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Originally a cassette release on Wil-Ru Records in 2011 CN's "The Expedition Beyond" is a musical narrative that chronicles the astral travels of a star-craft and its crew through the outer reaches of the Galaxy. 10 tracks of cosmic acid funk, drifty nebulous synth-scapes and robo-centric electro (Produced by Stian Gjevik around the same time as his classic "Utrecht" release as EOD).

Perfectly in tune with the current fascination in all things retro-futuristic, sci-fi and red hued. Think a dash of John Carpenter with a big slug of Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein plus a hint of Cliff Martinez and you're pretty much there. Not a complete pseudo-soundtrack, there's plenty of dancefloor elements contained within, most notably the ghetto-tek tinged, electro-funk bubbler "Goodbye, Twin Suns" and the cosmic house groover, "Arrival At Star Base Zero". More than simply a pastiche or also-ran, this is 100% real deal synth jizz from a OG maestro. Most recommended! 

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