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Jamal Moss Presents Allonymous & The Hamitic Building Society

Gypsy Woman

Over 22 years and with an artist & label discography that'd take a whole evening to read through, Jamal Moss is one of Chicago's, and the global dance music community's true unsung heroes. A visionary artist through and through, under various monikers, aliases and collaborations he's one of house music's lesser celebrated stars; a bit like that amazing uncle you don't meet until you get married cos your mum's always told you to stay clear, but when you meet him he's the coolest mutha fucker at the party! Jamal Moss has done more to stear the course of house music in new, exciting and pleasurable directions than most people would care to admit and is 100% drafted onto Piccadilly's 'Dance Music Legends' board (I just made that up... but it's legit! - ed).

Maths102 finds him joined (or invent) a new Chicago house supergroup - Allonymous & The Hamitic Building Society and is possibly the most curveball and surprising releases I've ever witnessed him put out! - a truly astonishing fact when you consider just how maverick and leftfield he's been in the past. I WAS NOT expecting this - sprawling through camp Chi-town romp a la Derrick Carter on side A, which quickly descends into a late 80s NY styled number, somewhere between Arthur Russell and Codek with post-punk / no-wave art grooves on "Path To Wisdom" - and garnished with an evocative spoken word part. Flip and side B starts off with more familiar Jamal tackle - a reflective series of synth patterns marching to a vintage drum box and fluttering with frequency ripples. On "Broken Toy" I actually had to check I still had the phono switch on - I was that taken aback by what came out the speakers - somewhere between Nick Cave, David Bowie and Ghostpoet (!!!!!!!) - what the feck?! Is there nothing this man cannot do?! My heads still spinning about this track tbh....Anyway, "To Stay" concludes the EP with a trippy, flange-soaked vocal acapela...Jamal Moss peels back layers like I peel onions - in his mid 40's we're now hearing more new stuff as this true artist paints his picture and his philosophy. Get on board - one of the most defining artists of our generation. 


Matt says: Proper had to check mesen when I heard "Broken Toy" - buy dead pleased to see Jamal open up into some new directions. Still impertive in 2018, still doin' what he does...

As we cross the milestone 100 release mark, Jamal Moss' imperative label continues to supply the goods for intergalactic movers and shakers. This latest project features music from Cuban performer and guitarist Vivian Garcia who gets tweaked and polished by Italian hardware obsessive, Deviere. Beautifully injecting some fresh energy into classic house grooves, we open with the expansive, high gloss thriller that is "Ven Vonmigo", a classic 90s house vibe decorated with vibing sax licks, nice female vox and captivating arrangement. "Luna" gets two reworkings by the Italian maestro. First his "Deeply Envisioned Rework" strips it back to a warehouse dwelling creeper; thick square waves dominating a skeletal drum palette with that exotic vocal straddling the sonic structure wonderfully - eerie, tense and with a thousand uses out in the field. Finally we get a wild, late night orientated club refix which sends the vox spiralling out of control whilst concentric kick drums pound against strewn out atmospheres and cavernous piano notes before Deviere dumps a bucket load of analogue fx onto the stem and completely flips the vibe. Don't miss this last beauty it's gonna destroy the club! Mathematics rides again! Always worth a punt!

Landmark, mile stone release for cult Chicago electronics / house / dance label Mathematics. Regulars to the shop will know we've been on this journey with Jamal since pretty much day one, so it's great to see the label owner, leftfield luminary and general nightclub demi-god grace its 100th release with one of his own productions, taken from a live Zurich performance to boot! Alongside CCO (Contra Communem Opinionem aka Florin Büchel), Jamal's "The Walls" sees an obvious but highly engrossing tribute to Fingers Inc.'s legendary track. Murking up a new vocal section and adding a throbbing, warehouse-friendly instrumental this version is perfectly in keeping with a Hieroglyphic Being DJ set, the kinda shit he's sent hundreds of his adoring fans here in Manchester wild with, every time he's performed. Blake Roman takes care of remix duties, concocting one highly electric, rainbow-road type rub-down, full of darting laser synths and juddering, gated arps; and another, acid-EBM crossover which pushes the track's carnal nature to the forefront. Mathematics fan boys, Jamal Moss acolytes, Chicago acid heads & anyone with a penchant for modern day dancefloor experimentation need to celebrate in the glory of this unrelentingly underground label reaching this monumental anniversary. Mathematics we salute you!

Audio Atlas Presents Presents DimDJ

Future Ancient EP

Another of the three Mathematics to land this week, and only the third record to date from one Audio Atlas (Greek producers  Dimitris Evagelopoulos & Mijo). Sonically very rich, intricate and with plenty of layers to get your teeth into, "XIV" introduces the EP with concentric, mesmerizing arps, fluttering beautifully against pulsating drum rhythms and low, gliding bass. "Crash 3" revisits vintage acid house music, but done in that gnarly, biting style so favoured by Jamal Moss during his extended, anything-goes DJ sets. Flip the disc and we get interstella house music on "Trok", full off bendy, wigged out synths and buoyant drums circa Red Planet. "The Black Lodge" sees celestial, post-peak bliss explored with finesse, Audio Atlas journeying through out nearest star cluster at hyperspeed before slowing down to land on a distant planet, searching for "Temple Of The Mountain" - with its intrepid, weaving acid lines, slow-mo drums, emotive chord sequence and evocative, spoken word vocal section. A brilliantly sequenced, highly emotive set of tracks marking a wonderful label debut by these skilled Greek producers. 

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