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After kicking things off with Sean Thomas’ (Cop Envy) The Weigh, Sydney’s Outer Time Inner Space return with a collaborative EP from Jon Watts, the kind-hearted, go-to sound engineer of the Sydney club and experimental music scene and OTIS label owner, Hugh Burridge (AKA Hubert Clarke Jr). As resident DJs for OTIS’ Sweet Echoes parties and guests for some of Sydney’s more open-minded club promoters, Jon & Hugh have developed their own style of warm up set, largely unrestrained by genre. "Another View" is just an extension of this open approach to club music. There’s an obvious ode to Bukem’s "Good Looking Records", a lopsided MPC jam that could have been written by a drunk Ron Trent, a club roller with UK broken beat at it’s heart and a spaced out, dream-scape dub from Melbourne mate, Rings Around Saturn (Dan White) to round out the EP. The common thread, they’re keeping it deep.

Early support from: Ben Fester, Simon Caldwell, Adi Toohey and a load of other selectors that are keeping it deep in twenty seventeen…

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Happy New Music Friday everyone. Loads of great releases out today and we some new banners up too…
Fri 19th - 10:02
RT @TheLucidDreamUK: Thank you for the brilliant words on ‘Actualisation’, @PiccadillyRecs Fantastic store, that we love very much. They’ve…
Fri 19th - 9:58
RT @SarahCityLife: Seven years today since I saw @thestoneroses sit down together at a London conference - seems like last week it’s still…
Thu 18th - 1:24
In stock now and available to order!!!! 1 per person please folks... @cavernofAM
Thu 18th - 11:29
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