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Simulation Theory Deluxe Film Box Set

    MUSE brings their Simulation Theory tour to life in this limited edition 80s-inspired deluxe box set. The box set includes a pink/blue marbled LP with selections from the band’s September 2019 performance at London’s O2 Arena housed in a gatefold jacket, a VHS-like box containing a HD 5.1 DTS Master Audio Blu-Ray of the film, a fluorescent pink cassette of the film score written by Matt Bellamy, a Marvel Simulation Theory comic book and an 11x17 Marvel Muse poster. Each box will have metallic foil packaging.

    Limited to 3,000 copies worldwide.


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    The Divine Comedy

    Victory For The Comic Muse

      In 1990 Neil Hannon started recording and releasing under the name The Divine Comedy. Thirty years and twelve great albums later, Hannon is rightly adjudged one of the finest singer songwriters of his generation. To celebrate, Divine Comedy Records are remastering and reissuing nine of the band's classic albums. The reissues will be released by Neil Hannon’s own label Divine Comedy Records.

      Victory For The Comic Muse was first released in 2006. Recorded virtually live in the studio over a two-week period, 'Victory...’ showcased Neil's restless creativity and his flair for observation and narrative. Pitchfork said, "These songs set lofty goals, and realize them" while The Guardian called it a “triumphant comeback” and Spin declared "[Hannon] deserves to be recognized as the unsung genius of symphonic pop."  Singles from the album include To Die A Virgin, Diva Lady and live favourite A Lady Of A Certain Age.

      Juliette Greco

      Jolie Mome: La Muse De Saint Germain Des Pres


        Limited edition 500 pressing in glorious colour vinyl.Double album - Disc one is RED vinyl, Disc two is BLUE vinyl.Think back, to that mid 20th Century world when music, film and everything else we love began...On day 1, before YeYe, before Beat, before Elvis, before Bardot, before Rock n Roll before -anything-, young Juliette Greco just -was-...queen of bohemian Paris, close to Camus, Miles Davis and the existentialist circles of the day, she began to perform in the Rive Gauche cafes, as Satre said she had "millions of poems in her voice" and he wrote liner notes on her albums too! Why just her hand movements could express a song like nothing else! Both Muse and Artist, sex symbol and Feminist icon, movie star for Cocteau, and yes, Belphegor, the creepiest arty horror series in TV history! The creator of the modern woman to a great extent, she made Chanson a viable form for dissent and arty pop, invented everyone from Jacques Brel to Serge Gainsbourg to Scott Walker to Nick Cave, made all the female punk performers possible.She had intelligence, looks, attitude and talent, and yes, she made some great records too! Here are just a few of them....

        The eighth album from Muse, ‘Simulation Theory’, features eleven tracks and was produced by the band, along with several award-winning producers, including Rich Costey, Mike Elizondo, Shellback and Timbaland.

        ‘Simulation Theory’ follows ‘Drones’, released in 2015. Since then the internationally acclaimed three piece: Matt Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme, have toured extensively, taking the ground breaking ‘Drones World Tour’ to fans across the globe. 


        Deluxe CD Info: As Standard CD plus:
        Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version)
        The Dark Side (Alternate Reality Version)
        Propaganda (Acoustic)
        Something Human (Acoustic)
        Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version)


        Showbiz - Vinyl Reissue

          180gm heavyweight black vinyl edition of Showbiz; Muse’s classic debut studio album, first released in 1999, including the singles Uno, Cave, Muscle Museum, Sunburn and Unintended. 


          Absolution - Vinyl Reissue

            180gm heavyweight black vinyl edition of Absolution; Muse’s third studio album, which charted at number 1 in the UK album charts on release in 2003. Featuring the singles; Stockholm Syndrome, Time is Running Out, Hysteria, Sing for Absolution, Apocalypse Please, Butterflies and Hurricanes. 


            Black Holes & Revelations - Vinyl Reissue

              180gm heavyweight black vinyl edition of Black Holes & Revelations; Muse’s fourth studio album, which charted at number 1 in the UK album chart on release in 2006. Featuring the singles; Supermassive Black Hole, Starlight, Knights of Cydonia, Invincible, Map of the Problematique. 


              Origin Of Symmetry - Vinyl Reissue

                180gm heavyweight black vinyl edition of Showbiz; Muse’s second studio album, which charted at number 3 in the UK album chart on release in 2001. Featuring singles; Plug in Baby, New Born, Bliss & Hyper Music / Feeling good. 

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