Second Time Round - 2023 Reissue

Image of Cymande - Second Time Round - 2023 Reissue
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Partisan Records

About this item

In 1973, with the release of ‘Second Time Round,’ Cymande solidified their place in music history. As children of the Windrush Generation, they were part of the first wave of innovators and originators of the fledgling Black British music scene. Taking influences from their Guyanese and Jamaican roots, the band fused reggae bass lines, Afro-tinged Nyabinghi percussion, psychedelic rock touches, and American style funk instrumentation into a unique sound they dubbed as “Nyah-rock.” Recorded while the band was fresh off a US tour with Al Green, ‘Second Time Around’ was the follow up to their self-titled debut and firmly planted the band in the ears of an adoring US audience. Their debut was the first UK soul album to land on the Billboard charts, and ‘Second Time Round’ placed them back on the US charts again.


1. Anthracite
2. Willy's Headache
3. Genevieve
4. Trevorgus
5. To You
6. For Baby Ooh
7. FUG
8. Crawshay
9. Bird
10. Them And Us

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