Joan As Police Woman

Lemons, Limes And Orchids

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The twelfth of her studio albums, 'Lemons, Limes, and Orchids' is a crowning showcase of Joan's voice in all its metamorphic splendour.

“I was ready to make an album that truly featured my voice. The basics were recorded like they used to be- with me singing live along with the band. My good friend said told me this is the sexiest album I’ve ever made. Honestly, I think she’s right.”

The record is a nocturne about love and loss — what else is there? — and a reckoning with our collective disorientation, part hymn to holding on and part benediction of letting go.


1. The Dream
2. Full-Time Heist
3. Back Again
4. With Hope In My Breath
5. Long For Ruin
6. Started Off Free
7. Remember The Voice
8. Oh Joan
9. Lemons, Limes And Orchids
10. Tribute To Holding On
11. Safe To Say
12. Help Is On It’s Way

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