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Other Lands, who have previously contributed druid-like incantations on "Mac-Talla Nan Creag" return to Firecracker headquarters with a truly compelling assortment of jazz snaz and post-armaggedon cosmo-disco oddities; occupying the space between alien-revisited exotica, classic jacking house workouts and a BoC 'Chromakey Dreamcoat' kinda vibe, seemingly elusive at first but definitely familiar to the ears of uncool survivors like you and I. One thing's sure, Other Lands could throw a Balearic party at one of Berghain's most secret leather-friendly backrooms that it wouldn't feel out of place. Never mind the weird, inverse sun-tan lines.

It's great to see one of the UKs finest homegrown labels expanding into more experimental territory. Having 'grown up' with the label as it were, they started off (in my early 20s...) riding the sample-based house / beatdown wave as popularized by Moodymann and Theo but adding their own distinctly Scottish humour and identity to the sound. Now, as I move through my thirties, they've stuck their head out of the dancefloor (somewhat) and have started releasing records for mind expansion as well as body movement. Firecracker we still salute you! Tip top as always, don't sleep! 


Matt says: Lindsey and firm continue to mine the outer realms in search for tantalizing new sound species for our biotic receptors. Other Lands here with primo neo-exotica. You need!

Linkwood gives us "What's Up with the Underground?" hot, urgent, joyous jazz-house music that's guaranteed to ignite any dancefloor – be warned, spontaneous human combustion is a real risk when this record hits. Fudge Fingas drops the heavyweight "Escape". With samples from cult TV series The Prisoner, huge synth lines and beats like vintage Glenn Underground this is definitely odd house music - turn it up! The Complainers "Bacon Rolls" is bizarre funk from somewhere else entirely – If Chris Cunningham made a porno flick then this would be the soundtrack. Plus there's extra sickness from "What's Up With The Beats?" (rather than a mere dub, this is almost an entirely different jump-up disco track) and a bonus Firecracker skit.


Matt says: Matt Says: The second of essential Firecracker represses to hit our shelves this week. Long out of press and highly sought after by deep house heads, diggers and music aficionados alike, these records set a blueprint that was to be copied for years and to me, will be a permanent part of UK dance music history. Limited repress - don't sleep.


10" Info: Limited repress.

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