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When it comes to breathing new life into classic cuts Joseph Caserta is as good as it gets, proven many times on his imprint BridgeBoots. Making punchy and jackin' house sounding like it's been dipped in some secret sauce is another trick of his.

The first track on his Local Talk debut, "Hip Hop", comes in two flavours with the special sauce added on top. Both the Rap Mix and the Haus Dub got swinging drums and a meaty, stabby chord that keeps the energy tight.

On the flip, "g'Head" is a punchy and bumpy house jacker that takes a hold of you and doesn't let go. It's certainly got us bum shuffling here at Picc HQ! Recommended heat from the Local talk schtable. 


Matt says: Well rugged, elbows out basement house tackle that's got a bit of a Sheffield vibe about it.


A1. Hip Hop (Rap Mix)
A2. Hip Hop (Haus Dub)
B1. G'Head (LA Mix)
B2. G'Head (Boston Dub)

Hot on the heels of their releases on Nu Groove and Refuge Recordings, Acid Jerks are back once again with another EP of jackin' traxx.

It's their first for Local Talk and sees Oliver Siebert & Stefan Braatz deploy their trademark kinetics and retro-futuristic house grooves with the usual aplomb. First up is "Shades Of Grey" which utilizes a jagged wooden bass sound, tense string stabs and phazing atmospheres to create a slowly building vibe that's certain to warm up any house leaning dancefloor nicely.

"Wheels Of Fortune" is classic raw, Chicago-indebted, warehouse business. With a pokey 4 note b-line, frenetic woodblocks and suspended strings - guaranteed fire for any nightclub space. "Rise Up" continues this theme, sounding like a lost Mr/ Fingers / Alleviated Music number with its emotive pad, string and lead combination - highly musical and slightly melancholic, just what late night dancefloors need!

"Ace Of Spade" concludes with nagging acid and rampant hand claps, a sincere tribute to the late 80s Traxx sound and pulled off with 100% authenticity.  


Matt says: Acid Jerks keep the Chi-town formula present and correct for modern 'floors, encompassing jack, acid and deep house flavours as they debut on Local Talk. We love em!


A1. Shades Of Grey
A2. Wheels Of Fortune
B1. Rise Up
B2. Ace Of Spade

French producer Timothee Milton debuts on Local Talk with a killer EP that fuses electronic rhythms and soulful vocals in a way that's typical of the long standing label. Written by Angela Johnson, "Love's Gonna Get you" is a deep but big room, vocal house jam that's got some hints of the 90s Jersey sound about it as well as subtly being a bit of a voguing anthem on the sly.

To give the package an extra edge, deep house connoisseur Hugo LX and boogie-house maestro Art Of Tones are enlisted for remixes. The former strips things back to a more delicate groove; aquaplaning syths and pads all combining with the gently shaking perx to create a more sublime and serene version of the OG. The Art Of Tones remix is equally strong but goes for a more uplifting approach and puts the funk, boogie and soul front & center, with live sounding disco drums and a much more organic palette guiding proceedings. Top stuff as always from the Local Talk mob! 


Matt says: Soulful, sun-flecked house music from the unstoppable Local Talk camp. Three different takes on this catchy track ranging from disco, voguey house and a skitty, deep house twist.


A. Love's Gonna Get You (Hugo LX Underwater Mix)
B1. Love's Gonna Get You (Art Of Tones Remix)
B2. Love's Gonna Get You (Main Mix)

"We've now been at this since 2010 and over the years we've really tried to deliver the kind of house music (and beyond) that we would play, listen and dance to ourselves. We really tried to avoid the dangerous traps of following trends which in the long run can water down labels to just a music portal instead of a music brand with character.
Basically, we aim to deliver our own musical personality via artists and producers that we love and respect. To sum things up, we are proud to present ‘Local Talk - 13 Years Later’.

Hard to believe 13 years of soulful grooves, jazzy house and funky broken beats have passed through the pressing plants of Local Talk. Proudly long serving and independent with a justifiable loyal following. Ahead of a full compilation we get four exclusive tracks that’ll you’ll only find on this 12” sampler. From the tumbling beats and bright pianos of “Real Change” by Soul Renegades to the moody organs and squelchy bass of Nico Lahs “Happenstance” via the swirling deep house of “Light Years Away” (Wipe The Needle) and frenetic high speed jazz of The James L'Estraunge Orchestra’s “Broken Spells” - it’s a thoroughly Local Talk flavoured affair throughout. Recommended. 


Matt says: Local Talk celebrate thirteen years in the business with a various artists EP showcasing their current, highly skilled roster. It's jazzy house fusion all the way as the team deploy the LT patented blends of spacey keys, swung drums and live instrumentation. A winning formula that's kept the label at the front of the more tasteful disc jocks across the world for well over a decade.


A1. Soul Renegades - Real Change
A2. Wipe The Needle - Light Years Away
B1. The James L'Estraunge Orchestra - Broken Spells
B2. Nico Lahs - Happenstance

Local Talk present a live recording with Soulphiction & Netzer from 2018, recorded live just a month before the official release of "Bizzness" the first of several releases Soulphiction and Local Talk released together.

"Bizzness" is by many considered a classic and had all the trade marks of a Soulphiction tune with its dusty soul and funk-infused house ingredients.
This live version really shows the vision and forward thinking of Michel Baumann using his Soulphiction moniker.

Also included on this release is a - as far as we know it - unreleased track called "Dileila Emergency Dub".

A track built around a heady deep house theme that captures the sweaty, back-in-the-day feel we all love to hear in a track.


A. Bizzness Live @ BIX
B. Dileila Emergency Dub Live @ BIX


Short Circuit / Bird's Eye View

Shaka is back on Local Talk with a follow-up to "The Riverwalk EP" released back in 2020. "The Bird's Eye View" continues on the same deep, soulful and uplifting house tip with waves fluttery elation and positivity flooding these fresh tracks.

There's a genuine swing to the opening track "Short Circuit" that is infectious and Shaka really gets to work on those keys - a proper Local Talk jam - no one does it better! It brings back memories of those golden years of house music when every track Strictly Rhythm classic was a classic...

"The Birds Eye View" offers a deeper and jazzier spin on the lush and spiritual house music Shaka flirts with. Again, there's an air of elevation; thoughtfully curated instrumentation and a rich musicality to this offering; the true roots of house music as an evolution from disco. If delightfully playful music is your secret crush then look no further!


Matt says: Housey vibes on Stockholm's Local Talk. Shaka has worked with Mad Mats and Tooli's label previous to this; but I think "Short Circuit" pips "Theme From The Riverwalk" just slightly - a rich and technicoloured canter that should ignite any warm up session.


A. Short Circuit
B. The Bird's Eye View

House head, soul man and jazz aficionado Envee is back on Local Talk with 'Gotta Work' featuring Nick Sincklair on vocals.

Packed to the rafters with high quality deep and soulful house, “Gotta Work” has both inflections of both vintage US garage and the uplifting sound of modern house. Trev, a producer bringing some of the freshest sounds in broken beat delivers two versions, both with ultra-deep bass and wonky time signatures.
Local Talk can do know wrong!


Gotta Work (1st Take)
Gotta Work (Trev Remix)
Gotta Work (2020 Mix)
Gotta Work (Trev Dub)

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