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Who'd have thought that the inclusion of drummer Budgie (Palmolive left to join The Raincoats) and production by UK reggae master Dennis Bovell could've transformed The Slits' freeform punk thrash of 1977 / 1978 into the totally awesome dub-punk-funk mash up you hear here by 1979! Mixing unavoidable hooks, minimalist arrangements and exuberant vocals with a rough street smart style, "Cut" remains as fresh and innovative today as it did back then. Includes their classic tracks - "Typical Girls", "Newtown", "Shoplifting", "Love And Romance", "So Tough" etc. Not to be missed!!


Martin says: TThe Slits untamed, naive and totally wonderful thrash of 1977 was unrepentantly unhindered by the ability to play their instruments. Two years later their sound had been transformed by their having some idea of what they were doing, but certainly not enough to spoil things, only to enable them to express themselves as they had always wanted, adding reggae rhythms and vocal styling into the post punk mix. Their joyful insolence was undimmed - "Shoplifting" extolls the virtues of free stuff ("Ten quid for the lot? We pay fuck all!"), "Typical Girls" deals with lazy gender constraints, "Instant Hit" Keith Levene's drug use, "So Tough" Sid Vicious and John Lydon's antics and "F.M." radio news indoctrination - it is only the method of delivery that differs. And what delivery it is! The songs are amazing, with Ari Up's flat wild German delivery completely perfect and completely unforgettable.


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