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Craven Faults

Lowfold Reworks - Inc. Pye Corner Audio / Don't DJ / President Bongo Reworks

Reworks of tracks from across the Yorkshire-based electronic producer’s trilogy of long-form EPs on the Lowfold Works label. This release brings together a celebrated list of progressive contemporaries at the top of their game.

Pye Corner Audio, Don't DJ & President Bongo have all made ripples and waves across their various sound pools through some inspired and creative content over the last few years. Unleashing the same drive and desire for audio magc they turn their attention to three of Craven Fault's tracks for the subject of this release.

"Intakes" is given a synthetic and opiated wash as Pye Corner Audio injects a subtle 4/4 thrust but otherwise smothers the stems in a comforting, if narcotic, blanket of sound.

Don't DJ takes on "Foddergang", creating a mesmerizing, concentric EBM pulse which owes as much to Ashra Temple and Manuel Gottsching as it does to Tolouse Low Trax and Huerco S.

Finally, President Bongo brings out the blossoming bright and celestial nuances of "Eller Ghyll", giving them a crystalline, if hypnotic focus. The clarity of the panned drum hits combining with the dreaminess of those softly circling arpeggios is a true feast for the ears. Fluttering, phasing elements gently drift across the stereo field as a motorick meter steadily urges things forward. Dreamboat!

Mega release, all three remixes are golden. Highly recommended!

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