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Hailing from the small town of Stroud, South West England, Marcel Lune has been quickly building his reputation as one of the hottest new talents in the UK Bass Music Scene.
Having discovered an 808 in his parents attic at a young age, it quickly became one his favourite toys and set him off on a musical voyage which is beginning to gather momentum.
Having already released a string of releases including a full album for Studio Rockers last year, this release with Local Talk is a new chapter in the ever growing Marcel Lune saga.

This debut for Local Talk is nothing short of brilliance.
An EP that sits somewhere between the early Floating Points days and Local Talk's very own Crackazat jamming with Harvey Sutherland.

From the opening track 'Sketches' Marcel brings broken house rhythms, piano chords and dancing acid lines in a glorius way.
The clever vocal arrangement on 'Eat Good' takes no prisoners and on the flip 'Crazy Love', another vocal track, Marcel slows things down a bit together with vocalist Bluesz.
The EP ends with Soul Music, upping the energy level slightly with its snappy, jazz-influenced beats and dancing synth lines.

A beautiful and fitting addition to the ever expanding Local Talk catalogue.

Soulphiction comes through with a nice n funky four tracks for cult stable Local Talk. Ear-grabbing opening track "Bizzness" starts things off in classic Soulphiction mode with its deliciously bass-heavy funk stomp garnished beautifully by the odd guitar fret-chop. "Cart People" is a fine slice of deep house encompassing some seriously dreamy keyboard and pad presets before packaging it up with a touch of phaze and some simple house riddims.

"Slow Glow" opens side B, bringing warm vibes and great melodies together in a clever way while "Sweet Dreams" concludes with a fathoms deep, Mr Fingers-indebted style with skeletal drum beats, shadow-dwelling vocal and intricate yet subtle sonics. A provocative and sensual way to end the EP and worth the entrance fee alone if you ask me. Top stuff.

Trevor Lawrence Jr

Tiptoe - Inc. DJ Spinna Remix

Trevor Lawrence Jr. has a CV that reels off a who's who of collaborations: Lawrence's performance and recording credits include Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones to name a few. Here he makes his Local Talk debut (on 7" format too - another first for the label), with original track "Tiptoe" which comes backed with a remix from one DJ Spinna. The track is a summery soul jam full of radio friendly pop inflections; seductive, hushed verses combined with powerful, catchy chorus parts. With the right marketing and major label influence I'd bet you'd be hearing this all over the major stations and playlists this Summer... we shall see!

On the remix tip, Brooklyn legend DJ Spinna applies his magic touch to the track, flipping the mood and tempo and turning out an accomplished, modern funky house number that'd go down a storm at Southport Weekender (RIP). 


Matt says: Did we have a blast of Summer last week? I'm sure we did. Since then records like this have made much more sence here in the shop. Fingers crossed they don't fade into a cloudy grey obscurity as the weather subsides and instead enjoy their well deserved time in the sun this Summer.

Ludovic Llorca aka Art Of Tones comes on strong with his fourth single, "Where The One Is". The title track, with its tight staccato b-line, Hamilton Bohannon style drums and clever fills accompanied perfectly exemplifies the producer's sound - tipping his hat to disco and jazz-funk in equal measure whilst keeping us on our toes with a dramatic, ever-changing arrangement.

Next up is "Double Wheelin'" which pairs First Choice's 'love stealing, double dealing' vocal with an upfront groove fans of Lumberjack's In Hell will go nuts for. Disco-house pleasure at its finest!

Last but not least Ludovic keeps the momentum flowing right till the end as he deploys some well placed high pass filters onto the hefty disco chug of "Reprise Of Fonk". Top stuff! 

Second single from Crackazat's long player, "Rainbow Fantasia"; featuring remixes from Waajeed and Groove Assassin. Nick Moss (aka Groove Assassin), take on "Sundial" is a soulful, biotic take on the OG, with LT-patented drums, pumpin' keys and funky ass bass yet remaining delightfully true to the original. On the flip former Slum Village and Platinum Pied Piper beat maker and producer-extraordinaire Waajeed works some magic on "Holding You Close". Layered percussion, jammed keys and an expert vocal arrangement take centre stage as a shimmering house groove powers the backline. Completing the package is also the original of "Holding You Close" - wunderbaa!

Dropping nothing but heat since his debut on Paper Recordings in 2012 (check out his EPs on Intimate Friends and Karakul if you think I'm lying!) NY*AK becomes the latest addition to the Local Talk roster with the "Bound EP". Providing plenty of banger for your buck, the geordie treats us to four tracks, kicking off with the opening track 'Bound', a cut up, soulful disco house slammer. Next up we got "Dancing", a perfect example of Andrew's skill when it comes to slowing down the tempo but still letting the track have enough character to keep you...'dancing'. On the flip we have "See More" which takes you straight to a dark and gritty club with its stuttering chords, tight drums and pulsing bass. Last but not least Andrew teams up with long time collaborator Ian Blevins for 'Sandwiches', a stunning low deep groove for any Theo Parrish or Marcellus Pittman fans out there.

Jaxx Madicine is a jazz-funk inspired house(-ish) outfit from Milan consisting of Turbojazz (Local Talk, GAMM Records), Parker Madicine (Heist, Bastard Jazz Brooklyn, CT-HI Records) and the talented jazz keyboardist 'Veez_0'. With an organic and melodic sound collage you can hear influences from classic 70's jazz funk labels and artists like CTI, Mizell Brothers, Kudu and Bob James but also the current sounds of Kaidi Tatham, Byron The Aquarius and Harvey Sutherland. After their debut EP "Montreux" they drop their full album "Distant Classic" where the Jaxx crew exit planet earth and treat us to a space music odyssey that is full of surprises. During the journey they deliver house, jazz, fusion, boogie and jazzy beats from a highly melodic, keyboard-driven perspective.
All tracks are made with a genuine love for analogue synthesizers, fender Rhodes, clavinets and some soulful MPC programming. There's loads to bash out at your local dance - with thick hefty production characterizing much of the output here, decorated with a palette that references Floating Point and Project Pablo in equal measure. Nice!

Ahead of Crackazat's new album, "Rainbow Fantasia" we get this little taster of what's to come from this jazzy little upstart from the Local Talk roster. "Proton Blue" hums and swings like classic Linkwood or Tuff City Kids; full throttle and high power, characterized by thick chord stabs and glistening arpeggios, and propelled by a slammin' kick. "Calling My Name" recalls the golden years of soulful house but gives it a modern twist, utilizing the crisp filters and hi-fi production of today's kit to create a thoroughly intoxicating feel-good house burner that I'm absolutely devastated didn't drop earlier this Summer. The track's so good Crackazat rolls out a fully instrumental extension, ditching the vocals and allowing a plethora of real instruments to jam over the track while the bass hits funk overdrive - mega! "Proton Blue" also benefits from an alternative take, Crackazat offering up a shimmering, humid interpretation that gets me right in that holiday spirit, craving a blast of Space's water cannons as the crowds swell into blissful abandon. All four tracks are a winner here.

DJ Spinna

TB Or Not TB / Cosmocrank

An unlikely, but nonetheless stimulating diversion here for DJ Spinna on Local Talk. Ditching the soul and funk for two techy, electronically charged warehouse trax that'll find equal favour in one of Timmy Regisford's extended Shelter sessions or smashing out Panorama bar at 4AM in the morning. "TB Or Not TB" skillfully pairs a winding 303 line with crisp, newly harvested beats. An extended trip, the first half of the track works at locking you into its hypnotic grooves before a floaty synthline slowly creeps into the mix along with sharp, glistening melodies, elevating the next half of the track into the upper echelons of deep tech pleasure! Flip for the more subdued, blissed-out, Larry Heard-esque, "Cosmocrank". With its classic bleep-bass preset straight outta Mr. Fingers sound library we get plenty of textured elements slowly converging on the track - sounding a little like a more stripped back version of Ron Trent's Electric Blue series. Basically, both tracks are ace late night workouts and should make a welcome curveball to fans of this producer's already prolific discography.

Local Talk welcome the Cologne-based producers Hade & Gutta to the family. Their debut release marks a further development of the Local Talk sound, balancing between house and bass.

The EP kicks off with "Nothing Wrong", a track built around a compressed but bouncy bass line that adds extra funk and weaves around a clever vocal splicing. It's got me dancing already!

"In Me" goes deeper, keeping the beats on the slammin' side, but with ingenious stabs and warmer pads / vox. Ending the EP is Hade's solo number "Baphome". A bass-fuelled floor packer with nicely interwoven synths and a hypnotic house groove that remains present throughout the track.

A garage-esque belter with the right amount of wobbly bass to satisfy all your DJ and dancefloor needs.

After a slew of choice cuts on some of Bristol's finest labels, Outboxx step out of their hometown comfort zone and join the Local Talk fold. This three tracker keeps it nice and simple, and showcases the guys doing what they do best, warm, textured house music infused with electronic soul. "Planet Love" is given the A-side all to itself to take you on a eurphoric journey through Italo house pads, Galaxy 2 Galaxy sequences and percussion and classic chord progressions. Sunny, hazy and perfectly produced, this would knock 'em dead on a Sunday afternoon at Body & Soul. On the B-side, "Denim Dreams" picks up the dreamhouse batton and runs with it, pairing a circular marimba pattern with jazzy pads and a wriggling square bassline. Visions of a caravan park in the sunshine circa '92 I reckon. On EP closer "On My Own" Outboxx step away from the druggy fug of the previous tracks and take aim at the hotly contested Local Talk 90s style NY house title. Skipping drums, vamping keys, a simple bass groove and chopped up diva vocals are all present and correct, coming together to form the best retro house track since HNNY'S "For The Very First Time".

Tony Blitz (CRST) pays hommage to my favourite tipple and chaser on this Local Talk three tracker. Lucky for us his music doesn't have the same effect as that drink and drugs combo, but is actually sprightly garage business for the dancefloor. 'Vodka & Valium' has that crisp CRST feel, with beats that leap at you out of the grooves, while the bassline bubbles and choppy keyboards drop. Uplifting in every way. 'Bring It Back' gets all loopy on us, with rhythms, keys and samples all sliced an layered like a UKG build your own pizza. Studio wizard Crackazat, last heard on Local Talk's sub-label One Offs, has re-built the track into a melodic, piano-driven house version.

Cazuma & Andreas

Nostalgia / Can't Hide It

Andreas Saag returns to Local Talk with a follow-up to his "Back To Life EP", this time he's invited longtime friend and studio partner Cazuma Mori, together both of them offer the Local Talk fans house music with a distinctive production sound.

"Nostalgia" is a warm stomping basement beats floor-filler, with a fat bassline tempered by rising chord textures, smartly coordinated with the pulses in the track. As the track evolves the kick drum charges torward the bassline making the chord an addictive and unforgettable hook.

Both Saag and Cazuma showcases their skills in tackling other bpms too.
The B-Side "Can't Hide It" comes with intricate keyboard work and deep atmospherics that are driven by an appealingly on-point house bassline. The track picks up a new elements at just the right moment to keep you on board the whole eight minutes. There's no messin’ around here, just pure deep house from Local Talk.

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