The Wedding Present

Davni Chasy - 2022 Reissue

Image of The Wedding Present - Davni Chasy - 2022 Reissue
Record Label
Clue Records

About this item

Originally released for RSD2019 The Single That Never Was’; ‘Davni Chasy / Katrusya’. A rollicking, Ukrainian folk song with the usual Wedding Present thrashy brilliance, the song was initially set for release in 1988 when The Wedding Present were signed to RCA but the band felt the song was not appropriate for their first single on a major label, and with test pressings already in existence, that band pulled the single. Fast forward 30 years and ‘Davni Chasy / Katrusya’ finally gets its well-deserved release. Remastered for the first time, the 7” includes artwork re-designed by Jonathan Hitchen, designer of the original 1989 ‘Ukrainski Vistupi’ LP artwork.

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