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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Murder Of The Universe (Live At Red Rocks 2022)

    We Are Busy Bodies compiles songs from Murder Of The Universe live from Red Rocks 2022 performances - Part of the Bootlegger Series - On translucent white sparkle vinyl & comes with a 100-piece puzzle with artwork by Jason Galea.


    New World
    Altered Beast I
    Alter Me I
    Altered Beast II
    Alter Me III 
    Altered Beast III
    Altered Beast IV
    The Lord Of Lightning
    The Balrog
    Han- Tyumi
    The Confused Cyborg
    Soy Protein Munt Machine
    Murder Of The Universe

    King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

    Infest The Rats Nest (Live At Red Rocks 2022)

      We Are Busy Bodies compiles tracks from Infest The Rats Nest live from Red Rocks 2022 performances - Part of the Bootlegger Series on glow in the dark green vinyl.


      Planet B
      Mars For The Rich
      Organ Farmer
      Venusian 1
      Venusian 2

      New Age Doom And Lee "Scratch" Perry

      Remix The Universe

        We Are Busy Bodies presents a compilation of new perspectives on The Upsetters final collaborative album, 2021s Lee Scratch Perry's Guide to the Universe by New Age Doom. Remix The Universe features new versions by artists from the post- hardcore, experimental hip hop, indie rock, EDM and ambient spheres. From the overdriven electronic blast by Andy Morin (Death Grips), to the dance floor-ready groove of South Africas BLK JKS, to the head- banging fuzz- dub of Quicksand, and Nick Reinharts experimental exploration, the 12 track album sizzles across 44 minutes of new music.


        Conquer The Sin (Raising Of Lazarus Edit) - Daryl Palumbo
        Life Is An Experiment (Kismet And Karma Version) - Child Of (Todd Weinstock)
        Holy Wings (Righteous Love Mix) - Cola Wars (Gregory MacDonald)
        Step In Space (A Big Step For Bass) - Benedicte Pierleoni
        Step In Space (The Space Version) - Tuvaband
        Fly In The World (Dub Love Version) - Kevvy (Kevin Maher)
        Holy Dub (12 Bit Armageddon) - CrookOne
        Holy Dub (Hallowed Be Thy Name) - Quicksand Produced By Walter Schreifels And Sergio Vega
        Holy Wings (Nico Y Irel's 3 A.m. In Sabaneta Mix) - Nick Hook
        Step In Space (BLKJKSSNDSYSTM) - BLK JKS
        Conquer The Sin (Hard Repent) - Nick Reinhart
        Life Is An Experiment (Cloud Climber Version) - Andy Morin

        Hideo Shiraki Quartet

        Plays Horace Silver - 2023 Reissue

          Led by Japanese jazz drummer and bandleader, Hideo Shiraki, known for his hard bop and jazz albums in the 1950s and 1960s. Horace usually had a quintet on albums, whereas Hideo's group is a sextet with Hidehiko Matsumoto on tenor and fute, Akira Fukuhara on trombone, and Hisaya Omata on trumpet.


          A1. Senor Blues
          A2. Sister Sady
          B1. Doing The Thing
          B2. Blowing The Blues Away
          B3. Preacher
          B4. Swinging The Samba
          B5. Filthy McNasty

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