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Lee Scratch Perry

King Perry

    Record producer, composer, singer, and pioneer of the dub music genre Lee Scratch Perry passed away in August 2021. His influence over popular music since the 1970s is hugely significant, with artists including Bob Marley & The Wailers, The Clash, Beastie Boys, Max Romeo, Junior Murvin and The Orb all enriched by Perry’s legendary touch, innovative studio techniques and production style.

    Conceived, written and recorded during the COVID pandemic, ‘King Perry’ was produced by Daniel Boyle, and features guest performances from Greentea Peng, Shaun Ryder, Tricky, Marta, Rose Waite and Fifi Rong. Two tracks were also co-produced with Tricky, who releases Perry’s last recorded performances on his False Idols label.

    Over a career spanning six decades, Lee Scratch Perry left the music world with a huge catalogue of albums, productions and appearances that cannot be underestimated. Releases for Island Records, Trojan, Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound, Mad Professor’s Ariwa...the list goes on. It was in 2014 that Perry teamed up with UK producer Daniel Boyle, and from this collaboration came the Grammy nominated album ‘Back At The Controls’ and was followed up five years later with the ‘Black Album’.

    The ‘King Perry’ album was born out of a request from Perry that he “wanted to do something new, something different but still with a dub framework”. And so, armed with influences as diverse as synthwave, big beat, drum & bass and electronica, Boyle and Perry traded ideas, beats and lyrics in a project that continued to grow as its various guest performers were added, resulting in a kaleidoscopic and engaging melting pot of rhythms, melodies, and voices. Poignantly, closing track ‘Goodbye’ was Perry’s last ever recorded vocal performance.


    1. 100lbs Of Summer (feat. Greentea Peng)
    2. Evil Generation
    3. Midnight Blues (feat. Fifi Rong)
    4. King Of The Animals
    5. Green Banana (feat. Shaun Ryder)
    6. Jesus Life
    7. I Am A Dubby (feat. Marta)
    8. No Illusion
    9. The Person I Am (feat. Rose Waite)
    10. Jah People In Blue Sky (feat. Greentea Peng)
    11. Future Of My Music (feat. Tricky & Marta)
    12. Goodbye


    When It's Going Wrong

      Marta Złakowska is a Polish vocalist who started her career when she happened to meet visionary musician and maverick Tricky, in November 2017. In the past six years after she joined the band, she went on tour and later on diligently worked in the studio on several recordings before finishing When It’s Going Wrong, her arresting debut album produced by Tricky. Going back and forth on lonely train rides between her home in Krakow and the studio in Berlin, Marta became aware that her dream is finally turning to reality as the record is soon to be released.

      “Marta can do what she wants now. She has fans before having any release of her own” Tricky

      When It’s Going Wrong is the sound of an emerging artist not only finding her creative voice but her inner power; the journey through self-doubt, hardship and uncertainty - whatever brings one to the other side. Marta remembers that moment when Tricky turned to her in the studio and quietly said: “You don’t make the music, the music makes you". 


      A1. Intro
      A2. Today
      A3. When It's Going Wrong
      A4. Nowhere
      A5. Think Of You
      B1. Moving Through Water
      B2. Swimming Away
      B3. Walking
      B4. Czarno Czarny

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