'm Standing

              Come Play With Me proudly presents a collection of 20 Bond themes covered by current and former members of The Wedding Present. 100% of the profits from its sale will be donated to the ‘Campaign Against Living Miserably’ (CALM). Questioned about the origins of the project, David Gedge of The Wedding Present said: “Where do ideas like this come from? Well, I can tell you that this one was born during a soundcheck in New Zealand, in 2013, when the band were playing around with the main melody of the classic Bond theme ‘You Only Live Twice’. We decided then that, one day, we should probably attempt to cover this amazing song. We ended up doing just that dur-ing the recording sessions for our ‘Going, Going...’ album in Studios La Fabrique (Saint-R my-de-Provence, France). And that was that. For a while, anyway. During a later tour, drummer Charles Layton was driving the van and I was sitting in the front passenger seat. On journeys like these Charlie would often plant little seeds of ideas into my mind, knowing that I would go away, think about it, and then return with some kind of master plan.

              “You should release a compilation of Bond songs,” he declared. And that was all that he needed to say, really. Most of the themes from the Bond films would effortlessly feature in a list of my favourite ever pieces of music, so I was never not going to be excited by the idea of re-imaginings of twenty of them! One of the defining moments of my career was when I per-formed with the BBC Big Band in 2009 and got to meet Derek Watkins, who had played the lead trumpet on every single one of the Bond themes up until his death in 2013. And then came another idea. Each of the artists on this proposed compilation would be required to have a physical connection to Cinerama or The Wedding Present. I liked the unifying feel of that. I suppose it appealed to the collector in me. None of the artists I approached asked for payment for their track and so the obvious thing to do was to make this a benefit album. The ‘CALM’ organisation was suggested to me as a charity that’s doing great work and, af-ter we’d heard more, we were keen to support it. Throw in a beautiful sleeve design and here, seven years after that fateful sound check in Auckland, you have The Wedding Pre-sent... and their lovely friends... saluting the astounding music of Bond. James Bond.”.

              The Wedding Present are a band that have always been keen to explore new ways to showcase their music but this album also serves as a fascinating insight into the strength and diversity of the musicians that have been members... as well as revealing their favourite Bond tunes! In addition to the expected contributions from Cinerama and The Wedding Present, the album features a first ‘super-group’ outing for ‘Sleeper featuring David Gedge’ and also a solo rendition of Louis Armstrong’s classic ‘We Have All The Time In The World’ by David himself. There's also, potentially, the first-ever Ukrainian-language cover of a Madonna track!

              TRACK LISTING

              View To A Kill - Terry De Castro
              James Bond Theme - The Sleazoids
              Live And Let Die - The Donalds
              Nobody Does It Better - Samuel Beer-Pearce
              Die Another Day - The Ukrainians
              You Only Live Twice - The Wedding Present
              The World Is Not Enough - Maria Scaroni
              For Your Eyes Only - Klee
              Skyfall - Such Small Hands
              Goldfinger - Simone White
              Diamonds Are Forever - Cinerama
              Thunderball - The Legendary Len Liggins
              On Her Majesty’s Secret Service - Shaun Charman
              Goldeneye - Follow The Moths
              Tomorrow Never Dies - Danielle Wadey & Charles Layton
              Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Sleeper Featuring David Lewis Gedge
              We Have All The Time In The World - David Lewis Gedge
              The Man With The Golden Gun - Jetstream Pony
              All Time High - Minitel
              From Russia With Love - Graeme Ramsay

              The Wedding Present

              Bizarro - National Album Day Edition

                A 'National Album Day' release - Pressed on standard Black LP Vinyl. 

                'Bizarro' was the second Wedding Present album, originally released in 1989. The band's first album on a major label, 'Bizarro' saw The Wedding Present toughening up rather than selling out. Toying with extremes of tempo and mood, the result was a vibrant hybrid of astringency and the band's quintessential pop euphoria.

                The Wedding Present

                Once More

                  Exceptional second single from The Wedding Present that was originally released on Reception Records in 1985. Reissued here on White Vinyl.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Side A
                  Once More

                  Side B
                  At The Edge Of The Sea 

                  The Wedding Present


                    'Tommy' is a compilation album by The Wedding Present, originally released in 1988, collecting songs from the band’s first four singles, plus four tracks recorded for BBC Radio sessions. Bringing together material written in the band’s first two years of existence, 'Tommy' proved that The Wedding Present’s essence was in place from the start. These kinetic blasts of homespun high-velocity bedsit drama presaged the more finessed 'George Best', but represented the band’s definitive portrayal.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1 Go Out And Get Em Boy!
                    2 (The Moment Before) Everything Spoiled Again
                    3 Once More
                    4 At The Edge Of The Sea
                    5 Living And Learning
                    6 This Boy Can Wait
                    7 You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends
                    8 Felicity
                    9 What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted?
                    10 Never Said
                    11 Every Mothers Son
                    12 My Favourite Dress

                    The Wedding Present

                    George Best

                      'George Best' is the debut album by The Wedding Present, originally released in 1987. Hugely anticipated, 'George Best' saw indie heroes The Wedding Present refine the blitzkrieg pop brilliance of the band's early singles into a nuanced styled that was distinctively theirs: heartbreak at the bus stop, set to the soundtrack of a million jangling guitars. 

                      TRACK LISTING

                      LP Tracklisting
                      Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft
                      What Did Your Last Servant Die Of?
                      Don't Be So Hard
                      A Million Miles
                      All This And More
                      My Favourite Dress
                      Something And Nothing
                      It's What You Want That Matters
                      Give My Love To Kevin
                      Anyone Can Make A Mistake
                      You Can't Moan Can You?

                      CD Tracklisting
                      1 Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft
                      2 What Did Your Last Servant Die Of?
                      3 Don't Be So Hard
                      4 A Million Miles
                      5 All This And More
                      6 My Favourite Dress
                      7 Shatner
                      8 Something And Nothing
                      9 It's What You Want That Matters
                      10 Give My Love To Kevin
                      11 Anyone Can Make A Mistake
                      12 You Can't Moan Can You?
                      13 All About Eve
                      14 Getting Nowhere Fast
                      15 Nobody's Twisting Your Arm
                      16 Nothing Comes Easy
                      17 Don't Laugh
                      18 I'm Not Always So Stupid
                      19 Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now?
                      20 Not From Where I'm Standing
                      21 Give My Love To Kevin (Acoustic Version)
                      22 Getting Better
                      23 Pourquoi Es Tu Devenue Si Raisonnable?

                      The Wedding Present

                      Live 2010: Bizarro Played Live In Germany

                        The Wedding Present, recorded and filmed at the Atomic Café, Munich, on 24 October 2010. This double disc release includes both a CD and a DVD of the concert. Of the original Bizarro release, Allmusic says: The Wedding Present's second proper studio album, Bizarro, cut down a bit on the frenetic jangle the band was known for in its early days and replaced it with healthy doses of darkness and power. Adding some fuzzy, crunchy distortion to give the guitars some hefty impact, slowing the tempos down to speeds that allow vocalist David Gedge to squeeze more heartbroken despair and bleak sarcasm out of every line, and generally upping their game in every way, the album was the fullest realization of The Wedding Present's sound yet. Leading off with the unstoppably hooky ‘Brassneck’ which features a brilliant Gedge reading of lines that rhyme "grow up" and "throw up," the album plays like a collection of thematically related singles.

                        The most single-y among them is ‘Kennedy’ which has some brilliant sing-along lyrics and an intensely dramatic guitar strum buildup that crescendos into a maelstrom of sound. The rest of the record isn't far behind; whether it's the sparse ‘What Have I Said Now?’ or the slowly grinding ‘Bewitched’ one could extract any song and it would feel like a highlight - even the epic-length ‘Take Me!’ which closes the album in a fury of strums, drum fills, and chugging bass that builds and builds until it seems like the song is going to levitate and take the listener right along with it. The Wedding Present didn't necessarily need to improve their already winning template, but they did and it pays off big time on Bizarro

                        TRACK LISTING

                        01. Heather
                        02. What Did Your Last Servant Die Of?
                        03. Interstate 5 [Dvd Only]
                        04. End Credits
                        05. Real Thing
                        06. Mystery Date
                        07. Brassneck
                        08. Crushed
                        09. No
                        10. Thanks
                        11. Kennedy
                        12. What Have I Said Now?
                        13. Granadaland
                        14. Bewitched
                        15. Take Me!
                        16. Be Honest.

                        April, 1985. At the very moment when the first few notes of ‘Go Out And Get ’Em, Boy!’ twinkle out of BBC Radio 1’s John Peel show to herald the birth of The Wedding Present, David Gedge is listening intently at home along with the population of late teens that would become his ardent fans. In the beginning, The Wedding Present were resolutely not an album band. In fact, David had often been quoted as saying that they would never release an LP. Pleased to have recorded and released that debut single... they just started on the next one. This continued for a couple of years, while the band went from organising their own concerts in pubs around Leeds to playing at Glastonbury Festival. That all changed, of course, when George Best became The Wedding Present’s first album in 1988. But Tommy – released one year later – was made up of the early songs from the singles and radio sessions that had catapulted them from being bedsit musicians into indie darlings: ‘Go Out And Get ’Em, Boy!’ with its purposefully super fast guitars, ‘You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends’ – an anthem for those long time Wedding Present fans, ‘My Favourite Dress’ – the only single in the collection that ended up on George Best – the classic, fraught tale of losing one’s first love that perfectly played on the heart strings and began David Gedge’s legacy of understanding everyone’s heartbreak.

                        Tommy 30 – a brand new re-recording of Tommy – did not come about simply as a ‘follow on’ to George Best 30. The band felt – during a Tommy 30th anniversary concert tour – that the songs had grown and evolved. Enter a more confident vocalist... an altogether growlier guitar. A bigger sound. The urgency of a 25 year old Gedge is replaced with a charming vocalist with years of experience. Everything’s warmer and, maybe, gentler... but in a satisfying way. It’s like your old friends have come home to see you. You’ve all changed, you’ve all had broken hearts... but you’re all still friends and you still enjoy each other’s company after all these years. "The boy Gedge has written some of the best love songs of the 'Rock 'n' Roll' era. You may dispute this but I'm right and you're wrong!" - John Peel 

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Barry says: There's no denying that the Wedding Present are one of the most respected and long-running bastions in indie music, and 'Tommy' was seen by many as their finest point. This 30 year reissue (30!?) is just as essential as the day it came out, and comes in a lovely indies-only blue vinyl version to brighten up the place too. Get on it.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1/Go Out And Get ’Em, Boy!
                        2/(The Moment Before) Everything’s Spoiled Again
                        3/Once More
                        4/At The Edge Of The Sea
                        5/Living And Learning
                        6/This Boy Can Wait
                        7/You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends
                        9/What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted?
                        10/Never Said
                        11/Every Mother’s Son
                        12/My Favourite Dress 

                        The Wedding Present

                        Jump In, The Water’s Fine

                          Set to be a collector’s item, the single is available on 7” and limited edition 10” picture disc – the band’s first! – including specially commissioned artwork by Darren Hayman (Hefner). Co-written by David Gedge and new guitarist Danielle Wadey – she was previously the band’s bass player – both tracks were recorded at the legendary Monnow Valley studios in Wales under the watchful eye of multi-Grammy award winning producer Andrew Scheps and engineer Matt Glasbey.

                          Opening with squalls of feedback, ‘Jump In, The Water's Fine’ is an epic tale with trademark whirlwind Wedding Present guitar and a deceptively sweet melody. “Danielle came up with the solo bass part after I said I wanted to do a song that was ‘bass-driven’ and it just got fatter and heavier! We also now have three vocalists in the band so we used the opportunity to experiment with some a cappella singing, too,” says David.

                          B-side ‘Panama’, is a frenetic slice of indie-pop, where ferocious guitars and heavy drums collide with honest lyrics about love and friendship. Of the recording, David adds, “As well as including one of my favourite palindromes, ‘Panama’ references‘Earthrise’, the iconic photograph of Earth taken by astronaut Bill Anders (during the Apollo 8 mission) on Christmas Eve, 1968. We decided to incorporate samples of the astronauts talking to Mission Control.”

                          Rather surprisingly, this is The Wedding Present’s first ever picture disc. Close friend to the band Darren Hayman (Hefner, The French, etc.) was commissioned to do the artwork but his paintings were so impressive that the band decided that the time was right to embrace what is a new format for them. “It’s only taken us thirty-something years to get around to it!” says David. From their C86 roots in the mid-80s, John Peel favourites The Wedding Present have gone on to become one of the UK’s most loved bands, charting no less than 18 Top 40 hit singles. Emerging from Leeds with the classic debut album ‘George Best’ in 1987, The Wedding Present built a reputation for blending bittersweet love stories with everyday mundanity, set against a backdrop of heavy distortion and exquisite indie-pop.

                          In 2016, The Wedding Present released their ninth studio album, ‘Going, Going...’, which featured references to Gedge's previous work, including self-referential lyrical moments and has been described as his masterpiece. Loosely based on a road trip across the U.S.A., the double LP was described by Louder Than War as “A remarkable album. A joy from start to finish." The same year, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their debut album, ‘George Best’, The Wedding Present released ‘George Best 30’. This album featured brand new versions of the original twelve songs recorded by Steve Albini and mixed by Andrew Scheps. 2017 also saw the publication (by Red Planet) of ‘Sometimes These Words Just Don't Have To Be Said’ – a 450 page 'fanthology' of the band.

                          In 2018, KneejerkFilm released ‘Something Left Behind’ – a feature length documentary telling the story of the ‘George Best’ album. The film, which featured interviews with all four original band members and was produced and directed by Andrew Jezard, has appeared at several film festivals.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Jump In, The Water’s Fine
                          2. Panama 

                          The Wedding Present

                          Marc Riley Sessions Volume 3

                            A band with a history that’s inextricably intertwined with the BBC and in particular the late BBC DJ John Peel, an early champion of the band, the ‘Marc Riley Sessions’ series echoes the famous Peel/Selwood releases on the Strange Fruit label that included BBC sessions from the likes of New Order, Buzzcocks, The Cure and Echo & The Bunnymen.

                            An avid Wedding Present fan himself, Riley, with his team of producers, has formed a close bond with The Wedding Present’s David Gedge and the band. “The release of the Wedding Present sessions done for our 6 Music programme over the years is something of an honour. In the great tradition of the Peel / Selwood releases on the Strange Fruit label, this record proves that, even without John, the BBC can still be a place where great bands can continue to grow and be creative... amongst friends.”

                            Having received critical acclaim for releases 1 and 2, ‘Marc Riley Sessions Volume 3’, features 9 tracks recorded for the awardwinning BBC Radio 6 Music show in 2015 and 2016. “The two sessions on this compilation feature many songs that appear on ‘Going, Going...’ the studio album that The Wedding Present released in 2016. ‘Going, Going...’ itself was an extensive audio-visual project recorded over the space of eighteen months in Provence, Liverpool and Seattle. By the time of the 2016 session, however, the album had been completed and had actually been released the previous week. Consequently, The Wedding Present were touring the UK (playing ‘Going, Going...’ in its entirety) and so, in-between our Cardiff and Gateshead concerts, we stopped off in Salford to record some tracks for Marc. As a result, you can hear the ‘live’ feel in these performances. This was a band that was literally on the road!”, says David.

                            The album also features two glorious cover versions including a heartfelt cover of the theme music from the fifth James Bond film, ‘You Only Live Twice’. “I’ve always been fond of recording cover versions and there a couple of great ones on this LP. In 2015 we had a go at John Barry and Leslie Bricusse’s ‘You Only Live Twice’ - and enjoyed it so much that I’m now planning a compilation of Bond covers to be released on my label, Scopitones”, says David. The second cover is the off-kilter ‘Jumper Clown’, a Marc Riley composition. “Marc’s band The Creepers released this song – which poked fun at his previous band’s singer [Mark E. Smith from The Fall] – in 1983 and The Wedding Present covered it eleven years later for the B-side of our ‘It’s A Gas’ single. We decided that an unannounced rendering for a live session while Marc himself was sat in the room watching would be a great surprise to spring on our DJ pal. We managed to keep the whole thing secret with the help of the show’s producer Michelle. This involved hastily rehearsing and sound-checking the song whenever we got the nod from the recording engineer that Marc was out of earshot!”, says David.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            A. Recorded 04/11/15
                            1. Ten Sleep
                            2. Broken Bow
                            3. You Only Live Twice
                            4. 1000 Fahrenheit

                            B. Recorded 08/09/16
                            1. Rachel
                            2. Bear
                            3. Jumper Clown
                            4. Kill Devil Hills
                            5. Santa Monica

                            The Wedding Present

                            The Home Internationals EP

                              The Wedding Present release a four track instrumental EP called ‘Home Internationals’ on the El Segell del Primavera record label.

                              ‘Wales’ is taken from The Wedding Present’s recent and critically acclaimed album ‘Going, Going...’ while the other three tracks have been specially written and recorded for this release.

                              David Gedge was inspired by the challenge of writing a number of instrumental tracks for ‘Going, Going...’ and decided to use ‘Wales’ as the starting point for an EP of further instrumental pieces.

                              Freed from the restriction of a lyrical narrative the music frequently becomes more experimental and delves deeply into David’s love of pop, rock and film scores for inspiration.

                              “Going, Going... is a remarkable album. A joy from start to finish” - Louder Than War.

                              The EP was also inspired by the ‘Home Internationals’ which was an annual football competition between the United Kingdom's four national teams: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (the last of whom competed as Ireland for most of the competition's history).

                              It started in 1883 and is the oldest international football tournament in the world. The competition ended in 1983 after 100 years.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Northern Ireland

                              The Wedding Present

                              EP 4 Cân - Clear Vinyl Edition


                                The Wedding Present’s 'Record Store Day' releases seem to have become something of a little obsession for David Gedge. The yearly 10” EPs make him little profit; he just gets the satisfaction of singing and recording in other languages… and producing Extremely collectable records. In 2012 he tried his tongue at French and 2013 brought us his Teutonic warblings. This year, he’s really gone all out… this 10” vinyl only release has been sung in Welsh! A big fan of Wales and the Welsh in general, David doesn’t actually speak the language, but this didn’t stop him. He called in renowned Welsh actor, Andrew Teilo, who translated and created demos of four existing Wedding Present songs. David then travelled to Penarth where he and Andrew recorded the vocals with some recording expertise from Arwyn Davies. They kept the Welshness going with a little help from Andrew's fellow actor, Llinor ap Gwynedd, on backing vocals. The songs [recorded in the same session as the recent album, ‘Valentina’] are different from the songs on the other two ‘language’ EPs from Record Store Days past… and include the charming ‘Valentina’ album track ‘Meet Cute’. There were a few little hiccoughs during the translation from English into Welsh… the first song, 1000 Fahrenheit, had to be translated into Welsh as 10,000 (Deng Mil) Fahrenheit... not because there is no word for 1000, but apparently it just sounded better! Perhaps the songs all sound better in Welsh! All Welsh album next time Mr. Gedge?! The band will be promoting the release of ‘EP 4 Cân’ with a performance at the 'Wales Goes Pop’ festival in Cardiff during the evening of April 19 following an acoustic set at Spiller’s Records during the afternoon.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Side A
                                1. 1000 Fahrenheit [Welsh Version]
                                2. Meet Cute [Welsh Version]

                                Side B
                                1. Journey Into Space [Welsh Version]
                                2. Can You Keep A Secret? [Welsh Version]

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