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HiFi Shades Of Grey

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Local Talk

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Hot on the heels of their releases on Nu Groove and Refuge Recordings, Acid Jerks are back once again with another EP of jackin' traxx.

It's their first for Local Talk and sees Oliver Siebert & Stefan Braatz deploy their trademark kinetics and retro-futuristic house grooves with the usual aplomb. First up is "Shades Of Grey" which utilizes a jagged wooden bass sound, tense string stabs and phazing atmospheres to create a slowly building vibe that's certain to warm up any house leaning dancefloor nicely.

"Wheels Of Fortune" is classic raw, Chicago-indebted, warehouse business. With a pokey 4 note b-line, frenetic woodblocks and suspended strings - guaranteed fire for any nightclub space. "Rise Up" continues this theme, sounding like a lost Mr/ Fingers / Alleviated Music number with its emotive pad, string and lead combination - highly musical and slightly melancholic, just what late night dancefloors need!

"Ace Of Spade" concludes with nagging acid and rampant hand claps, a sincere tribute to the late 80s Traxx sound and pulled off with 100% authenticity.  


Matt says: Acid Jerks keep the Chi-town formula present and correct for modern 'floors, encompassing jack, acid and deep house flavours as they debut on Local Talk. We love em!


A1. Shades Of Grey
A2. Wheels Of Fortune
B1. Rise Up
B2. Ace Of Spade

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