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Fall To Pieces

    "Fall To Pieces" was recorded in Tricky’s Berlin studio in late 2019. Tricky is keen to point out that the tracks on the record can be deceptive; often short, ending abruptly and moving on to the next without warning. Although instrumentation varies from bursts of tense synths, distorted dial tones, and samples, the song’s lyrics can be dark and dense. Tricky’s music has always enlisted female vocalists to carry his ideas: the majority of tracks on Fall To Pieces, including ‘Fall Please’ rely on Marta Zlakowska, the singer he discovered during a european tour when he was left without a vocalist on the opening night. She saved the tour from disaster. “I can tell when someone is humble and down to earth,” says Tricky. “Marta doesn't care about being famous, she just wants to sing.” 


    Barry says: Tricky has been at the forefront of out downbeat landscape for some years now, and 'Fall To Pieces' sees him in fine form, moving from bass-rich grooving dancefloor material to more abstract, classic trip-hop territory. It's a wonderful and mature record, and goes to show why Tricky is still one of the top names in electronic music.


    01 / A1 - Thinking Of
    02 / A2 - Close Now
    03 / A3 - Running Off
    04 / A4 - I’m In The Doorway
    05 / A5 - Hate This Pain
    06 / A6 - Chills Me To The Bone
    07 / B1 - Fall Please
    08 / B2 - Take Me Shopping
    09 / B3 - Like A Stone
    10 / B4 - Throws Me Around
    11 / B5 - Vietnam

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