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From Australia with love via Detroit of course - a 12" oozing quality in all its tracks. 
Atmospheric good old techno a la Underground Resistance - sorry, that is the first comparison that comes to mind. Bubbly acid flirtations are present, but it is the synths and that luscious bassline the ones that steal the show on 'Before You Go'. 
'Shooting Stars' is a slightly different type of techno. This one is more dreamy and definetely a bit more relaxing. The bassline is mellower but the acid is still present although in a less obvious manner. I
'Endless Cycles' is the track that welcomes you to that luxurious spa in that five star hotel you have never been. It is calm, almost beatless and full of evocative soundscapes. It is a great closing track. 
If you like your techno pallatable, retro and also able to be offered to your punters or for some horizontal dancing, this is totally your thing. 


Sil says: Beautiful, futuristic old school techno from Australia via Detroit. All killers, folks!


12" Info: Orange translucent vinyl.

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