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Haris Badic aka DJ Asparagus aka Dirty Haris aka Coral once part of the Raw Fusion Crew and releasing on G.A.M.M. makes his solo debut on Local Talk.

As Coral he's crafting a distinctive and electronic sound, almost like a sucker-punch of breaks and melodies.  It's an EP primed for peak time impact not far from the early days of Lone, creating a futuristic retro sound.

All tracks are rich with melodic, sizzling synth lines, dreamy chords, breakbeats, and electronic arpeggio lines.
What more could you ask for?
And just when you had it all figured out, the last track 'A Kind Whisper' changes the pace and takes you on a deeper electro influenced vibe.

Alton Miller

Infinite Experience

Dance music veteran, Alton Miller's graced esteemed labels as Sound Signature, KMS, Peacefrog, Track Mode and Planet E just to name a few and is another of Detroit's leading cast members in the house and techno story. Possessing a three decades old career, Miller's kept relevant and forward focused throughout, always retaining a warm, organic touch that gives each record its own flavour.

The tracks on "Infinite Experience" are lush, languid and dreamy. Unfurling with floaty keyboard lines, gentle, plucked bass notes and an undulating, house swivel. Comparisons can be drawn with Jose Rico and his amazing label Downbeat. "By The Way She Moves" is similar - with crystalline synth passages that plume, breath and flow over a perc'ed up 4/4 canter. This is truly sublime, deep house the way it should be. Musical as a peaking blackbird in an auditorium. Recommended!

Dean Zepherin

Blue Moon / Flying High

Dean Zepherin is born and raised in London - a suitably eclectic city for a man of his musical persuasion - he is renowned for his consistently genre-pushing productions. making him a perfect match for Local Talk - the label that embraces cross-genre pollination and multicultural ethos.

Opening track "Blue Moon" is an organic, funky, lavishly decorated slice of deep house / broken beat. A full realized set up instruments - live drums, keys, horns, guitars, the lot! is thrown at the mixing desk, resulting in a vibrant and highly engrossing cut.

Next up is "Flying High", also riding that broken beat syncopation, it's got a beefier low end than the previous track but other than that keeps up the live, musical elements, garnishing the track with lush horns, bright keys and plen-ty of perc.


Sil says: Funky and jazzy are the words attached to this release. Feel good and summery vibes spilled over both sides of this 12". Pefect bar tackle for me!


Night Colors EP

A very nice mix of funk and jazz samples and melodies with a twist of electronic msuic made with the dancefloor in mind.
The opening track 'Two' is a clever number with its changes and sonic wizardry throughout. It will definitetly not bore you. 
It shows that  making the perfect blend between house and techno dipped into one big pot of deep Detroit vibes is achievable and produces great results - when done right!

On the flipside we get 'The Joint', a track that wears the distinct Turbojazz trademark throughout with its playful keys and sequenced drum programming at full tilt.

Perfect 12" for both the club and horizontal dancing. 


Sil says: Soul, jazz and funk blended together with a house and electronic twist. Remember Atjazz and some early Classic Music Company records? This one carries a certain aura that remind us of those years.

Wipe The Needle Featuring Alex Lattimore


Love for the music should be the driving force of any producer and Lee Gomez aka Wipe The Needle clearly shows this with his latest release for Local Talk which is full of both the label's vibrant, organic juices and resplendent with the producer's sunny ethos.

"Enchanted" features Alex Lattimore's soulful vocals together with stunning instrumentation and takes you on journey that goes beyond the house genre, and into searing jazz-funk / disco energy.

Flip it for a North London dub courtesy of Wipe The Needle. It's the kinda track Joe Claussell would drop and tweak to buggery at Body & Soul and keeps you dancing until closing time.

Surprisingly good 12" straight from the solid Local Talk label, this time is Boddhi Satva providing the soundtrack. 
On A side up is the 00s mix of 'Basic Knowledge', a near-epic track, riddled with emotion and deepness, certain to cause more than just a few goosebumps. The key stabs and strings makes this one of the deepest cuts of house we've heard in a minute.

On the flip 'Together' is another elegantly realised stylistic track where all the moving chords are exposed and pushed to the front. A grand tour through the deep-rooted rhythms with a minimal yet spiritual sound. My favourite track by a mile on this ep. 

Last but not least is the 90s mix of 'Basic Knowledge'. It takes all the ingredients from the A side mix and infuses it with more jack, together with the kicks, snares and the swollen bassline.

An absolute killer all round!


Sil says: As said above, absolute killer with a special mention to the very very deep 'Together'. Lessons in deep house available from the man Boddhi Satva. Bravo.

Art Of Tones breaks the all important first album deadlock with a tasty selection of cuts for Local Talk. 

The divine Frenchmen has produced a nothing short of faultless discography of singles and remixes, but has yet to drop a complete artist statement such as this. Set across two parts, and taking his soulful, bumpin', sample-friendly approach laced with funky leads and swinging beats, AOT delves straight into the dance, perfectly encapsulating what the producer is about across two succinct and well sequenced discs. Comparisons could be drawn with Dan Shake, MCDE, Crazy P and Maurice Fulton but these are merely place markers to guide you to the final destination - Art Of Tones rocks the discotheque with his own stance and style and "Unbalanced" competes with some of the best dance music longer players of the last five years! Top marks!


Matt says: Hips swinging, elbows out, shoulders rolling! It's that typical Local Talk canter we know and love and it's fighting fit and ready for action.

Soulphiction comes through with a nice n funky four tracks for cult stable Local Talk. Ear-grabbing opening track "Bizzness" starts things off in classic Soulphiction mode with its deliciously bass-heavy funk stomp garnished beautifully by the odd guitar fret-chop. "Cart People" is a fine slice of deep house encompassing some seriously dreamy keyboard and pad presets before packaging it up with a touch of phaze and some simple house riddims.

"Slow Glow" opens side B, bringing warm vibes and great melodies together in a clever way while "Sweet Dreams" concludes with a fathoms deep, Mr Fingers-indebted style with skeletal drum beats, shadow-dwelling vocal and intricate yet subtle sonics. A provocative and sensual way to end the EP and worth the entrance fee alone if you ask me. Top stuff.

Dropping nothing but heat since his debut on Paper Recordings in 2012 (check out his EPs on Intimate Friends and Karakul if you think I'm lying!) NY*AK becomes the latest addition to the Local Talk roster with the "Bound EP". Providing plenty of banger for your buck, the geordie treats us to four tracks, kicking off with the opening track 'Bound', a cut up, soulful disco house slammer. Next up we got "Dancing", a perfect example of Andrew's skill when it comes to slowing down the tempo but still letting the track have enough character to keep you...'dancing'. On the flip we have "See More" which takes you straight to a dark and gritty club with its stuttering chords, tight drums and pulsing bass. Last but not least Andrew teams up with long time collaborator Ian Blevins for 'Sandwiches', a stunning low deep groove for any Theo Parrish or Marcellus Pittman fans out there.

DJ Spinna

TB Or Not TB / Cosmocrank

An unlikely, but nonetheless stimulating diversion here for DJ Spinna on Local Talk. Ditching the soul and funk for two techy, electronically charged warehouse trax that'll find equal favour in one of Timmy Regisford's extended Shelter sessions or smashing out Panorama bar at 4AM in the morning. "TB Or Not TB" skillfully pairs a winding 303 line with crisp, newly harvested beats. An extended trip, the first half of the track works at locking you into its hypnotic grooves before a floaty synthline slowly creeps into the mix along with sharp, glistening melodies, elevating the next half of the track into the upper echelons of deep tech pleasure! Flip for the more subdued, blissed-out, Larry Heard-esque, "Cosmocrank". With its classic bleep-bass preset straight outta Mr. Fingers sound library we get plenty of textured elements slowly converging on the track - sounding a little like a more stripped back version of Ron Trent's Electric Blue series. Basically, both tracks are ace late night workouts and should make a welcome curveball to fans of this producer's already prolific discography.

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