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Proceedings last week's "Kuko", "Totsu" completes the two-part Keita Sano album on We Play House. Another fiery maelstrom of house and disco dancefloor pressure that has a dusting of that impossible-to-place Keita Sano absurdity. From the loopy, Moodymann-esque "Can't Wait The Party" to the frazzled and scorched house stems on "Bitched" we move to the driving mysticism of "Psychedelic Ants" and finally onto the valium-soaked MPC drool of closing track "The Stripper".

Together, "Kubo" and "Totsu" make up "Ōtotsu", an eight-track long-player which finds Sano in fine form.

Japanese electronic music stalwart Keita Sano returns to Let’s Play House with a slew of fresh tracks, "Kubo" marking the first in a new series of EPs from the star. Electric and charged, "A Place Called Sun Beach" kicks things off in peak time fashion, a highly kinetic groove rippling with excitement and tension as the rubbery arps and darting leads collide across pogoing house drums. "Hmmm" is up next with clattering snares and sloppy kicks. Its intriguing and slightly off-kilter but still dancefloor-centric and destined for nightclub play. "Sweet Fruit" sees the adventurous producer utilize brilliantly constructed patterns and complicated tape delays, making for a heady and lysergic listen - tropical, rhythmic and engrossing; the perfect late night centre piece to blow away the competition. "My Pain" concludes with an exotic, cosmic-disco-house hybrid, the kind you might find on Tusk Wax or To Rack And Ruin, only with a little more gerth and bite. Belting stuff from Sano as always.


Matt says: Keita Sano goes from strength to strength! Really powerful stuff here for Let's Play House. Seriously, how can we get this cat over to Manchester...?!

Deep house sounds from a longtime fixture in the Detroit house scene (his earliest records date back to the late 90s). Let’s Play House taps the Javon seams for five deep and soulful cuts of unadulterated freebase house music. Javon's drum programming is some of the best in the business, and its often overlooked in favour of MAW of Kerri Chandler. If you're shoulders aren't swinging by the end of this then I doubt you are indeed human. Personal favorites? "Just Listen" and "Capricorn" - those frenetic beats and elastic low end simply impossible to ignore. Anyway, if you've not dipped your toe into this producer's archive yet, this is a brilliant place to start. If you're already onboard then make sure to pay this some attention as I reckon it's really, really strong.

Jaymo & Andy George run Moda Music - a party come club night come record label, run straight outta Lincoln UK. They've released loadsa stuff on their own label but this is the first time we've seen the pair drop some bombs on another camp. And bombs they are! Landing somewhere between Shir Khan, Roule, E-Beamz and Subjoi, this is feel-good, filtered house music in its pure form - often utilizing one simple lick and embellishing with drum machines and filter work. The looping is a vibrant and chaotic and the hats fizzle and spark off the wax while the sample choices are suitable obscure and ear-grabbing. All four trax are gonna ramp up the energy levels at your local dance spot no end.


Sil says: Four unapologetic, straight to the jugular house blasters. Simple old schoool formula in use here: looping the catchy vocals, loads of a-la-French filtering when building up the climatic peak, and the drop, the always essential drop. Nothing new under the sun here, however, what it does it does it perfectly. Monster blaster 12" ready to be deployed.

Three raw, tough, cutting originals from a Brooklyn brother only known as Trey. All tracky and dynamic, blunt and deliberate, and most definitely made for clubs that exist on the fringes. "I Got A Good Idea" fizzes and thrusts like a Proibito number, but the hi-fi sheen and glistening arps suggest something with more clarity. "Smoke That Shit" sways and swaggers as drunkard beats edge towards a sloppy finale embellished with bleep melodies and sharp synthline. "Why Does It Flow" is the most futuristic offering, Detroitian hats rolling down the machine line as funky clavs and syncopated synth shards conjure up some groovy business up front.

Comes packaged in a special graph paper printed inner sleeve.

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