Soulphiction With Netzer

Live @ BIX

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Local Talk

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Local Talk present a live recording with Soulphiction & Netzer from 2018, recorded live just a month before the official release of "Bizzness" the first of several releases Soulphiction and Local Talk released together.

"Bizzness" is by many considered a classic and had all the trade marks of a Soulphiction tune with its dusty soul and funk-infused house ingredients.
This live version really shows the vision and forward thinking of Michel Baumann using his Soulphiction moniker.

Also included on this release is a - as far as we know it - unreleased track called "Dileila Emergency Dub".

A track built around a heady deep house theme that captures the sweaty, back-in-the-day feel we all love to hear in a track.


A. Bizzness Live @ BIX
B. Dileila Emergency Dub Live @ BIX

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