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Breaka usually runs in very different circles, producing footwork, juke and DnB from his home in Leeds. These are the first tunes of his at a slower tempo to be released but you can certainly hear those influences loud and clear in these mid tempo UK rollers.

"Rory’s Theme" combines classic break programming, with nods to jungle and hardcore, with eerie pad washes and fluttery synth passages. Tension wrought but with enough rude boy swagger about it to raise trigger fingers in the dancehall. Plus when that main wavy hook comes through, you know there's plenty of the e-heads to get stuck into... pure bliss!

"Puffer Jackets" sits bang in the middle of several difference genres and influences. The sound of 2009-2012 UK bass mixed with the grime and 2-step of 2018. This one will turn a club upside down and inside out.

For the B2 Holding Hands head honcho Desert Sound Colony steps in for remix duties of "Puffer Jackets". Slightly slowed and dubbed out, this one rounds out the EP perfectly with a deeper take on the Breaka sound. Perfect for the beginning of a night or for a hypnotic section of a set late on, this one is built to captivate you and take you drifting away.

All three tracks are produced and sculpted for the club. They want big sound systems and dark rooms. 

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