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One from the exquisite La Beauté Du Négatif camp released last year but somehow got buried under a pile of electro swing bullshit and we've only just unearthed it frantically looking for a green marker pen (don't ask..)!

ANYWAY - this is an absolute bonus for you lot as this is sold out everywhere! La Beauté Du Négatif have carved a completely unique niche out for themselves, and this record further bolsters the label with more highly individual sounds. Taking cues from jungle and breakbeat, The Jaffa Kid offers up four tracks that skirt stylistically into said territories but are reluctant to completely commit to the dancefloor, keeping a toe in more cerebral and heavenly realms. There's more than a hint of vintage, pirate radio influences too, with darkside pads, melancholic strings and re-vamped breaks littering the tracks. Another sterling addition to the label and a must for any old skool jungle / break hardcore heads. T I P!


Matt says: Mega ruff-neck jungle biznis blurred into oblivion. Like you're coming down off a 3 day speed binge whilst a dystopian end-of-world rave apocalypse kicks off outside. Mega.

Cult leftfield techno / noize / ambient label, ran by Matéo Montero aka Rawmance outta Rome. As usual, a varied selection of uncompromising cuts. Starts off with the clamoring assault of "If You Want More.." by Penelope's Fiance, an industrial artist from Greece. Next SSIEGE totally flips the mood on "Arborea" and soaks us in an unfathomably rich layer of liquid ambience and sensual textures; allowing us to float temporarily in a place that's both celestial and submerged in equal measure, and a firm reason for fans of Huerco S and Deepchord and Actress to get on board this release. Finally, Cardiff's own noisesmith and beat mangler, DJ Guy makes a welcome return to the label; offering up another storming reinterpretation of breakbeat hardcore / jungle via his warped and lysergic mind. Another record from this staple that bursts out the blocks and takes no prisoners. Ridiculous! - and highly recommended.

The delectable La Beauté Du Négatif casually offers another essential record with little fanfare of abandon, one of the reasons this label has become so cultishly adored amongst its select fan base. This release features unreleased tracks by DJ Guy recorded between 1993 and 1994. "Whale Song" is deliciously mellifluous as sonic interpretations of coastal waters are conjured up amongst a swirl of bobbing beats and serene harmonies. As if being stuck way out at sea on a tiny raft but being completely at ease and surrounded by glistening, calm water. "SXII90 Tape (Side A) Trk 1" is obviously an unnamed hardware jam from some late alchemy session. Magical gated arps gently cascading through the mix until a thick, dreamy James Ferraro-esque bass thunders through, giving everything a VHS-haze and retroist nostalgia. Flip for a change of mood, as DJ Guy explores the brutalist, discordant and cataclysmic side of sound that this iconic label love to purvey. "BX90 Side 1- Trk 2" charges out of the speakers with growling intensity. Backed up be an endless pouring of white noise, beats distort and ricochet through the mix with apomb, lashing us with snares and visceral hats before crumbling under the sheer dynamic pressure. Final track "BASF Extra Side B - Trk 4" glides in, suspended in discord as de-tuned oscillators rub up against rambunctious Roland drum boxes and moaning strings. Another historical piece from LNEG - one of my favourite labels of modern times. Totally recommended.

Rawmance's La Beaute Du Negatif is exactly the kind of obscure, limited run, no-hype record label that always piques my interest. After giving us coastal acid courtesy of Toisvesi, a crazed psych swirler from Deviere and a pummeling V/A EP, this might be their strongest record yet. CCC kicks off with an untitled number spanning the whole of the A-side. Throbbing 808 kicks and a sharp electro beat characterize this dark cave-dweller as a rising synth motif emerges from beneath the fug; penetrating all but the strongest craniums and bending consciousness as it does so. On the flip Cosimo Damiano's "Norvegian Landscapes" is a wonderful way to describe the serene, glacial beauty contained within this track. Another tour de force of epic synthesizer prowess coupled with a keen ear for inflicting mountains of emotion into a simple chord sequence, this is an absolute killer of a track. The serene, cryogenic nature is continued into Commodity Place's "Life Is A Georgeous Lie", as glitchy beats tumble over delicate piano notes and mournful strings; having a similarly calming effect as one might achieve after reaching the peak of a great summit. Breathtaking stuff from this buy-on-sight label. A 100% roman release.


Matt says: Rawmance's La Beaute Du Negatif is exactly the kind of obscure, limited run, no-hype record label that always piques my interest. After giving us coastal acid courtesy of Toisvesi, a crazed psych swirler from Deviere and a pummeling V/A ep, this might be their strongest record yet. Secret weapon business from me to you. Enjoy x


Ltd 12" Info: *Four copies found!*

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