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Previously Unreleased Volume 2

    Following the success of last years Playgroup ‘Previously Unreleased’ album and its critically-acclaimed run of nine weekly 12” vinyl EPs, Trevor Jackson has compiled a second volume of 20 tracks (11 unheard and 9 previously vinyl only) released as a Limited Edition Double CD.

    The music featured is a collection of reworked demos and unreleased recordings. A hedonistic mix of raw Disco, Dub, Funk, Dancehall. Electro, New Wave & Post Punk that all still sound as relevant today as they did when initially recorded for the debut PLAYGROUP album during 1997 - 2001.


    1. Dirt Biter
    2. Memory Per Voice
    3. P.C.H
    4. Don’T Stop (Dub)
    5. Don’T No…
    6. Like This
    7. Butt Wot?
    8. C’Mon C'Mon
    9. Sold Out
    10. Omni Corp

    1.See Yourself
    2. Long System
    3. Do It
    4. No Lube
    5. What Does It All Mean
    6. Work It
    7. Kill Dem
    8. In Riddim
    9. Tunnel Vision
    10. Stand Down (Dub)

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