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The Wedding Present

The Complete Ukrainian John Peel Sessions

    The Wedding Present guitarist Peter Solowka, whose father is Ukrainian, used to play a Ukrainian folk tune called "Hopak" to entertain his friends. When he did so during a radio session the band was recording for the BBC Radio 1 John Peel show, they decided to record the song for the session. The song was received well and, fired by Solowka's enthusiasm, the band decided to dedicate another Peel session to Ukrainian folk songs. Because none of them could sing Ukrainian to any acceptable degree, they decided to invite fellow Leeds musician "The Legendary" Len Liggins of The Sinister Cleaners, who had read Russian at University, to sing and play various instruments.

    The resulting Peel session's broadcast provoked a reaction of Hang the Dance! member Roman Remeynes, himself fluent in Ukrainian, who jokingly accused the band of bastardising the music. This led to him being invited to join as well for a second Ukrainian-themed Peel session. By this time, original Wedding Present drummer Shaun Charman had been replaced with Simon Smith, coincidentally an ex-Sinister Cleaner himself.

    Includes all 3 John Peel sessions re-mastered for the first time.


    LP Info: Comes with DVD.

    Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

    The Spitfires

    Live EP

      Off the back of their 2018 acclaimed album ‘Year Zero’ and with a relentless touring schedule lined up for the Spring, The Spitfires are about to blend the explosive ruckus that is their live show, with their undeniably authentic rock and roll records. The Watford-based band have plucked 5 tracks from last year’s Hamburg gig to create their first release of 2019, a Live EP.

      Renowned for their explosive live performances, The Spitfires have captured the ears and hearts of fans on a global scale. Their unique connection has resulted in unconditional loyalty across the UK and Europe, with shows selling out on a regular basis. The raw and downright relatable lyrics delivered by frontman, guitarist and songwriter Billy Sullivan strike a chord with many, and with the backing of Sam Long’s growling basslines, Matt Johnson’s foundation-laying drumming and keyboards and horns from George Moorhouse and Alistair Welsh respectively, it’s easy to hear why they have been deemed one of the most unstoppable rising forces in British music. On recording the EP, Billy added:

      'We were really taken back by the response of the German crowds from the very first show in Hamburg back in 2015 and it’s great to see it grow as time goes on. We've always wanted to release some live recordings to capture the true sound of the band - no overdubs, no studio magic. You really do play off the crowd response so to record the show in Hamburg in 2018 was a no brainer!'

      Blending everything from gnarly punk-driven controlled chaos to rock-steady breaks and ska-heavy goodness, the sound of The Spitfires is only identifiable to them and has resulted in a #1 album in the UK Independent Chart, a performance on BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show and countless tour dates across the world. Now they are offering an unmissable collectable, a double 7” vinyl recording of what they do best – playing live in front of packed venue of their beloved fans – who’s in?

      The Wedding Present

      Marc Riley Sessions Volume 3

        A band with a history that’s inextricably intertwined with the BBC and in particular the late BBC DJ John Peel, an early champion of the band, the ‘Marc Riley Sessions’ series echoes the famous Peel/Selwood releases on the Strange Fruit label that included BBC sessions from the likes of New Order, Buzzcocks, The Cure and Echo & The Bunnymen.

        An avid Wedding Present fan himself, Riley, with his team of producers, has formed a close bond with The Wedding Present’s David Gedge and the band. “The release of the Wedding Present sessions done for our 6 Music programme over the years is something of an honour. In the great tradition of the Peel / Selwood releases on the Strange Fruit label, this record proves that, even without John, the BBC can still be a place where great bands can continue to grow and be creative... amongst friends.”

        Having received critical acclaim for releases 1 and 2, ‘Marc Riley Sessions Volume 3’, features 9 tracks recorded for the awardwinning BBC Radio 6 Music show in 2015 and 2016. “The two sessions on this compilation feature many songs that appear on ‘Going, Going...’ the studio album that The Wedding Present released in 2016. ‘Going, Going...’ itself was an extensive audio-visual project recorded over the space of eighteen months in Provence, Liverpool and Seattle. By the time of the 2016 session, however, the album had been completed and had actually been released the previous week. Consequently, The Wedding Present were touring the UK (playing ‘Going, Going...’ in its entirety) and so, in-between our Cardiff and Gateshead concerts, we stopped off in Salford to record some tracks for Marc. As a result, you can hear the ‘live’ feel in these performances. This was a band that was literally on the road!”, says David.

        The album also features two glorious cover versions including a heartfelt cover of the theme music from the fifth James Bond film, ‘You Only Live Twice’. “I’ve always been fond of recording cover versions and there a couple of great ones on this LP. In 2015 we had a go at John Barry and Leslie Bricusse’s ‘You Only Live Twice’ - and enjoyed it so much that I’m now planning a compilation of Bond covers to be released on my label, Scopitones”, says David. The second cover is the off-kilter ‘Jumper Clown’, a Marc Riley composition. “Marc’s band The Creepers released this song – which poked fun at his previous band’s singer [Mark E. Smith from The Fall] – in 1983 and The Wedding Present covered it eleven years later for the B-side of our ‘It’s A Gas’ single. We decided that an unannounced rendering for a live session while Marc himself was sat in the room watching would be a great surprise to spring on our DJ pal. We managed to keep the whole thing secret with the help of the show’s producer Michelle. This involved hastily rehearsing and sound-checking the song whenever we got the nod from the recording engineer that Marc was out of earshot!”, says David.


        Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

        The Spitfires

        Something Worth Fighting For

          Watford based 4-piece The Spitfires consist of songwriter Billy Sullivan on lead vocals and guitar, Sam Long on Bass/backing vocals, Matt Johnson on drums and George Moorhouse on keyboards. Taking in a wide range of influences from reggae and ska through to punk and soul, this melting-pot of musical genres has helped infuse and consolidate the band’s own highly authentic sound and style into a progressive take for a new generation of fans.

          ‘Something Worth Fighting For’ is an inspired lyrical and musical foray into tough times with a rhythm to match. Sullivan’s take on trying to escape boring suburban life in times of disarray and uncertainty is set to a pulsating mix of dub and reggae influenced horns, guitars and percussion. 

          The Spitfires

          The New Age / Bitter End

            The New Age captures the band’s live sound. 3 and a half minutes of loud guitars and energy with a sort of ‘back to basics’ approach.

            Nine Black Alps

            Live From The Wishing Well

              The story and history of Nine Black Alps is forever etched in UK grunge-rock folklore. 2014 however was the year when they released their 5th album ‘Candy For The Clowns’. Signed to the newly formed Leeds label Hatch Records, the album was a far more distorted and rockier affair that harked back to the likes of Everything Is and Love/Hate.

              With core members Sam Forrest (vocals, guitar), David Jones (guitar), James Galley (drums, vocals) and bass player Karl Astbury, the band retained their distinctive and energetic sludge, grunge-rock sound albeit with a tighter and more dynamic style. ‘Candy for the Clowns’ was praised by the likes of Rock Sound, Classic Rock and Drowned in Sound, while 6 Music and XFM championed singles such as ‘Novokaine’ at radio.

              For a band 12 years into their career ‘Live from The Wishing Well’ marks their first ever live album. Set for release on 4th May it features a full length Nine Black Alps performance captured on 14th December 2013.

              The show, taking place at Gorilla in Manchester was a special concert to celebrate 10 years since the band formed. Nine Black Alps ran through a set that covered the full breadth of their career from early singles 'Shot Down' and 'Unsatisfied' to recent releases like 'Supermarket Clothes'.

              At just under an hour in length, the album showcases the band's fiery live sound with no production trickery and even features a special guest appearance by ex-bass player Martin Cohen.

              Nine Black Alps

              Candy For The Clown - Deluxe Edition

              With core members Sam Forrest (vocals, guitar), David Jones (guitar), James Galley (drums, vocals) and bass player Karl Astbury, the band had retained their distinctive and energetic sludge, grunge-rock sound albeit with a tighter and more dynamic style. 

              The band were formed in 2003 in Manchester, UK and were quickly signed by Island Records after just a handful of local shows and an almighty scramble amongst the music industry. The rest, as they say is history…. Recent single ‘Novokaine’ released at the end of last year to coincide with their 10 year anniversary, and championed by Edith Bowan, (6 Music), John Kennedy (XFM) and Frank Skinner (Absolute Radio) was the first taster of the new record. It’s a far more distorted and rockier affair that harks back to their earlier albums Everything Is and Love/Hate. 

              Other tracks such as their upcoming single ‘Supermarket Clothes’ capture a more British sound for the band but overall ‘Candy for the Clowns’ is an addictive balance of summer college rock and surf-pop. It will be the first album to be released on new Leeds label Hatch Records.

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