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Our Broken Garden

When Your Blackening Shows

    Celebrating 10th anniversary with first ever release on vinyl. White vinyl. Download code included. “It’s 10 years since the debut album from Danish dream pop band Our Broken Garden and therefore high time we figured that it had its first vinyl pressing. There’s a darkness and a vulnerability at the core of singer Anna Bronsted’s vocals on this album and in our shop in Brighton we’ve been asked about this record so many times “Is it ever going to get a vinyl release?” and now we can reply “Yes!” - Bella Union.

    Hailing from Denmark, Our Broken Garden is the sound of sometime Efterklang keyboardist Anna Bronsted’s bewitching voice and songs plus assorted musical friends. Our Broken Garden’s debut album, “When Your Blackening Shows”, arrived in September 2008 and signalled Anna’s connection to water with various nautical references in her lyrics, and a deeply atmospheric, drifting ebb and flow to the sound - with a serene, torchy Anna resembling a modern day siren at its heart.

    "Golden Sea" is a substantial step forward. There’s more drama and rhythm this time round and Anna’s song-writing has evolved significantly… "In The Lowlands" has an overriding sense of blissed-out serenity sense while "Nightsong" is more haunted. "Share" and "Warriors Of Love" are more typically dreamy numbers before the devastating finale "The Dark Red Roses" where mournful strings preface one of Anna’s most haunting vocals… 

    Like the golden sea that names Our Broken Garden’s new album, their music is wide and deep, beautiful and mysterious…


    1. The Departure
    2. In The Lowlands
    3. The Fiery And Loud
    4. Garden Grow
    5. Nightsong
    6. Garden The Burial
    7. Seven Wild Horses
    8. Share
    9. Warriors Of Love
    10. The Dark Red Roses

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