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Beach Day

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In 2023 Another Sky have made their long-awaited return to music since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album “I Slept On The Floor” in 2020.

The London-based band’s return is met with a new sound, which has received widespread acclaim across media including support at Radio 1, 6 Music and Radio X. Their comeback song Psychopathexplodes with a bass and guitar riff reminiscent of the 90s and 00s music the band grew up with.

Lead singer Catrin Vincent, described by NME as a “once-in-a-generation voice”, uses heranger and unique vocals in a sonic rampage. According to the band, Their new album is tryingto convey the human journey from fear and anger through to love and acceptance.


1. Beach Day
2. The Pain
3. A Feeling
4. Uh Oh!
5. I Never Had Control
6. Death Of The Author
7. Burn The Way
8. Psychopath
9. Playground
10. City Drones
11. I Caught On Fire
12. Star Roaming
13. Swirling Smoke

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