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Fergus & Geronimo

Funky Was The State Of Affairs

Fergus & Geronimo return with ‘Funky Was The State Of Affairs’, a sixteen track weirdo-opus about aliens, mind control, conspiracy theories and intergalactic courtship, amongst other things.

Recorded in analogue at Seaside Lounge, New York.


Planet Earth Is Pregnant For The 5th Time
No Parties
The Strange One Speaketh
Roman Tick
"My Phone's Been Tapped, Baby“
Roman Nvmerals / Wiretapping Muzak I
Earthling Men
The Uncanny Valley
Earthling Women
Wiretapping Muzak II
Off The Map
"The Roman Stuff Is Where It's At“
Marky Move
Funky Was The State Of Affairs

Fergus & Geronimo

Blind Muslim Girl

Denton white-man-soul/pop duo featuring Jason Kelly (Wax Museums) and Andrew Savage (Teenage Cool Kids). In Fergus and Geronimo, the WM lo-fi recording aesthetic is alive and well to be sure, but don't expect any songs about 'jack off rats' here. Just Blind Muslim Girls! A casual project, but the band cites a serious well of inspiration including southern soul, 60s pop, psychedelic and Motown influences as the kick behind Fergus & Geronimo's sound. Good stuff. Uh, yeah. Get it!

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