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Local Talk - 13 Years Later Album Sampler

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"We've now been at this since 2010 and over the years we've really tried to deliver the kind of house music (and beyond) that we would play, listen and dance to ourselves. We really tried to avoid the dangerous traps of following trends which in the long run can water down labels to just a music portal instead of a music brand with character.
Basically, we aim to deliver our own musical personality via artists and producers that we love and respect. To sum things up, we are proud to present ‘Local Talk - 13 Years Later’.

Hard to believe 13 years of soulful grooves, jazzy house and funky broken beats have passed through the pressing plants of Local Talk. Proudly long serving and independent with a justifiable loyal following. Ahead of a full compilation we get four exclusive tracks that’ll you’ll only find on this 12” sampler. From the tumbling beats and bright pianos of “Real Change” by Soul Renegades to the moody organs and squelchy bass of Nico Lahs “Happenstance” via the swirling deep house of “Light Years Away” (Wipe The Needle) and frenetic high speed jazz of The James L'Estraunge Orchestra’s “Broken Spells” - it’s a thoroughly Local Talk flavoured affair throughout. Recommended. 


Matt says: Local Talk celebrate thirteen years in the business with a various artists EP showcasing their current, highly skilled roster. It's jazzy house fusion all the way as the team deploy the LT patented blends of spacey keys, swung drums and live instrumentation. A winning formula that's kept the label at the front of the more tasteful disc jocks across the world for well over a decade.


A1. Soul Renegades - Real Change
A2. Wipe The Needle - Light Years Away
B1. The James L'Estraunge Orchestra - Broken Spells
B2. Nico Lahs - Happenstance

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