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    OOH DO U FINK U R’ is a gloriously sunny, optimistic and defiant Motown and ‘60’s R&B influenced stomper drawing on Suggs and Weller’s upbringing in Britain’s 1970’s comprehensive school system in London and Woking respectively. This picture disc is a Record Store Day 2023 exclusive, following from the sold out limited 7” release from June ’22. Having known each other on-and-off over the last four decades, the seeds of this collaboration emerged in 2019 when Weller joined Suggs on his Radio Four series ‘Love Letters To London’ to talk about an ever changing Soho. As the world subsequently went into lockdown in 2020, the pair started chatting more and more frequently about music, clothes and football, eventually exchanging half finished songs, demos and sketches of lyrics. With its working class aesthetic, Motown influenced stomp, and uplifting brass, it’s an intuitive collaboration that sits neatly as a welcome addition to both men’s great songbooks.

    Monks Road Social (Feat Paul Weller)

    Rise Up Singing!

      Rise Up Singing! feat Paul Weller is the new single... It’s a collaboration between Miles-WONDERFULSOUND-Copeland, Dr Robert & Paul Weller. It is a spiritual call to arms coming out of this period of lockdowns

      "Miles had this demo which I worked on a bit, added a guide and sent it to Paul who instantly got the vibe, it’s great to be working with him again”, says Dr Robert and this sets the tone for the rest of the LP... Sketches, grooves in a style of Miles’s old band The Superimposers bounced around to the Monks Road family. Miles Continues... “when we were doing The Superimposers we were always influenced from old records, so this is how I write. With the calibre of musicians involved in Monks Road I knew we could make these initial demos sparkle & shine.”

      The resulting track album is a timeless, mellow, soulful cinematic classic that rewards repeated listening and pops up with some wonderfulsounding surprises along the way... Enjoy!

      Monks Road Social Is a band in the loosest sense of the word. It’s more a celebration ofmusical talents and friendships - new and old. The line up may vary but the heartland soul remains. The ethos is in the word Social. A gathering once a year of musicians and producers with simply the goal of making the best music they can within the parameters set for that particular record.


      A Side: Rise Up Singing
      B Side: Rise Up Singing (Instrumental)

      Paul Weller

      Modern Classics (The Greatest Hits) - 2022 Reissue

        Originally released in 1998 and unavailable on vinyl until now – Modern Classics (The Greatest Hits) is a compilation album that features most of Paul Wellers solo singles from 1991-1998. The release comes as a 2LP – Gatefold sleeve and includes Bonus Live LP recorded live at Victoria Park, Hackney, London, 8th Aug 1998.


        Side 1
        Out Of The Sinking
        Peacock Suit
        The Weaver
        Wild Wood
        Above The Clouds
        Uh-Huh Oh-Yeh
        Side 2
        The Changing Man
        Friday Street
        You Do Something To Me
        Brand New Start
        Hung Up
        Broken Stones
        Into Tomorrow
        Side 3 - Live Classics Recorded Live At Victoria Park, Hackney, London, 8/8/98
        Into Tomorrow (Live)
        Peacock Suit (Live)
        Friday Street (Live)
        Mermaids (Live)
        Out Of The Sinking (Live)
        Heavy Soul (Live)
        Wild Wood (Live)
        Side 4 - Live Classics Recorded Live At Victoria Park, Hackney, London, 8/8/98
        Up In Suze's Room (Live)
        (Can You Hear Us) Holy Man? (Live)
        Changing Man (Live)
        Porcelain Gods (Live)
        Sunflower (Live)
        Broken Stones (Live)

        Paul Weller

        22 Dreams - 2022 Reissue

          Originally released in 2008 and unavailable on vinyl until now – 22 Dreams is Paul Weller’s 9th studio album. The album features Oasis stars Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer as well as Steve Cradock (Ocean Colour Scene) and Blur guitarist Graham Coxon. At the time critics called it Wellers best album to date.

          It went straight into the number 1 spot in the UK album chart. The release comes as a 2LP – Gatefold sleeve. Includes a 12″ x 36″ b/w-poster with printed lyrics, tracklist and credits on the back side + Includes an 8-page booklet titled “The Missing Dream AKA Dream # 22” by Simon Armitage.


          Side 1
          Light Nights
          22 Dreams
          All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)
          Have You Made Your Mind Up
          Empty Ring
          Side 2
          Song For Alice
          Cold Moments
          The Dark Pages Of September Lead To The New Leaves Of Spring
          Black River
          Side 3
          Why Walk When You Can Run
          Push It Along
          Dream Reprise
          Echoes Round The Sun
          One Bright Star
          Lullaby Fur Kinder
          Side 4
          Where'er Ye Go
          Sea Spray
          Night Lights

          Paul Weller

          An Orchestrated Songbook - Paul Weller With Jules Buckley & The BBC Symphony Orchestra

            Paul will be releasing the audio from his live performance with the BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jules Buckley with special guests, Celeste, Boy George and James Morrison.

            An Orchestrated Songbook spans Paul’s career and includes ‘You Do Something to Me’, ‘English Rose’ and ‘Wild Wood’ alongside tracks from his latest two number 1 albums On Sunset and Fat Pop.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. ANDROMEDA
            2. ENGLISH ROSE
            4. ON SUNSET
            5. CARNATION
            6. GLAD TIMES
            7. BROKEN STONES (With James Morrison)
            8. GRAVITY
            9. IT´S A VERY DEEP SEA
            10. BOWIE
            11. EQUANIMITY
            12. YOU´RE THE BEST THING (With Boy George)
            14. MOVIN ON
            15. WILD WOOD (With Celeste)
            16. ROCKETS
            17. YOU DO SOMETHING TO ME
            18. WHITE HORSES

            Paul Weller

            Illumination - 2021 Reissue

              First ever vinyl reissue of Paul Weller’s sixth solo studio album Illumination. Originally released in September 2002, the UK #1 album includes the hit singles “It’s Written in The Stars” (#7) and “Leafy Mysteries” (#23) with guest performances from Carleen Anderson, Jocelyn Brown, Kelly Jones and Noel Gallagher. Features faithful original packaging replication including bespoke sleeve with rounded corners, cut at London’s Metropolis Studios and pressed on 180g vinyl at MPO in France.

              Paul Weller

              Fat Pop

                We may be cursed to be in the midst a global pandemic, buffeted by all of its stresses and pain. But everyone knows that art provides succour, that music is the most reliable balm. And for many there is further significant comfort to be drawn from the knowledge that Paul Weller is in the midst of an unbelievably prolific purple patch. Paul Weller will not let us down when we need him most.

                On May 14th, Paul Weller releases his 16th solo album since his self-titled debut in 1992, his fourth in as many years and his second in just under twelve months following June 2020’s magnificent, chart-topping On Sunset. It’s not hyperbole to state that this new album, titled Fat Pop (Volume 1), is among his most compelling collections, bar none, including all of his era-defining work in the 1970s and ‘80s with The Jam and The Style Council. It’s an absolute scorcher.

                When lockdown was declared in March 2020, Paul Weller decided immediately that he wanted something to focus on, since it seemed unlikely he’d be able to tour On Sunset as planned that summer.
                “I had lots of ideas stored up on my phone,” he explains down that same handset, speaking from outside his London home, “and at least this gave me an opportunity to develop them.” So he started to record songs on his own, doing just vocals, piano and guitar, then sending those sound files to his core band members such as drummer Ben Gordelier, Steve Cradock on guitar and various other instruments, and bassist Andy Crofts for them to add their parts. “It was a bit weird not being together, but at least it kept the wheels rolling. I’d have gone potty otherwise.”

                The band reconvened at Weller’s Black Barn studio in Surrey during the summer when restrictions were lifted to finish the work, with several of the songs being cut live. By this stage, the shape of the album was clear to all. Weller wanted to deliver an album of singles, twelve short, distinct blasts, each strong enough that they could stand alone if so desired.

                “That was a conscious decision,” he confirms. “I even thought about putting every song out as a single first then gathering them all on an album, but that wasn’t practical at the moment. They all have that strength and immediacy, I think, and they’re all short, three minutes or so maximum.”
                Producer Jan ‘Stan’ Kybert was so taken with the concept that he half-jokingly suggested that the album be called Greatest Hits. “I quite liked the idea and every song does stand up as a single, I think,” chuckles Weller, “but no, we couldn’t do that really.”

                Instead, he plumped for Fat Pop (Volume 1). “I thought we’d add Volume 1 to it just to keep my options open in the future for a second volume!” The title track, a tight, heavy blast of ultra-modern funk, is itself the conceptual key to the whole album. “It’s a celebration of music and what it’s given us all. No matter what situation you are in, and we’re in one now, music doesn’t let you down, does it?”

                As ever, Weller’s sonic masterplan was to avoid whatever had recently preceded it. “After [2018’s] True Meanings I thought I wouldn’t have any acoustic guitars for a little while, so I’ve largely avoided those with On Sunset and with Fat Pop,” he says. “But more than anything I wanted something vibey, something we could play live.” He laughs ruefully at the irony of that. “God knows when that will be, bearing in mind where we are with the virus. But in the imaginary gig in my mind I can see us playing all of the songs on Fat Pop live, along with the songs from On Sunset, blending them with some of the old favourites too. What a great set that would be.”

                Live is where he imagines On Sunset and Fat Pop (Volume 1) working in tandem, because they don’t act as companion piece albums otherwise. “On Sunset was quite lavish in places, whereas with this one I wanted to limit it in some ways, make the production less expansive.”

                Beyond that desire to keep it frill-free and tight, sonically Fat Pop (Volume 1) is a diverse selection of sounds. No one style dominates. There’s the synth-heavy, future-wave strut of Cosmic Fringes, the stately balladeering of Still Glides The Stream, Testify’s moving-on-up soul, and the kind of dramatic three minute pop symphonies on Failed, True and Shades of Blue with which Paul Weller has hooked in generation after generation of devotee.
                More than sonic plans, though, Weller set himself the same task as he does before any recording. “Whenever I make an album I’m always just trying to at least match what’s gone before because each time I think the bar’s been raised. If all goes to plan, sometimes I manage to go over that bar too.”
                Sometimes he does, sometimes he really does.

                TRACK LISTING

                Cosmic Fringes
                Fat Pop
                Shades Of Blue
                Glad Times
                Cobweb / Connections
                That Pleasure
                Moving Canvas
                In Better Times
                Still Glides The Stream

                3CD Box
                CD1 – Standard Album
                Cosmic Fringes
                Fat Pop
                Shades Of Blue
                Glad Times
                Cobweb / Connections
                That Pleasure
                Moving Canvas
                In Better Times
                Still Glides The Stream

                CD2 – Mid-Sömmer Musik
                On Sunset - Live From Mid-Sömmer Musik, London / 2020
                Old Father Tyme - Live From Mid-Sömmer Musik, London / 2020
                Moving Canvas - Live From Mid-Sömmer Musik, London / 2020
                Failed - Live From Mid-Sömmer Musik, London / 2020
                Village - Live From Mid-Sömmer Musik, London / 2020
                More - Live From Mid-Sömmer Musik, London / 2020
                Testify - Live From Mid-Sömmer Musik, London / 2020
                Still Glides The Stream - Live From Mid-Sömmer Musik, London / 2020
                Rockets - Live From Mid-Sömmer Musik, London / 2020
                Mayfly - Live From Mid-Sömmer Musik, London / 2020

                CD3 - Fat Pop Bonus
                Round The Floor
                Into The Sea
                Pure Sound
                Fat Mix

                Side A
                Cosmic Fringes
                Fat Pop
                Shades Of Blue
                Glad Times
                Cobweb / Connections
                Side B
                That Pleasure
                Moving Canvas
                In Better Times
                Still Glides The Stream

                Stone Foundation Feat. Paul Weller

                Deeper Love

                  Following the release of their brand new top 40 album "Is Love Enough?”, Stone Foundation return with their 3rd 7” release of the year. Featuring regular collaborator Paul Weller on lead vocals, Deeper Love boasts a Balearic funk groove and one of Weller’s best ever vocal performances. Limited to 1,000 copies worldwide, certain to sell out quickly. Unmissable!

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1. Deeper Love (feat. Paul Weller)
                  B1. Love’s Getting Deeper (Good Vibes Mix)

                  Paul Weller

                  On Sunset

                    With a creative peak that continues to shoot skyward, Paul Weller releases his 15th studio album “On Sunset” on June 12th on Polydor Records.
                    On Sunset features ten classic yet modern Paul Weller songs. On Sunset is a soul album. At the same time it’s also an electronic album, an orchestral album, an album packed with masterly pop songs and heart-tugging ballads, and an album filled with touches of experimentalism. It’s also an album that sees Weller taking a rare glance into the rear-view mirror as he speeds into the 2020s. 

                    Weller started work on “On Sunset” soon after finishing 2018’s masterpiece “True Meanings”. Opening track “Mirror Ball” was from the TM sessions and originally slated as a b-side. Thankfully it was rescued for On Sunset as it’s shimmering opener. 

                    As ever, Weller retains a rigorous forward-looking focus when it comes to seeking out the best contemporary sounds and music. But lyrically, Weller – back on his old home, Polydor Records for the first time since the Style Council days – is also starting to look back on the past with the insight of age especially on songs like “Old Father Thyme”.

                    Most of the album sees Weller multi-tasking on various instruments with accompaniment from his regular band - Ben Gordelier appears on all tracks and Andy Crofts on most whilst Steve Cradock pops up with his guitar on 4 songs. An eclectic and sometimes surprising gathering of guests appear on On Sunset including Slade’s Jim Lea contributing violin to the Bonzos-esque “Equanimity”, and Paul’s old Style Council chum Mick Talbot adds his signature Hammond Organ sound to 3 tracks. The beautifully lush “More” features a verse sung by French singer Julie Gros, from the band Le Superhomard (whose album Meadow Lane Park was one of Weller’s favourites of 2019) as well as the return of The Strype’s guitarist Josh McClorey. English folk trio The Staves contribute backing vocals for 3 tracks. Once again Hannah Peel sprinkles her magic over the album with string arrangements and The Paraorchestra were invited to add their expertise to 4 tracks.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Mirror Ball
                    2. Baptiste
                    3. Old Father Tyme
                    4. Village
                    5. More
                    6. On Sunset
                    7. Equanimity
                    8. Walkin’
                    9. Earth Beat
                    10. Rockets

                    Deluxe CD Bonus Tracks:
                    11. 4th Dimension
                    12. Ploughman
                    13. I’ll Think Of Something
                    14. On Sunset (Orchestral Mix)
                    15. Baptiste (instrumental Version)

                    Paul Weller

                    Other Aspects, Live At The Royal Festival Hall

                      In October 2018, Paul Weller performed two extraordinary concerts at The Royal Festival Hall with an orchestra. The second of these shows was recorded and filmed, and now sees the light of day as a superb live album and DVD.

                      “Other Aspects, Live At The Royal Festival Hall” features an eclectic 25 track career-spanning set, including classics from Paul’s rich back catalogue and songs from last year’s no. 2 album, the gorgeous “True Meanings”

                      The track-listing includes a radical re-working of The Jam’s “Private Hell” from their 1979 LP “Setting Sons” and a brilliantly realised version of “Boy About Town”. The Style Council get a welcome look-in too with “Have You Ever Had It Blue” and “A Man Of Great Promise” and Paul’s subsequent solo career is well represented with the inclusion of “Wild Wood” and “You Do Something To Me” amongst others

                      Other firm solo favourites such as “You Do Something To Me” and “Long Long Road” fit seamlessly into the set

                      The DVD includes audio mixed in PCM Stereo and DTS 5.1 surround sound and features a behind-the-scenes mini-documentary with rehearsal footage and interviews

                      Paul Weller

                      True Meanings

                        Paul Weller releases his fourteenth solo album in September, the twenty sixth studio album of his entire career. ‘True Meanings’ is a record unlike any he has ever made before. It is not “a departure”, in the sense that soul bearing, melancholic songs have always been an important part of what he does: from ‘English Rose’, to ‘Brand New Start’, right up to ‘The Ballad Of Jimmy McCabe’ from last year’s ‘Jawbone’ soundtrack. But never, ever before has he allowed himself an entire album to exhibit this side of his song-writing, or presented them quite like this.

                        ‘True Meanings’ is an album characterised by grandiose-yet-delicate, lush orchestration: an aesthetic to which Paul’s better-than-ever voice, singing some of his most nakedly honest words, is perfectly suited. It is both an album that a lot of his faithful audience have been wanting him to make for a long time, and an album that many new people outside of that audience will relate to.

                        2017, marks the 40th anniversary of Paul Weller’s first album, “In The City”, which he released with The Jam in May 1977. For most artists such a landmark would be greeted with extensive retrospective celebrations: lavish reissues and all that jazz. But Paul Weller is not like most artists, instead releasing a new studio album, because releasing new albums is what Paul Weller does. Always moving forwards, almost clinically averse to nostalgia or checking his progress in the rear-view mirror.

                        And so, continuing his never-ending creative peak, Paul Weller releases his eagerly awaited 13th studio album “A Kind Revolution” on Parlophone Records.

                        Weller started work on “A Kind Revolution” immediately after finishing 2015’s “Saturns Pattern”, first tickling out the funky strut of “New York” and the beautiful slow-mo gospel of “The Cranes Are Back” - a song that ties in the changing face of London with the power of nature. The album’s title is taken from a line in the aforementioned song.

                        Musicians on the album feature most of the touring band faithful with Andy Crofts and Ben Gordelier being the top mainstays. Steve Cradock and Steve Pilgrim also feature on several tracks. Opening track “Woo Sé Mama” sees legendary soul singers PP Arnold & Madeleine Bell supply their distinctive vocal skills while the exceedingly funky “One Tear” features the unmistakable voice of the one and only Boy George. Paul even managed to lure Robert Wyatt out of retirement to sing and play trumpet on “She Moves With The Fayre”. Finally, and once again, The Strypes’ guitarist Josh McClorey has been drafted in to add his magic to 3 tracks.

                        “A Kind Revolution” features ten absolute classic modern Paul Weller songs. By “modern Paul Weller songs” we mean, instantly recognisable but in no way predictable. He doesn’t make a “kind of” album, he fits together all his influences - rock, R&B, soul, jazz, funk, folk…whatever - and builds a song from them, delivering something that drifts through genres unselfconsciously and at ease. Two great examples of this are two of the most reflective, contemplative songs, “Long Long Road” and “Hopper”, which in lesser hands might have been delivered as ballads, but Weller adds so much texture and colour to each that they defy categorisation. With great age comes great wisdom…

                        Written and recorded at de facto HQ, Black Barn Studios in Surrey, “A Kind Revolution” was produced and arranged by Jan ‘Stan’ Kybert and Paul himself.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        LP / Standard CD / Special Edition 3 CD Set, CD1 
                        1. Woo Sé Mama
                        2. Nova
                        3. Long Long Road
                        4. She Moves With The Fayre
                        5. The Cranes Are Back
                        6. Hopper
                        7. New York
                        8. One Tear
                        9. Satellite Kid
                        10. The Impossible Idea

                        Special Edition 3 CD Set, CD2
                        1. Woo Sé Mama (Instrumental)
                        2. Nova (Instrumental)
                        3. Long Long Road (Instrumental)
                        4. She Moves With The Fayre (Instrumental)
                        5. The Cranes Are Back (Instrumental)
                        6. Hopper (Instrumental)
                        7. New York (Instrumental)
                        8. One Tear (Instrumental)
                        9. Satellite Kid (Instrumental)
                        10. The Impossible Idea (Instrumental)

                        Special Edition 3 CD Set, CD3
                        1. Alpha
                        2. She Moves With The Fayre (Villagers Remix)
                        3. New York (Nightwatch) [Prof. Kybert]
                        4. Nova (Toy Remix)
                        5. One Tear (Club Cut) [Prof. Kybert]
                        6. Hopper (White Label Remix)
                        7. Satellite Kid (Syd Arthur Remix)
                        8. She Moves With The Fayre (Breakdown Inst.) [Prof. Kybert]
                        9. Woo Sé Mama (E&TC Remix)

                        Paul Weller

                        Wild Wood

                          Repress of Wild Wood, Paul Weller's second solo record. Released in September 1993, it made it to number 2 in the UK charts, and contained three UK hits: "Wild Wood", "Sunflower", and "Hung Up”.

                          As with his solo debut, there’s more than a nod to classic British mod rock here, but there’s also a heavy dose of pastoral folk that combined with the introspective lyrics makes this a wonderfully timeless album.

                          • Gatefold LP sleeve with colour sticker
                          • 20 x 30” single sided poster
                          • Colour inner sleeve with photos and lyrics

                          Who best to describe Paul Weller’s first album for the Parlophone label other than Paul himself: “I think it’s one of the best things I’ve done. I can’t compare it to any of my other albums. I think it’s different – not just for me, but different for what else is around. It’s defiantly 21st-Century music.” – Uncut (January 2015)

                          Nearly 40 years into his recording career, Paul continues to challenge and excite both himself and the listener, by constantly evolving as a song-writer and musician, always moving forwards and pursuing fresh creative avenues and Paul’s new album Saturns Pattern does not disappoint.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          LP/CD Tracklisting
                          1. White Sky
                          2. Saturns Pattern
                          3. Going My Way
                          4. Long Time
                          5. Pick It Up
                          6. I’m Where I Should Be
                          7. Phoenix
                          8. In The Car…
                          9. These City Streets

                          DVD Tracklisting (CD/DVD Version Only)
                          1. Saturns Pattern (Behind The Album)
                          2. Saturns Pattern (track-by-track)
                          3. White Sky (video)
                          4. Long Time (video)
                          5. Long Time (behind-the-scenes)
                          6. Saturns Pattern Photo-shoot (behind-the-scenes)

                          Paul Weller

                          Leafy Mystery

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