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Lee Scratch Perry X Bob Ridim


    Lee “Scratch” Perry's posthumous masterpiece Destiny, crafted alongside Bob Riddim, is a transcendent journey through reggae's legacy and future. With Evie Pukupoo's soulful echoes, Kabaka Pyramid's revolutionary lyricism, and Xana Romeo's neo-roots infusion, the album marries iconic traditions with reggae’s modern sound and voices. Highlights also include a collaborative showcase of the next-generation reggae wave with Blvk H3ro, Leno Banton, and Wayne J on "Ring Pon My Finger", and a nod to dub royalty with Addis Pablo's melodica on "Infinity” (Dub). Scheduled for a September 8th global launch via Delicious Vinyl Island, Destiny stands as a testament to Perry's indelible influence on the Jamaican and global music soundscape.


    1. I Am - Lee "Scratch" Perry X Bob Riddim
    2. Destiny - Lee "Scratch" Perry X Bob Riddim X Evie Pukupoo
    3. Black - Lee "Scratch" Perry X Bob Riddim X Kabaka Pyramid
    4. Space Echo - Lee "Scratch" Perry X Bob Riddim
    5. Police And Thieves - Lee "Scratch" Perry X Bob Riddim X Xana Romeo
    6. Ring Pon My Finger - Lee "Scratch" Perry X Bob Riddim X Blvk H3ro X Leno Banton X Wayne J
    7. Infinity - Lee "Scratch" Perry X Bob Riddim X Yaadcore
    8. Infinity (Dub) - Lee "Scratch" Perry X Bob Riddim X Addis Pablo
    9. Destiny (Dub) - Lee "Scratch" Perry X Bob Riddim X Evie Pukupoo

    Lee "Scratch" Perry

    Skanking With The Upsetter (RSD24 EDITION)



      12 of the late, great Lee 'Scratch' Perry's hugely influential early dub tracks, most officially unavailable on vinyl for decades

      Lee Scratch Perry

      King Perry

        Record producer, composer, singer, and pioneer of the dub music genre Lee Scratch Perry passed away in August 2021. His influence over popular music since the 1970s is hugely significant, with artists including Bob Marley & The Wailers, The Clash, Beastie Boys, Max Romeo, Junior Murvin and The Orb all enriched by Perry’s legendary touch, innovative studio techniques and production style.

        Conceived, written and recorded during the COVID pandemic, ‘King Perry’ was produced by Daniel Boyle, and features guest performances from Greentea Peng, Shaun Ryder, Tricky, Marta, Rose Waite and Fifi Rong. Two tracks were also co-produced with Tricky, who releases Perry’s last recorded performances on his False Idols label.

        Over a career spanning six decades, Lee Scratch Perry left the music world with a huge catalogue of albums, productions and appearances that cannot be underestimated. Releases for Island Records, Trojan, Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound, Mad Professor’s Ariwa...the list goes on. It was in 2014 that Perry teamed up with UK producer Daniel Boyle, and from this collaboration came the Grammy nominated album ‘Back At The Controls’ and was followed up five years later with the ‘Black Album’.

        The ‘King Perry’ album was born out of a request from Perry that he “wanted to do something new, something different but still with a dub framework”. And so, armed with influences as diverse as synthwave, big beat, drum & bass and electronica, Boyle and Perry traded ideas, beats and lyrics in a project that continued to grow as its various guest performers were added, resulting in a kaleidoscopic and engaging melting pot of rhythms, melodies, and voices. Poignantly, closing track ‘Goodbye’ was Perry’s last ever recorded vocal performance.


        1. 100lbs Of Summer (feat. Greentea Peng)
        2. Evil Generation
        3. Midnight Blues (feat. Fifi Rong)
        4. King Of The Animals
        5. Green Banana (feat. Shaun Ryder)
        6. Jesus Life
        7. I Am A Dubby (feat. Marta)
        8. No Illusion
        9. The Person I Am (feat. Rose Waite)
        10. Jah People In Blue Sky (feat. Greentea Peng)
        11. Future Of My Music (feat. Tricky & Marta)
        12. Goodbye

        Lee Scratch Perry

        Burning Rockers

          Dub versions of the songs "Shining Dub" and"Shut Up Dub" from the new Lee "Scratch" Perry Album 'Heaven', recorded and mixed at "Secret Lab's studio" by Olivier Gangloff assisted by Romain Gangloff Voices recorded by Olivier Gangloff at "Studio God LSP".

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          1. Shining Dub
          2. Shut Up Dub

          Lee Scratch Perry

          Scratch'd (Black Friday 23 Edition)



            KEITH’s guitar parts for “Heavy Voodoo” and its dubplate companion “Who Dares Dub’ were recorded in New York City sessions for the 2008 LEE ‘SCRATCH’ PERRY album, Scratch Came, Scratch Saw, Scratch Conquered. Shortly after Keith’s contribution were laid down, Scratch set to work at his home in Einsiedeln, Switzerland, jamming live on mic alongside Keith’s new guitar parts. Lee’s Swiss-mountain lair was not strictly for recording, but the combination art studio, shrine and junk yard with its view of a valley and up into the snow-capped Alpine peaks, added its own influence to the recordings. Captured on portable recording gear with Lee using his special sacred jewel-encrusted Shure microphone, the Voodoo was indeed Heavy that day.

            A year later, Keith was back in the same New York studio to record parts for “Books Of Moses,” for what would become Scratch’s Grammy-nominated 2010 album, Revelation. This time Keith stripped out the original track and replaced everything except the drums and organ with multiple instrumental takes of his own: bass guitar, Wurlitzer organ, acoustic piano, big drum boom and his inimitable RnB guitar riffs. Once again, vocals wizardry was added in Switzerland, in another Transcontinental collaboration.

            Scratch and Keith finally got together in person in 2013 when Keith invited Scratch to New York to mix Keith’s cover of the Gregory Isaacs gem”Love Overdue.” It would be the final pairing of these two musical minds, but their small body of work was infused with magic, history, mystery, and prophecy all at once. SCRATCH’D, the Record Story Day Exclusive vinyl EP, includes the original vocal versions, “Books Of Moses” and “Heavy Voodoo,” plus new instrumental cuts, “Moses Books” (Dub Mix) and ‘Who Dares” (Dub Mix), which feature Keith’s guitar on the frontline.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Book Of Moses
            2. Heavy Voodoo
            3. Moses Books (Dub Mix)
            4. Who Dares (Dub Mix)

            Lee "Scratch" Perry

            Battle Of Armagideon

              Battle Of Armagideon is one of the essential albums by Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters. Perry's technique as a mixer and producer will get to you in many ways. “I'm a Madman” is the best-known album track, wherein Perry acknowledged his lunatic persona. The Spin Alternative Record Guide deemed the album Perry's best of the 1980s. Lee 'Scratch' Perry was a pioneer in dub music and worked together with artists such as Bob Marley and the Wailers, The Clash and The Beastie Boys.

              TRACK LISTING

              Side A
              1. Introducing Myself
              2. Drum Song
              3. Grooving
              4. All Things Are Possible
              5. Show Me That River
              6. Time Marches On (In/Out Mix)

              Side B
              1. I Am A Madman
              2. The Joker
              3. Happy Birthday
              4. Sexy Lady
              5. Time Marches On

              Lee "Scratch" Perry

              Jamaican E.T.

                The original Jamaican extra-terrestrial marked a return to the power of Lee “Scratch” Perry’s most spaced-out work. On Jamaican E.T., Perry created a contemporary and challenging set by applying his psychedelic dub to roots reggae, modern reggae, Hip-hop, and dazed, otherworldly exotica. The riddims are groovy, but Perry’s greatest strength has always been his mixology. On this album, instead of his usual dub mixes full of insane rhythmic effects, Perry utilizes the voice as his primary instrument of dub: laid-back toasting, singing, mumbling, and gospel backups come in and out, crisscrossing and swirling, truly setting a new mark. In 2003 it won the Grammy award for Best Reggae Album.

                TRACK LISTING

                Side A
                1. 10 Commandments
                2. I'll Take You There
                3. Message From The Black Ark Studios
                4. Holyness, Righteousness, Light

                Side B
                1. Babylon Fall
                2. Mr. Dino Koosh Rock
                3. Hip Hop Reggae
                4. Evil Brain Rejector

                Side C
                1. Jah Rastafari, Jungle Safari
                2. Love Sunshine, Blue Sky
                3. Clear The Way
                4. Congratulations

                Side D
                1. Shocks Of Mighty
                2. Jamaican E.T.
                3. Telepathic Jah A Rize

                New Age Doom And Lee "Scratch" Perry

                Remix The Universe

                  We Are Busy Bodies presents a compilation of new perspectives on The Upsetters final collaborative album, 2021s Lee Scratch Perry's Guide to the Universe by New Age Doom. Remix The Universe features new versions by artists from the post- hardcore, experimental hip hop, indie rock, EDM and ambient spheres. From the overdriven electronic blast by Andy Morin (Death Grips), to the dance floor-ready groove of South Africas BLK JKS, to the head- banging fuzz- dub of Quicksand, and Nick Reinharts experimental exploration, the 12 track album sizzles across 44 minutes of new music.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Conquer The Sin (Raising Of Lazarus Edit) - Daryl Palumbo
                  Life Is An Experiment (Kismet And Karma Version) - Child Of (Todd Weinstock)
                  Holy Wings (Righteous Love Mix) - Cola Wars (Gregory MacDonald)
                  Step In Space (A Big Step For Bass) - Benedicte Pierleoni
                  Step In Space (The Space Version) - Tuvaband
                  Fly In The World (Dub Love Version) - Kevvy (Kevin Maher)
                  Holy Dub (12 Bit Armageddon) - CrookOne
                  Holy Dub (Hallowed Be Thy Name) - Quicksand Produced By Walter Schreifels And Sergio Vega
                  Holy Wings (Nico Y Irel's 3 A.m. In Sabaneta Mix) - Nick Hook
                  Step In Space (BLKJKSSNDSYSTM) - BLK JKS
                  Conquer The Sin (Hard Repent) - Nick Reinhart
                  Life Is An Experiment (Cloud Climber Version) - Andy Morin

                  Lee 'Scratch' Perry

                  King Scratch (Musical Masterpieces From The Upsetter Ark-ive)

                    Arguably the greatest Jamaican record producer of all time, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry was instrumental in transforming the island’s national sound throughout the Sixties and Seventies, with his unique approach to music making pushing the music beyond previously perceived boundaries.

                    To mark the first anniversary of his passing, the very best of his work is showcased across a number of products, all of which effectively demonstrate why Perry was widely venerated figure for so long..

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Where to begin? If you need educating on one of the most important, revolutionary and innovative artists ever to have walked the Earth, then this is a great place to start. Credited as the forefather of dub - Perry's influence stretches far wider than Jamaica with much of dance music's techniques and technologies emerging and evolving from this maverick sound sorcerer.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Box Set Track List
                    LP1, Side 1
                    1. People Funny Boy - Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    2. Tighten Up - The Inspirations
                    3. Return Of Django - The Upsetters
                    4. Shocks Of Mighty – Dave Barker & The Upsetters
                    5. Place Called Africa Aka A Place Called Africa - Junior Byles
                    6. All Africans Aka Don’t Cross The Nation (7” Mix) – Little Roy
                    7. Beat Down Babylon - Junior Byles
                    LP1, Side 2
                    1. Words Of My Mouth - The Gatherers
                    2. Hot Tip - Prince Django
                    3. Jungle Lion (7” Mix) – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
                    4. Curly Locks - Junior Byles
                    5. Hurt So Good (7” Mix) - Susan Cadogan
                    6. Bushweed Corntrash –Bunny & Ricky
                    LP2, Side 1
                    1. Three Blind Mice – Max Romeo
                    2. Three Times Three - King Tubby & The Upsetters
                    3. Sufferers Time – The Heptones
                    4. Sufferers Heights – Junior Dread
                    5. Roast Fish And Corn Bread (Jamaican Mix) – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    6. Sipple Out Deh Aka War In A Babylon (Jamaican Mix) – Max Romeo
                    LP2, Side 2
                    1. One Step Forward (12" Mix) – Max Romeo & Prince Jazzbo
                    2. Rise And Shine —Watty & Tony
                    3. Police And Thieves (12” Mix) – Junior Murvin & Jah Lion
                    LP3, Side 1
                    1. Ethiopia Land – Peter & Paul Lewis
                    2. Chase The Devil / Disco Devil – Max Romeo & Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry With The Full Experience
                    3. City Too Hot (7” Mix)- Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    4. Vibrate Onn (12” Mix) – Augustus Pablo
                    LP3, Side 2. Side 2
                    1. Rainy Night In Portland (12" Mx) - Watty Burnett
                    2. Garden Of Life – Leroy Sibbles
                    3. Sons Of Slaves (12” Mix) – Junior Delgado
                    LP4, Side 1
                    1. Roots Train (7” Mix) - Junior Murvin
                    2. History (7” Mix) - Carlton Jackson
                    3. Neckodememus Aka Nicodemus (7” Mix) – The Congos
                    4. Soul Fire (Jamaican Mix) – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    LP4, Side 2
                    1. One Drop – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    2. I Am A Madman (LP Mix) – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    3. Exodus (12” Mix) – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    4. Jamaican E.T. (7” Mix) – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    CD1. THE EARLY YEARS, 1968 - 1973
                    1. None Such Busted Me Bet (aka Sufferation – The Mellotones
                    2. A Place In The Sun – David Isaacs
                    3. Stanger On The Shore— Val Bennett & The Upsetters
                    4. Dollar In The Teeth - The Upsetters
                    5. Check Him Out – The Bleechers
                    6. Live Injection – The Upsetters
                    7. Prisoner Of Love – Dave Barker & The Upsetters
                    8. Clint Eastwood (7” Mix) – The Upsetters
                    9. Babyloose Burning Aka Babylon’s Burning – Maxie, Niney & Scratch
                    10. Give Me Power – The Stingers
                    11. This World - Milton Henry As King Medious
                    12. Lick The Pipe Peter Part 4 - Jah T
                    13. French Connection - Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & The Upsetters
                    14. Da Da - Junior Byles
                    15. Rasta Bandwagon - Max Romeo
                    16. Blackman Time - Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    17. Bucky Skank – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & The Upsetters
                    18. Cow Thief Skank – Charlie Ace & Lee Perry
                    19. Black IPA Aka Green Island - Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & The Upsetters
                    20. Dub Organizer – Dillinger & The Upsetters
                    21. News Flash - Leo Graham
                    22. Better Days – Carlton & The Shoes
                    23. Sick And Tired – Neville Grant
                    24. Rasta No Pickpocket
                    25. Black Candle - Leo Graham
                    CD2. BLACK ARK ADVENTURES PART 1 (1974 - 1976)
                    1. Doctor Demand – Leo Graham & Prince Jazzbo
                    2. Stay Dread – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    3. Herb Vendor – Leroy ’Horsemouth’ Wallace
                    4. Lady Lady – Cynty & The Monkees
                    5. Enter The Dragon (7” Mix) – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & The Upsetters
                    6. Public Jestering – Judge Winchester
                    7. Cane River Rock – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & The Upsetters
                    8. Do It Baby (aka Nice And Easy) (7” Mix) – Susan Cadogan
                    9. The Long Way (7” Mix) – Junior Byles
                    10. Many Are Called Aka Yagga Yagga – The Unforgettables
                    11. Be Thankful (For What You’ve Got) – Bunny Scott
                    12. I Man Free – Watty Burnett
                    13. I Man Stand Still - Jimmy Riley
                    14. To Love Somebody – Bunny Scott
                    15. Sons Of Negus - Jimmy Riley
                    16. Down Here In Babylon – Brent Dowe
                    17. Big May – Bunny Scott
                    18. Babylon Deh Pon Fire –Truth, Fact & Correct
                    19. Natty Pass Through Rome - Prince Jazzbo
                    20. Back Wey – Fay Bennett
                    21. Fever / Influenza Version– Susan Cadogan & The Upsetters
                    22. White Belly Rat – Lee Perry
                    23. Fire Fe The Vatican – Max Romeo
                    24. Stop The War In A Babylon –James Boom
                    CD3. BLACK ARK ADVENTURES PART 2 (1976 - 1977)
                    1. I Shall Be Released – The Heptones & Jah Lion
                    2. A Wah Dat – Junior Dread
                    3. Take Warning - Ralph Haughton & Ebony Sisters
                    4. Four And Twenty Dreadlocks (7” Mix) - Evan Jones
                    5. Groovy Situation () – Keith Rowe
                    6. I Forgot To Be Your Lover (7” Mix) – George Faith
                    7. Voodooism – Leo Graham
                    8. At The Feast (Of The Passover) —The Congos
                    9. Wolf Out Deh – Shaumark & Robinson
                    10. Reggae Music - Hugo Blackwood & Alimantado
                    11. Open The Gate (7” Mix) – Watty Burnett
                    12. Vampire (7” Mix) – Devon Irons & Alimantado
                    13. Rasta Train - Raphael Green & Alimantado

                    CD4. BLACK ARK & BEYOND (1977 - 2002)

                    1. Bad Weed (12” Mix) - Junior Murvin

                    2. Bionic Rats (12” Mix) – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

                    3. Know Love (12” Mix) - Twin Roots

                    4. Forward With The Orthodox - Mistic I

                    5. Big Neck Police - Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

                    6. Green Bay Inquest - Lord Sassafrass & Debra Keese

                    7. Free Up The Prisoners (7” Mix) - Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

                    8. Home Guard - Michael Campbell (aka Mikey Dread)

                    9. Cross Over (7” Mix) - Junior Murvin +

                    10. Bafflin' Smoke Signal (7” Mix) - Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

                    11. Introducing Myself - Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

                    12. For Whom The Bell Tolls (7” Mix) - Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

                    13. I’ll Take You There (7” Mix) - Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

                    2CD Track List
                    CD 1: THE EARLY YEARS, 1968 - 1976
                    1. People Funny Boy - Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    2. Tighten Up - The Inspirations
                    3. Return Of Django - The Upsetters
                    4. Shocks Of Mighty – Dave Barker
                    5. Place Called Africa – Junior Byles
                    6. All Africans (7” Mix) – Little Roy +
                    7. Beat Down Babylon - Junior Byles
                    8. Words Of My Mouth - The Gatherers
                    9. Bucky Skank – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & The Upsetters
                    10. Jungle Lion (7” Mix) – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
                    11. Hurt So Good (7” Mix) - Susan Cadogan
                    12. Curly Locks - Junior Byles
                    13. Three Blind Mice – Max Romeo
                    14. Three Times Three - King Tubby & The Upsetters
                    15. Sipple Out Deh (Ja. Mix) – Max Romeo
                    16. Roast Fish And Corn Bread (Ja. Mix) – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    CD 2: THE EARLY YEARS, 1976 & BEYOND
                    1. One Step Forward (Jamaican Mix) – Max Romeo
                    2. Ital Corner - Prince Jazzbo
                    3. Police And Thieves (12” Mix) – Junior Murvin & Jah Lion *
                    4. Chase The Devil / Disco Devil – Max Romeo & Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry With The Full Experience *
                    5. Vibrate Onn – Augustus Pablo
                    6. Natty Pass Through Rome - Prince Jazzbo
                    7. Fire Fe The Vatican (7” Mix) – Max Romeo
                    8. Roots Train (7” Mix) - Junior Murvin +
                    9. Open The Gate – Watty Burnett +
                    10. Soul Fire (Jamaican Mix) – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    11. Neckodememus (7” Mix) – The Congos
                    12. Sons Of Slaves (7” Mix) – Junior Delgado +
                    13. Bafflin' Smoke Signal (7” Mix) - Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry *
                    14. Stay Dread – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    15. One Drop – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    16. I Am A Madman – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    17. Exodus (7” Mix) – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry +
                    18. Jamaican E.T. (7” Mix) – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry +

                    2LP Tracklist
                    LP 1
                    Side 1:
                    1. People Funny Boy - Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    2. Tighten Up - The Inspirations
                    3. Return Of Django - The Upsetters
                    4. Shocks Of Mighty – Dave Barker
                    5. Place Called Africa – Junior Byles
                    6. All Africans (7” Mix) – Little Roy +
                    7. Beat Down Babylon - Junior Byles
                    Side 2:
                    1. Words Of My Mouth - The Gatherers
                    2. Hot Tip - Prince Django
                    3. Jungle Lion (7” Mix) – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
                    4. Curly Locks - Junior Byles
                    5. Hurt So Good (7” Mix) - Susan Cadogan
                    6. Stay Dread – Lee “Scratch” Perry
                    7. Sipple Out Deh – Max Romeo
                    Side 1:
                    1. One Step Forward (Jamaican Mix) – Max Romeo
                    2. Police And Thieves (12” Mix) – Junior Murvin & Jah Lion *
                    3. Sons Of Slaves – Junior Delgado
                    Side 2:
                    1. Chase The Devil / Disco Devil – Max Romeo & Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry With The Full Experience *
                    2. Soul Fire (Jamaican Mix) – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
                    3. I Am Madman – Lee “Scratch” Perry
                    4. Exodus - Lee “Scratch” Perry
                    5. Jamaican ET - Lee “Scratch” Perry

                    * Previously Unreleased
                    + Previously Unreleased Digitally

                    Lee Scratch Perry & Mr. Green

                    Super Ape Vs Open Door

                      Tuff Kong Records will be releasing the brand new collaboration between Jamaican legend Lee Scratch Perry and New Jersey producer Mr. Green: the upcoming "Super Ape vs Open Door". The two artists have created a unique chemistry, delivering 18 tracks of music that Mr. Green has put together using original stems from Lee Scratch Perry. Mixed with his own unique style, Green managed to merge literally 20 different genres of music together on one record, bringing some memorable guests to the project such as HR of Bad Brains, Sheek Louch (The Lox), Daniel Son and an intro from Eric "Scratch" Andre. 

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Love In My Heart (feat. Eric “Scratch” Andre)
                      2. Come Back Alone (feat. Sheek Louch)
                      3. Working For God
                      4. Streak Of Luck (feat. HR Of Bad Brains & Daniel Son)
                      5. Ranting
                      6. Electric Energy
                      7. Calalou
                      8. Sleepy Time
                      9. Hot Fire
                      10-18. Instrumentals

                      Solid Bronze

                      Solid Bronze Vs Lee "Scratch" Perry

                      Delaware Valley's psychedelic funkateers Solid Bronze are releasing their debut album The Fruit Basket in the summer of 2019. The first single "The Invisible Man" is being released as a limited edition 7" vinyl including a Lee "Scratch" Perry remix before the album drops. The album was recorded at a relaxed pace by Mickey Melchiondo (Ween, Dean Ween Group, Moistboyz) at his studio in Lambertville, NJ with, produced by Dean Ween along with singer/songwriter Chris Harford.

                      Solid Bronze's founding members are Ian Everett and George Miller, who composed these songs as bass and drums duo, using naked rhythm as the focus and cornerstone in the recording process. Miller provided all the drums and percussion and Everett was responsible for bass, guitar and lead vocals. "The Invisible Man" single features Music Hall of Fame guitarist Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton (Parliament, Funkadelic), and Atlanta-based hip hop artist CLEW on vocals.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A-Side "The Invisible Man"
                      B-Side "Lee "Scratch Perry" Remix The Invisible Man"

                      The mighty Upsetter returns with 9 brand new tracks recorded with longtime friend and collaborator Adrian Sherwood at the controls. 'It's the most intimate album Lee has ever made, but at the same time the musical ideas are very fresh. I'm extremely proud of what we've come up as a piece of work'. - Sherwood

                      This new set is the culmination of over two years work and recording sessions that span Jamaica, Brazil and the UK. Determined to craft a work of lasting power, Sherwood likens to the album to the work that Rick Rubin did with Johnny Cash on the American Recordings series, a deeply personal work (the album title refers to Lee’s birth name) and arguably the strongest batch of original material that Perry has released for many years.

                      From the atmospheric field recording and wah-wah guitar of album opener “Cricket On The Moon”, to the gothic cello embellishment on “Let It Rain”, the chopped-and-compressed horn section of “Makumba Rock”, to the layered, carefully arranged backing vocals like a heavenly chorus throughout the record, this is an album with true love, care and attention poured into it’s every groove. It culminates in the truly extraordinary “Autobiography Of The Upsetter”, in which Scratch narrates the story of his life from growing up on a plantation in 1930s colonial Jamaica to becoming a worldwide musical superstar.

                      The story of Lee Perry and Adrian Sherwood collaborating stretches back to the mid-1980s, and a fortuitous meeting brokered by underground broadcasting legend Steve Barker between the dub innovator and UK upstart. This led to the creation of On-U classics such as "Time Boom X De Devil Dead" and "The Mighty Upsetter", as well as Lee gracing Dub Syndicate records with some vital vocal injections.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: A nice, autobiographical styled set by these two reggae legends. Telling a story of Scratch's life whilst demonstrating the varying facets of Sherwoods ingenius production.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Cricket On The Moon
                      2. Run Evil Spirit
                      3. Let It Rain
                      4. House Of Angels
                      5. Makumba Rock
                      6. African Starship
                      7. Kill Them Dreams Money Worshippers
                      8. Children Of The Light
                      9. Autobiography Of The Upsetter

                      Lee "Scratch" Perry

                      Big Ben Rock (Woodie Taylor Remix)


               Limited to 700 copies on green vinyl 7” with download code. Lee Scratch Perry releases new single. London indie label wiaiwya is equaly baffled and thrilled to be putting out the new single from LEE SCRATCH PERRY. From the opening chimes of the famous bell (silent now until 2021) to the closing gongs and bongos, this is a rockabilly big beat glam ragga rock headrush, with a nod to Sergio Leone... exactly what you would expect when Woodie Taylor remixes Lee Scratch Perry, fronting Morrissey’s sometime band... "Give me a rock beat, like Meatloaf..." Not a request that you get every day but then it's not every day you're taking orders from the legend that is Lee Scratch Perry! I lived near the Mad Professor's studio in South London and had sold him a few bits of recording equipment. He knew that I had played drums with Morrissey, that I was a reggae fan and asked if I'd be interested in playing on a session. I'd started doing a bit of production and when the track didn't get round to getting finished they agreed I could remix it. This is the fruit of my labours, with contributions from Boz Boorer (Morrissey/ Polecats), Jonny Bridgwood (Morrissey/Marianne Faithful) and Anthony Miller (Data/Friday Club). There's simply not enough Big Ben rocking these days and remember: "If you don't rock you're gonna get a big shock!" Woodie Taylor, 2019. Lee Scratch Perry founded Upsetter Records in 1968.He pioneered Dub, produced Bob Marley, allegedly burnt down a studio, and worked with the Mad Professor, the Clash, Adrian Sherwood and the Beastie Boys. Woodie Taylor has been rockin' on record since the early 80's. He first appeared on 45 as a member of the Daleks, then drummed for psychobilly legends the Meteors. In the '90's he was in Drive (with, the soon-to-be All Saint, Melanie Blatt). He played on Morrissey's Vauxhall & I LP and has provided the rhythmic backbone of cult Indie heroes Comet Gain for two decades. He has produced albums by Love Is All, Comet Gain, Proper Ornaments and Shrag. Boz Boorer has been Morrissey's co-writer, guitarist and musical director for the best part of three decades. He is also a founding member of rockabilly legends, The Polecats. Jonny Bridgwood played bass on three Morrissey albums and double bass on five Kathryn Williams albums. He has worked with Siouxsie Sioux and Adam Ant and toured with Marianne Faithful. Anthony Miller - Played trumpet with the Friday Club and appears on their very collectable 2 Tone single, Window Shopping. Was a member of the 90s Sirkus Records artists Data, along with Woodie Taylor and recording industry supremo Nick Huggett. The record was mastered by Graeme Durham, who has also worked on discs by Grace Jones, Bob Marley, U2, Fourtet, King Tubby and Frankie Goes to Hollywood… Track listing A Big Ben Rock (Woodie Taylor Remix)’ B1 Steady B2 J'ai Tout Lu

                        Lee Scratch Perry

                        Rastafari On Wall Street


                          4 Deep roots dub cuts of the first track from Lee Scratch Perry’s new album ‘’Back on the Controls’’

                          ‘Rastafari on wall street’ features a heavy weight sound system style cuts of a deep roots rhythm from ‘’Back on the controls’’ A title track with Lee Perrys political and conscious lyrics about rastafari and a takeover of the Wall Street system, followed by a heavy Dub version mixed by Daniel Boyle, the co-producer of ‘’Back on the controls’’ and Lee Perry on the Dubbing and effects. This is a sublime and vintage style Dub cut that uses rare and vintage equipment to create the mix.

                          Side two sees veteran reggae vocalist Danny Red echoing Lee’s conscious message with a solid vocal cut called ‘’I’m Willing’’ A sound system scorcher that has been tested to full effect on ‘Young Warriors’ – (the son of Jah Shaka) sound system. To back this version up, the 4th and final cut on the 12” Features a haunting Flute cut dubbed again by Daniel and Lee in full Analogue style.

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